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  1. 45 and 4786’s were only factory V-8 86 series
  2. One of my favorite scenes. I just watched it about 2 hours ago as I do every Thanksgiving season.
  3. This truck has double 14’ wings.
  4. It may or may not. Depends what weather does. My guess is the majority melts in 8-10 days but it could be here until May. 10 years ago I would have said it would stay but with warmer winters of late it is a tossup. Lake effect snow is a different snow than a lot of you are used to, especially this time of year, it has a high moisture content so has a lot of shrink. In turn it is heavy and wet which makes it harder to move and slippery.
  5. Snow reports from my county
  6. Oh yes, Ontario stays open and where we are we get the full fetch of it.
  7. Just how we like it. Let the media stay down there. Its just another winter day here.
  8. Bulk is just to my north about 8 miles most of the day, little over 3’. Pounding pretty good right here at the moment but we only have about 6” so far. Band is supposed to shift back north tonight and leave 2-3’ more.
  9. There is a couple Mahindra dealers within 30 miles of me. Pile of compacts around, don't know anyone with one but have not heard any horror stories. All the compacts and sub compacts are foreign built, so pick your poison. I have a Massey which is built by Iseki and it has been a good little tractor, really have no complaints. I bought it new in 2007-2008
  10. ChrisNY

    Rolling rice

    Interesting. It looks like fun! So is the water controlled? In the spring will it be dry and rice planted?
  11. About 2" last night, forecast of 4-6 feet by Sunday night here
  12. My 460 U has a factory fast hitch if you need pictures. I have seen very few 460 U's that did not have a fast hitch.
  13. What does it have on it now?
  14. Is that a Tebben ripper?
  15. Yea, I am not cleaning up the combine for a week or so in case anyone calls.
  16. Found my last….3🤦🏻‍♂️At 3 am this morning. Calling for 2-3” of rain today with snow behind it. Glad to be done.
  17. We HAD a drone until last night. The wife was flying it while I was combining to get some pictures. Well she crashed it into the corn. I retrieved it, mind you still running with propellers shooting corn leaves at me. I set it down without getting hit with propellers. It takes off and is either still flying or who knows where. She said she hit return home and then it disconnected. Keep in mind she is a quarter mile at other end of field and talking to me on the phone. The call might have ended with “ are you @$&?@!$ kidding me!!” Oh well, I am surprised it lasted this long.
  18. Never seen one before. Very interesting
  19. The 3lm466 is going on my 4386 this winter. Everyone told me it was the best choice for that.
  20. That is a good price. Check with Mike Links, he got some in, I got mine. Not sure if he has any left
  21. Larsen are good lights. I have a pile of them. Great customer service as well
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