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  1. Have never washed inside of seedbox on a drill. I would think that would be asking for trouble. Would definitely not use oil or you will have problems next year. I always thought keeping it dry and vacuumed out was the best way. Maybe I am wrong.
  2. Had stuff out reorganizing last month so lined up for a group photo. Thought I would share now the board is back from hiatus.
  3. We finished up corn silage yesterday before this next round of rain, it was a wet year which made it challenging but managed to get through it with not too much carnage. Yields were good and quality was good. We started the year in a drought with virtually no rain in May and June. July and August came in with around 24” of rain in those 2 months. Only got rained out 2 days of chopping with a couple days of late starts from when we started on Labor Day. Most in the neighborhood still slogging through the mud so are fortunate and even got the wheat planting finished up in the rain this morning. Thought I would share a few pictures.
  4. I have a large collection of farm toys, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64. Have been collecting for many years. Tend to lean more towards 1/64 and 1/32 now as easier to display. Mostly only buy high detail pieces and custom pieces these days. here is a question for you guys with large collections, do you have them insured? If so how did you do so?
  5. Usually post pictures of harvest on here but guess not this year. Don’t know what’s allowed where so won’t waste my time.
  6. I beg to differ. Mine is a Eaton. Just loosen the top and it slides out
  7. I just had mine out and rebuilt this winter. Yes there is Sunstrand and Eaton, Eaton is in later model years. There is also differences in whether it is a 2 speed and whether it is RWA or not. A crane or hoist to get above it is preferred. we did not remove side sheet metal, we used crane on service truck and boomed it out the top, it is tight but it will fit. Other unit dropped right out the bottom and slid out. Used a transmission jack.
  8. Spent many hours in a 4166. What are you wanting to do with it? The Pro's: Good in the mud, Available with PTO, Good power(DT436) The Cons: Probably the most uncomfortable roughest riding tractors ever built, parts availability is limited, drop box parts were unavailable 25+ years ago(and that is a common problem in these), cab and operator layout is crude at best, steering problems are common if you want to use the coordinated steering(we always just left ours in front steer) If you want one for collection or plow days or something they are cool, if you want to run one every day I would not recommend it.
  9. I don’t think you want slotted grates for beans. They are generally for small grains.
  10. I run Trimpe rasp bars on my 1460. Trimpe bars are very aggressive as they cut down every other bar and hardsurface them. Think of it as a course file vs a fine file. They will outlast the machine they are put on and some people say it makes the machine eat as good as the next size up machine. I also run the Estes Disrupters on mine. It is a standard rotor
  11. NOCO, pick the size that fits your needs.
  12. You would have to drive a long ways to get 12 1206’s together here.
  13. Will be there, not sure what we will bring yet.
  14. Changed all mine to Larsen Lights. Dust has not been an issue. Its like daylight.
  15. What town does this one reside in?
  16. The D6 is a 65. They have “class of 65” painted on the rams
  17. The Walters had those exhausts with muffler on roof
  18. Red Power, Harvester Highlights, Toy Farmer and Heritage Iron
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