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  1. Was this one of the 4586 that belonged to the outfit that used to do a lot of custom moldboard plowing? I know they had the rotary screens on the front.
  2. Yes there was a 4786 built from 1978-1981
  3. Whites is carrying the new Viscosity oil. Mine came from Canastota
  4. My 460U. Dash paint is original
  5. Viscosity is being sold by dealers here now as well. Just put all new Viscosity Hy-tran in the combine. Supposed to be the "original" IH Hytran
  6. HyTran and only HyTran, other than the new Viscosity version which is the old formula HyTran.
  7. Canadian vehicles are plentiful here. I could show you a lot owned by a local dealer with about 600 canadian vehicles parked in awaiting their dashboards changed out to US. Local dealers here do it daily.
  8. Wasn’t there someone here looking for a 10 bottom 800 plow? Neighbor has 2 10 bottom Case IH 800’s that would make good parts plows or use 2 to make one. They are headed to the crusher shortly.
  9. LOL, I texted him right after you
  10. Beautiful original 12-0! Perfect just how it is.
  11. Have not seen Jeff on here for awhile. I believe he has been busy with his hog operation. His wife Melissa posts on Facebook quite often and everything seems to be ok.
  12. ChrisNY

    A Sweet Story

    I heard she got hit by a car, but either way she became dependent on humans. Half the human population can’t take care of themselves let alone a wild animal.
  13. All here use trailers, usually have 5 or 6 trailers back in to load and trucks just drop and hook and head out. As far as storms or roads closed it would be same as done before if milk truck can’t get there, it gets dumped
  14. Lots of dairies direct load here.
  15. ChrisNY

    A Sweet Story

    Bella was a cool story but unfortunately depending on humans cost her life. A lesson to be learned from Bellas story.
  16. Mine. The dairies is a 30x30 that can barely fit a tractor in
  17. ChrisNY

    Case 4490

    I used to own a 2670, wasn’t a bad tractor until the powershift started slipping. The cost to rebuild those powershifts are way more than these Case crabsteers are worth. It got traded quickly. Would make decent cart tractors except they are slow on the road. Cabs are decent, motors are good. Steering is a problematic area as well but never had any issues with mine. Were alot of them around here in the day. Were good for chopping corn before SP choppers were popular. They normally sell very cheap
  18. I got my first dose this past week. No side effects
  19. This TD-14 was used by a local town Highway Dept. here on the Tug Hill into the 80’s. Frink V with double wings. This is how it looks today, still owned by the Highway Dept. It was quite a beast in its day.
  20. I see you were at Gordy Dobbins sale. He had alot of stuff in the yard. A lot got crushed prior to auction though
  21. That was filmed here on the Tug Hill in NY, just a few miles from my place. It was a promotional video for Walters and Frink Snowplows which were both built here in NY. There are still alot of Walters and Oshkosh plows in use here. My Town Highway Dept. still has 3 of them.
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