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  1. I'd try a hyd filter first. Seems like everything works but not up to par.
  2. Perty much just going to have to fix the range shifting there. Its a feed tractor so I'll be short of time to get it fixed anyways working off farm and living 40 miles away.
  3. Have to rebuild the high low shift linkage beside the steering wheel on my dad's 966. Can you get the center and right hand panels off with the cab on or does the cab need to come off?
  4. Did hear a rumor about an established pack around but we'll nebraska. But then again it's just rumor.
  5. Send some my way. Been sitting not doing a single thing for the last three days and I know it's just going to continue at my main job. Sat around all last summer taking turns mowing and trimming.
  6. The 4240 came in from Florida and needless to say everything that should pivot doesn't. Plus it's also a 40 harder.
  7. Some of the big iron boys personal stuff I'm getting the pleasure of working on. Might be a drop in the bucket to them but someone's got to do it lol.
  8. Any idea what the endplay should be?
  9. Now that you say that I do remember that.
  10. They were made by american coleman which turned in to trac4. Ed leaman would be the man to talk to he has sourced alot of the rare coleman parts
  11. Yes that's the bearing I'm talking about. I just don't like how loose they seem but being how they do get sandwiched they would probably be fine
  12. Should be a twin disk brand according to eparts on dealerportal.
  13. I just don't like how much give there is between the rollers and the cage.
  14. Going thru the pto on my 4391t power unit I noticed the bearings on the output shaft were perty loose. I've got it apart right now waiting for new bearings. Does anyone have any idea of the rolling torque they want the shaft set at?
  15. Sold an old nonrunning craftsman riding mower on facebook last night to a guy. He comes to pick it up. What does he bring, a minivan. Took the deck off, put my 4 wheeler ramps on the bumper and shove it right up in there. Fit perfectly and I couldn't believe it.
  16. Clutch pedal return spring comes to mind.
  17. Best thing I ever did was put a flatbed on mine. To me it makes it alot move versatile.
  18. I agree I was born in 84 and grew up in the 90s. Everything just seemed to be better back than. If you got offended you just shook your head and walked away and waited til the next day. Nowadays you get offended jump on youtube or Facebook and whine like a baby and you get a thousand people to coddle you.
  19. Pends how good of an air hammer you have. Usually just have to heat and soak and keep working at it. To get the pin up far enough you'll have to jack up the other side to lower the opposite side of the axle.
  20. Makes me glad I am sometimes able to get some of that moldy big iron money.
  21. Like everyone said clutch is straight forward. The rear end shouldn't be to bad. Had one apart a few years ago for the over under shifting. If it's not staying in gear that should be some sort of detent issue in the shift linkage.
  22. I'm just curious, place I wrench at on weekends had me do two 1066s. One I overhauled and basically sat a year. They were using it to go feed cows. As they were going it just slowly started loosing speed. I did use reliance in those. Guy that owns the shop said put the kit in. Thinking a ring has locked up the motor tight.
  23. What's everyone been hating reliance overhaul kits for?
  24. My aussie bear, working dog that only watches you as you eat if front of him.
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