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    MN fall pics

    Nice pics and nice equipment!
  2. Same here. Have never shut the other valves and the AC will freeze you out in the summer
  3. Yes he does. I met him right here, he is a member here but rarely see him check in anymore. I know him and his dad. I used to run a tractor show up here and they used to bring tractors up. We chat occasionally on Bookface
  4. KWRB, i just thought of this, when you have this in parades(provided Andy ever lets us do things again) there will be 2 RPF members from the same town driving green fire trucks. You guys might have to put hitches on them to pull red tractors. Lol
  5. There are fire trucks like this and newer sitting all over in this state that can be bought for pennies on the dollar or donated to less fortunate departments. Tankers actually are easier to sell because most are commercial chassis trucks that get stripped and turned into silage trucks. Unless you live here in NY it is hard to fathom the amount of fire apparatus that is here. Every little burg has fire houses full of nice trucks. As an example the Volly FD where I used to be chief is in a town that is 38 square miles and has a population of around 6,000. In that town is 3 FD’s. Between the
  6. Glad you saved it, was feared it was headed towards a scrapper before long. The whole Champion thing is very political with a lot of personalities involved. A lot of wrong on all sides and the only ones that paid the price are the residents who lost a service. Typical VFD political BS. As far as the sprayer, it was the best thing that ever happened to it. Lol. Sold it to a guy in the Pacific Northwest who was going to cut the chassis off it and turn the tank and booms into a pull type sprayer for specialty crops. Only thing that burnt was the cab so it actually would have been a goo
  7. We farm right behind the Champion firehouse. That engine sat outside at one of their members houses for months on end while they were battling. Funny thing is when their whole fight started and the town shut them down I was spraying beans just up the road and the SP sprayer caught fire in the field in view of the station Had to wait for neighboring town to show up 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Agreed Kristins 1206 find was a great adventure he allowed us to share. Blaines roadtrip memoirs and stories were always great too. I miss those days
  9. I would try a different dealer, never had a problem getting valves or solenoids through dealer.
  10. Think of this forum as a ongoing ever changing story. I have been a member here probably longer than you have been alive and it has changed continually over the years. Alot of good guys have come and gone and new members take their place. One thread to tell stories or just general pictures just is not how things work here. There are many pictures and stories posted continually. My advice to you is to read and listen and ask specific questions in topics that interest you. I think it will be better received.
  11. If you are collecting for the money, I got news for you......
  12. First thing you need to determine is what you are trying to accomplish and what problems are you trying to correct? What are you using now? Do you have a compaction problem? Disk rippers have their place but also have some drawbacks. If you use when wet can cause sidewall compaction from smearing. In dry conditions they do a good job, but if you use them year after year you will destroy your soil structure. If you have wet falls be prepared to play in the slop at harvest. Everyones area is different, some things that work here may not work there. Talk to your neighbors and see what is wo
  13. We used to get them delivered at home in the 70’s and early 80’s. They are still in stores but are not the same. You NY guys should try New York Chips. Very good and all from a WNY potato farm. I have bought them right at the farm before but are carried in alot of stores now
  14. Congratulations Bill and Linda!
  15. Check with any local dairies and see what they are paying for High Moisture?
  16. Several members on here have owned or still own a Super 70
  17. Oh she is a pretty talented girl. Runs chopper, drives truck, and can run just about anything. She has been driving tractor since she could reach the pedals, and quite possibly before as she still has problem reaching pedals today😆 S The "vacation" statement is not far off. Most years its going to red power Roundup or Half century of progress and she always takes her vacation in the fall to run grain cart for me. Yup she is a keeper
  18. For sure, this is my wife expressing her “patience “ with me a couple years ago. Lol
  19. Might want to back the rate down on the radishes, they actually work better at lower rates. 4-5#/ac is plenty. If you plant at higher rates they do not get as big therefore not doing as good a job. Just what we have learned after planting them for the last 12-13 years
  20. So in the area you and I live in this a major dairy producing state so the majority of corn goes to feeding dairy cattle in one form or another. Corn silage is the predominant feed mixed in a ration of haylage, corn meal, soymeal and other rations depending on the diet. Silage gives the roughage along with processed corn. Cows need the corn processed to properly digest in the rumen. Its all about converting that corn to energy for the cow to produce more milk. So the forage harvester has a kernel processor which breaks that corn kernel apart so it is digested properly. I seem to remember at le
  21. 2 points for hand shelling I usually add
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