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  1. I believe KHD had an ownership stake in Steiger prior to it being bough out by CaseIH which would explain Steiger using AC parts in 85 and 86.
  2. Drove truck for a potato farmer and all the trucks were Allison 6 spd auto. For that application would not have it any other way as too much shifting and inexperienced drivers to use manual transmission. Trucks were IH with 530 or a couple of Sterlings with cat 3126 @280 hp. 50-52000 lb gross on tandems and up to 70000 on tridems. They would load alongside a potato digger in the field and haul to the fry plant. Never a transmission problem with those. He also had a Prostar with 10sp Eaton autoshift semi and I used that to haul to the fry plant 102-105000 lb gross. Flat ground luckily but got along fairly well with it.
  3. When you have a one tractor farm, you are looking for a 4 x4 utility tractor with loader. A tractor like a 656 is fine to stick on a hay baler, but will be useless for feeding cattle in muddy yards in winter. What you are looking for if you want to stick with IH is an 84 or 85 series with front wheel assist and loader. When I had only one tractor, it was an NH 7635 4 x4 with loader. It will clean out a snowy driveway and not get stuck. The number of times I would have been stuck without 4 x 4 is uncountable but with it you get out and get work done. No putting loaders on 2 wd. Waste.
  4. I have a 3310. On the road it used to speed up and then slow down if the hydro handle was all the way forward. I had to replace a wheel micro switch found on the left rear wheel motor. Since then it now goes steady speed down the road and faster than I think would be safe so I don't go full out any more. All the wheel have this switch or sensor and had to do with the traction control system. This may be related to your problem as well.
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