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  1. What do I like mayo on? Absolutely nothing, yuck
  2. Not worried about winter kill on those seedings?
  3. Wet ground, wet corn, wet beans. Few guys still chopping but most done. Would say beans are 70% done in the area( not ours?), corn just starting to come off for high moisture, its still in the 30’s, some pushing 40%. Snowed out yesterday, rains or snows every day. Just want the 2019 crop season to be over
  4. Got mine last year. Arm was sore for a couple days after, other than that no side effects.
  5. Wanted to go but if weather cooperates need to combine, winter is coming
  6. Was good to see everybody again, good day with good people.
  7. Had a great time today. We are about 2 1/2 to PA border on 81.
  8. It will dry but very slow. We deal with it every year as our average frost date in early October. This year with everything being late due to delayed planting, am just trying to get it dry enough to make high moisture. Most of ours is 33-35%. Got frosted at least 2 weeks ago. Has dryed down about 1-1.5 points in last 2 weeks. If its at 20% I would not be waiting.
  9. ChrisNY

    4366 brakes

    When did you get the 4366. I have only ever seen the driveline brake on the 4366 and 4386 but know the late 4386’s had the same as 1086. Mine is a very early 4386
  10. Is there a CISD team nearby? You should find a team to debrief the department ASAP. If you are having problems with it you are probably not alone. If you can not locate a nearby team shoot me a pm. Everyone deals with situations like this differently. I am not sure if there are many ways of dying I have not seen over my career. Multiple fatalities, fires, accidents, homicides, suicides you name it. you become cold to it after awhile and it becomes routine when you experience it frequently where is in your case as a volunteer in rural area it is a infrequent event which is even more important to give the guys a place to talk if needed. Sometimes it helps to tell yourself. I didn't create the problem, I am here to help it get better. If I did everything I could to not make it worse and gave the victim a chance they might not have had otherwise, it out of my hands.
  11. I remember HD well, he was a frequent poster on the old board. Condolences to his family. Rest in peace HD
  12. That is a biga$$ baler! Neat story too, look forward to seeing progress
  13. Looking good and making quick progress. The console looks good. I made longer levers for my 43 so don’t have to reach backwards for them. Can’t wait to see finished product
  14. My chunky beagle in her normal position
  15. What a shame to just abandon a tractor like that. Glad you are saving another one!
  16. Happy 200 pages Troy! 5500 is about it on MFWDs around here. Occasionally see a 7300 but usually behind an articulate. Very little roading of loaded spreaders here, it is hard on everything. Nurse the tanks with trucks for most part. Try to truck spread as much as possible. We have not used a spreader in 11 months. Truck spread everything
  17. Are those 30.5x32 rubber on it? With my 43 had that big single tires instead of the 18.4x34 duals
  18. Loving following this topic. My 4386 is a early SN 86 as well and mostly original still might be able to help you with specific pictures on parts that are common. Wish I would have put dynamat in mine when I put cab kit in. Was not overly happy with the fit of my kit. I think it was a K&M kit though. Look forward to watching the progress and seeing finished product. Shoot me a PM if you want anything specific. As a side note my 1460 came from Oblong IL
  19. 20”+ yesterday. Am sure the groomers will be out if not already
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