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  1. China made knock off batteries are very prone to starting fires. I refuse to buy them.
  2. Monroe? They are good about helping up here.
  3. If anyone is interested there is a all color tractor ride coming up August 13th up here on the Tug Hill. It is the 7th year. I have never gone before but heard it is a nice ride so plan on going this year. If anyone is bored come on up and enjoy the scenic views.
  4. Would like to take the CAT over from Bar Harbor one of these days. Have heard it is nice there.
  5. Tractor ride up here on the Tug Hill on August 13th. Supposed to be a nice ride, going to try and make it this year. Should come up
  6. Yes they were for sure. In this area the 1466’s were bought alot for chopping. Had the hp to pull a bigger PT chopper, especially if it had FWA in our wet muddy falls.
  7. Lots of 1466’s sold new around here.
  8. Antique muster would be great. Get ahold of the Thousand Island Hose Haulers up here, they can help with that.
  9. It is run by Lee Publications who publish Country Folks, not by Cornell. Is really no research plots there or anything. I liked it at Lotts in Seneca Falls better. It was at the current site years ago and I thought access was much better at Lotts even though the current site is closer for me.
  10. Not going, too hot and busy chopping hay
  11. Planter test stand is what I am using it for. It is what the original paint color is. Believe it was used on the truck side as well.
  12. Lighting is not the best as they are tucked in back corner of shop, but that is what I used on mine.
  13. Ace Hardware has it in Rust Stop rattle cans and quarts. International Blue.
  14. Does anyone have the correct paint code for IH Canyon Black?
  15. So if you were to replace the turbo and the manifold is there a way to avoid this problem? I want to replace my manifold as well
  16. Thanks guys, dealer found the needed parts….for now.
  17. Do you know what NH model it crosses too? I am not sure the exact part as it is at our mechanics but it is a shaft that goes across and runs the stuffer. Some parts had been broke previous and welded which promptly came apart on the first bale. Got to love internet auctions. Just looking for some places he can call and look for parts.
  18. Will try them. Just bought this and we figured out on first bale why someone got rid of it. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  19. Its funny you post this, I just came across one a couple days ago online and as far as I know Case IH never made or marketed one. I figured someone decaled up one and painted it red. Was looking for something else and it popped up, probably could never find it again.
  20. Anyone know of any baler parts yards around? Needing some parts for a CaseIH LBX332 and CIH is saying they are not available.
  21. Your 4366 must have had intercooler added at some point as the 66’s did not come with one originally
  22. Well, now you got me concerned. Want to change my turbo and manifold on my early serial number 4386. Seems it is not as easy as it seems. 🤔
  23. Our county fair is the same way. It is the oldest continuously operating fair in the US at 205 years this year. It is mostly attended by scumbags, gang members and drug addicts. Always big fights and trouble. The midway has declined over the years and the cattle tents have got smaller. But it must be a fair board rule to say they had record attendance every year because ours does too.
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