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  1. I think there were no standards. I think the assembly staff used decals which they hold on stock.
  2. #KWRB as we cleaned up the ol´ engineering center before demolition in 2007 the drawing was one of the finds #o121937 the engine was a MWM „KD415Z" MWM = Motoren Werke Mannheim FG D2 was produced in 58 units Regards Matthias www.ihc.de
  3. Same problem at IH Germany plant at Neuss on Rhine. IH Neuss used decals "McCormick-Deering" only in 1950 for tractors of type "FG D2" and "DF 25" followed in 1951 by "McCormick-INTERNATIONAL" Here are two pictures.Pls scale up the pictures And attached is a copy of an original drawing. Regards Matthias
  4. Latest assemblies of the Neuss engines after merger and transfer to british IH Doncaster plant : 3 cyl November 1993 used for british built .40 series, for 32 series 4 cyl March 1996 used for british built .40 series, for 42 series, 844 & 856XL types ( former Neuss built tractors) 6 cyl December 1994 DT-358 used for german built 1255XL 6 cyl November 1996 DT-402 used for german built 1244XL Here is a were used able : Total of Neuss built engines was around 1.667 millions Regards Matthias former member of IH Neuss Planning & Manufacturing management team
  5. matbush


    Need a spec sheet about a DT466 (210 HP with around 2600 r/pm) Who can help ? Thanks matbush IH Germany www.ihc.de
  6. ### TN Hillbillyhave a look at Neuss built 2-cly Diesel engines and tractors : - http://www.ihace.de/01_schlepper/0212/212.htm - http://www.ihace.de/01_schlepper/0214/214.htm - http://www.ihace.de/01_schlepper/0214/214.htm - http://www.ihace.de/01_schlepper/0217f/217f.htm - http://www.ihace.de/01_schlepper/0217s/217s.htm - http://www.ihace.de/01_schlepper/0219/219.htm Enjoy ! Regards from Neuss on RHine matbush www.ihc.de
  7. W400, never heard about an action like import to Europe. I think KIMCO had no capacities to export these little tractors around the world.
  8. Komatsu 232 In the early sixties Komatsu bought licenses (D-219 / Neuss made) to built their own tractors. The japanese agriculture was shaped by smallest farms. Most used tractors were of motorized cultivators and walk behind tractors. To push their own agriculture, Komatsu´s interest was focused on small tractors like the german 2-cylinder line of tractors. 1965 the joint venture between International Harvester and Komatsu became "KIMCO". Following pictures show a "232" Kimco type, made with german engine and some components, but mostly made with japanese components in the "new styling" of 1965 ! Regards matbush
  9. one of the last built 1455 XL and a look at spare parts depot of a german collector
  10. an IH tractors with "MWM"-engine, 2 cylinder Diesel before restoration after restoration
  11. Some of the rarest german IH´s ### a "I-12-G", only 50 built, 1937-1939 ### one of the first built "F-12-G", 3973 units built, 1937-1940 ### a "DGD-4" for export ### a tuned-up "624"
  12. Good evening, here´s the way to more than 2000 german IH brochures (main title pages) Regards matbush www.ihc.de http://www.ihace.de/20_prospekte/prospekt_index.htm
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