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  1. I really don't know how old it is, but the bottom of the trunk is more than 6ft and 100 ft tall. When I moved to this place 30 years ago, it was a huge, big tree.
  2. The trees in my property are still afraid to be cut like this even though the TD14 is gone.😆😆😆
  3. I have a digger pine tree next to my house that is more than 100 years old. It needs to trim the agley branches which look so ugly. It is quite high, about 30ft or more. So, I had to utilize my Ryobi pole saw, a Husqvarna 450 chainsaw and John Deere 410 backhoe. It was very dangerous to cut the branches and would be the last cutting for that tree in my life. Jkk
  4. 😄😄 Not really.... I still have some equipment left and need to cut the branches on the many trees for firewood.😊
  5. Last seen of my dozer Hope my dozer works for the new owner well...... It will be a wonderful memory in my life........
  6. I am so sad that my dozer is sold today But I am happy because a very young farmer bought it and will take care of it very well. The reason to sell my lovely big toy was because I am losing strong confidence and strength by the age. Also, I am afraid to repair the dozer again once it is broken due to the age. Additionally, I really don't want my toy to go to a graveyard for scrap metal. I already introduced this club website and recommend joining in. Hope to help him from you guys here whenever he needs to repair. Thank you so much to all members here, especially to Hardtill, Mike newman. Jkk Here is the picture of him with a dozer that I had permission to upload.
  7. My dozer's original color is red. I thought one of the previous owners repainted it to yellow. Here are some pictures.
  8. I have no knowledge about bulldozers in my life even now. The reason I bought this toy 15 years ago was that I got some estimates from a local professional land clearing company that I couldn't afford. I paid a small amount with some problems. Both side steering clutch is not working well, and the right-side brake is not working properly due to the oil leaking caused by a soak brake pad. So, it only works left side steering, which is not really convenient. Also, water gets in the transmission housing when raining. Therefore, I have to drain the transmission oil after each use during the raining season. The problems above to repair are beyond my ability. Of course, I replaced the left side idler, restored the gasoline starting mechanism, and repaired the hydraulic pump yoke and all hoses etc.. Nonetheless, it still pushes the dirt so well and has been used as is for 15 years. And has cleared my 80 acres of heavy brush and wood property completely. Now, looking to the person who needs to clear his land like I did. If I can't find any person then I will keep it forever. Thank you for your input. Jkk 2007 my property from google earth view. 2021 view
  9. Posted yesterday at 05:11 PM If one of my employees hitched on to a tree that large and pulled in reverse, I would fire them on the spot. It is really bad time to fire me Boss.🤣🤣 I could get a lot more money than you paid me from the Dem government.😋😋 It caused whole country economic collapse as you have seen now, 😒😒
  10. OMG.. It looks much newer than mine but smaller . 😊😊 I'm sure you have done really well maintenance on it. Also, a lot of snow in the pictures makes me remember my childhood in S. Korea. Thank you for sharing. Jkk
  11. Hi, Hardtail I have lived in Northern CA near Sacramento for more than 40 years. Now I just enjoy living in the country and doing small gardening. I remember you are living in Albert, Canada. There was so much rain last month that it caused a big flood. Is everything ok with you?
  12. Hello, Thebunns. Would you please share some pictures or video for your 80 years old TD14? I am very interested to see your very old toy which is older than me
  13. I am so glad you are still in here Hardtail... I am getting old and no longer need this big toy in my property. Other young man who has some acreage near by needs this dozer. So I will let him take care it. The rear hitch never been working and never tried to fix it 🤣🤣🤣
  14. Several giant digger pine trees that I needed to cut down due to the tilt. It could fall down very soon and be dangerous to our family. I have had this dozer for more than 15 years and cleared my 80 acres property. This is a 1958 International Harvester TD 14 142 Series. It is 64 years old and made in the USA. This is probably my last mission with this dozer in my life. Sooo,, Sad...😢😢😢
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