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  1. When you have a one tractor farm, you are looking for a 4 x4 utility tractor with loader. A tractor like a 656 is fine to stick on a hay baler, but will be useless for feeding cattle in muddy yards in winter. What you are looking for if you want to stick with IH is an 84 or 85 series with front wheel assist and loader. When I had only one tractor, it was an NH 7635 4 x4 with loader. It will clean out a snowy driveway and not get stuck. The number of times I would have been stuck without 4 x 4 is uncountable but with it you get out and get work done. No putting loaders on 2 wd. Waste.
  2. Hope you get it running. Looks like it could be Ezee On loader on it.
  3. Turbo 640 only used in a White 9700/9720 combine. The MF 860 used a Natural Aspirated Perkins 540 V8. Apparently there is the odd MF 4800 tractor with the turbo 640 but they are a rare beast. Most had the NA Cummins 903 in them.
  4. 354 Perkins. Nice tractor. Hope you get the leak fixed
  5. Quite a bit out there in this area east of Edmonton including on my own farm. Becoming a spring harvest veteran. Last fall we did not ever get any dry grain, it was how wet do you want it in the bin. Was trying for wheat around 17% and did a third of my acres. Canola never did get below 13%. People with dryers have most of it off but without a dryer, you were hooped. Was able to dry the wheat in the bin a bit and got around 5.85 as a #2. My guess is that dry feed wheat will be worth $6 in the spring and wildlife compensation is not bad. The wheat the deer eat is worth $6.68 so the best market.
  6. I have a NH 7635 which is a blue FIAT. It has been a good tractor for me so I am a FIAT fan. Some CaseIH models were also FIAT. Many of the parts on these tractors I am sure interchange with the older models as the tractors have not changed much. I have a 12 spd tranny with two speed high/low and mechanical shuttle. Most older Hesston/FIAt have a 12 spd as well so it is likely they are the same transmission.
  7. Know of a guy who was a couple of 4000. They put 18.4 x26 tires and wheels on it from an old combine to make it handle mud. Direct bolt on. 5000 are rare but solve the problem of no power that the 4000 had so I would not be wreaking a 5000. Would have value here.
  8. Has it not been 32 years since MF combines closed? No other use found for the property and buildings in 32 years. I see businesses close in our local town and there never seems to be new business go in some of the buildings that are not that old. Frequently the problem is city taxes makes the value of properties actually negative.
  9. IH884

    Hot allis

    Friend is a major Allis fan and owns 7 of them. I ran one of his 8070 4wd powershifts when it turned 13000 hrs. That was a year and a half ago. They were using it on the grain cart a couple weeks ago because the 8550 had a flat. . For its time the AC power shift is pretty sweet. 426 is rated at 2400 rpm in the 8070 and 2300 in an 8050. Has good power from 1800 rpm on up but low end torque is less that what you would be used to from a 466. My buddy has a 7040 that has over 20000 hrs but it is getting tired. He is currently looking for a 4wd 8030 to replace the 7040 that runs his feed mixer as it is only 2wd. Bottom line is that AC's are a great tractor and you can getting reliable service out of them. I tried to buy an 4w220 at auction but it would have cost real money as others were bidding too. The 426 does run out of power at those higher hp levels so the plan was to take it easy on that tractor but unfortunately I did not get it,
  10. I have a 3310. On the road it used to speed up and then slow down if the hydro handle was all the way forward. I had to replace a wheel micro switch found on the left rear wheel motor. Since then it now goes steady speed down the road and faster than I think would be safe so I don't go full out any more. All the wheel have this switch or sensor and had to do with the traction control system. This may be related to your problem as well.
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