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  1. I was going to give them a call when I had time.
  2. Customer brought a hydro 186 into the shop, wouldn't hardly pull itself changed both filters and now I have 180 charge pressure in either forward and reverse. When I am sitting with the hydro lever in neutral pressure is around 380 and special is 450 to 500 psi, not quite sure what to think of that. Also you can not feel the tractor decelerate it just coasts to a stop when the lever is moved back to neutral. Can feel it accelerate thou.
  3. To save you a bit of head scratching, the wrench size should be 16 or 17 mm.
  4. Everything has to come out to do the bed pan, the rotor and concaves can stay in tho.
  5. Just had a 7110 last week the right hand steering cylinder was leaking internally, I don't remember if the wheel spins, think it locks up. I just remember the steering quits and my weekend boss just wants a hand pump put in and go from there.
  6. It steers but as the oil gets hotter it looses steering. Ta brakes and clutch bolster still works fine.
  7. Anyone have it figured out how to figure out what hand pump a guy needs for a tractor? I've got a 1066 with just a steering cylinder on it, can't see any reference letter like the parts listing shows. Just see where it talks bout tilt steering and narrow front as the only differences.
  8. Those pots like to get stuck in the housing, have to pull the pot out and get it freed up, I've had several of them round out the linkage that connects the pot to the vertical linkage.
  9. Did a hydro on a 2388 last Saturday, just threw a chain around the unloader tube and used a racheting chain hoist to lower it down. Didn't have to take off the side sheet which I didn't feel like doing any ways. It's a 7/16th bolt that goes in the center of the hydro to put a lifting eyelet on it.
  10. When you bust your chops all year just to try to get barly enough to live on, it really gets your goat when you see somebody doing dumb things and making to much money
  11. Life time Darwin award recipient right there.
  12. Wouldn't be an electric fuel shut off on bottom of carb? Some had them and some didnt
  13. The discharge side still has the r12 fitting on it. The suction side has the right quick couple fitting.
  14. Where are the actuators at? It's just three spools that spin around with the shift cam. The detent spool is just a roller on a shaft with a spring.
  15. I remember a service bulletin that mentioned running for a long time in the same gear it would seem to be sticky for awhile. The remedy for it was to just shift it every once in a while. It was mentioned in the magnum transmission troubleshooting bulliten I know that for sure.
  16. Had a neighbor that wouldn't hardly miss a sale day at the Columbus sale barn, he was always the type to buy the $50 sale barn special alot of the time. Needless to say he wasnt very successful at it.
  17. I know the cattle have to go where they have the feed at, but I still can't see how it pencils out to bring up Mexico or any southern cattle to the upper Midwest? Hear to many people around me doing it and they get alot of sick ones or the winter kills them. My dad always gets his out of the sandhills and we hardly have sick or death loss.
  18. Just a dumb idea that I always forget but there is a bleed screw hidden on the front of the inj pump right next to the cylinder head I always forget about. I'd try bleeding the fuel system right there and try it.
  19. Hauling, getting it in the shop and doing the clutch I had 15 hours in it.
  20. I did rear main seal to. Did have a loader on it but I left that on and rolled the rear end back.
  21. Just put a clutch in a 4020, was curious what the book time would be on it? Yes I know it's green but when a guy says the magic words "just fix it" I'm a glutton for punishment.
  22. The ones I have and saw were either a bright red or a darker red.
  23. I didn't know if you had to have a certain size, we have a 50 gpm at work and I have a 30gmp for my own use messed up years ago on a sale I think it had a 75 gpm one for $200 I think.
  24. How big a flowrater do you have to have to run it?
  25. I know it has been discussed on here at one point. I remember some company did make a kit to do it. Probably about as easy to get a 1466 rear end and swap everything thou.
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