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  1. a 1456 to call my own - with pictures

    Nice find, can't wait to see the progress and finished project
  2. february milk price?

    And that's where we are.
  3. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    The price of new trucks is ridiculous. I have always owned a regular cab, hate extended cabs and 4 doors, if I wanted a SUV I would buy one. My last 3 trucks I have had to order and have built how I want them, regular cabs are hard to find now especially how I like them and nationwide searches by dealers have turned up nothing. I usually trade every 3-4 years and should trade this year as mine is a '15 but seriously considering just keeping it. Its been a great truck but as others said plowing is hard on them and the salt on the roads 6 months of the year here takes its toll so that's the reason I usually trade.
  4. Dr. Evil

    Happy Birthday Doc
  5. Lost my sister this afternoon

    Sorry for your loss Jere.
  6. Hydro push manure spreaders

    Have a Hagedorn that's been a good spreader. I would look at these,, quite a few around here and guys seem to really like them.
  7. New member

    Welcome to the forum. Nice 10
  8. cows are gone again

    Enjoy retirement. Not much incentive to stay in these days.
  9. cows are gone again

    Should we start the clock now???
  10. Couple local roads

    Here we just call that Monday.
  11. Case IH 1660 Combine

    I had a 7700 at one point. My 1460 will eat it for dinner. No comparison
  12. 1 point Fast Hitch 2 way plow auction NY

    Yea, I could grab it for him as well
  13. New york farm show Syracuse

    Very much for the farmer. Big show. Worth the trip
  14. Chaffer questions

    I am using a fixed airfoil chaffer and very happy with it. Lower sieve opened wide and all cleaning adjustment done by fan. Use this in corn, beans and small grains
  15. decals

    Maple Hunter
  16. milk price for jan.

    Been dumping milk around here for last 3 years. I think you would see more auctions than you do if the banks were not in so deep, they have no choice. Those that managed their finances responsibly when prices were high will weather the storm, those that spent like drunken sailors are the ones having trouble.
  17. IH. Top link question

    This is 1206 top link
  18. IH. Top link question

    This is what the fast hitch looks like on my 460U and it is different yet. Did 460U have different setup than 340 and 240?
  19. IH. Top link question

    Never seen that before
  20. 460 utility info

    Steering box, a know problem area and parts are NLA. They are nice little tractors
  21. retirement- try harder this time

    Enjoy your retirement....for now😉. Going to keep growing some crops?
  22. Is It Really Winter? Yup it is still winter here in NY. Took a little break for a week or two but its back again and piling up nicely. 26" last night here.
  23. Steiger disk

    Ran one for a few years. Very heavy and cut great, when you can keep them together. Spent a lot of time working on them and parts were expensive. There are a few around here in NY. Know one guy that has 3 of them.
  24. The Passing of a Forum Member

    Sorry for your loss, condolences to you and your family. Please share the 1206 when it gets completed.
  25. I might need a new battery

    Had that happen a few years ago, put charger on and walked away, heard a funny sound and knew it was battery venting. Yanked cord of charger just as battery blew. Battery was frozen. What a mess. Your lucky it was behind you in closed engine compartment. How many lives does this make? Must be getting close to 9 aren't ya