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  1. These guys were in a hurry to get done with white corn since a storm was coming in.
  2. Several years ago had a farmer with down corn could only go one way. They had an 7010 and discovered the could unload in road gear going back to the other end. Well they hit a pivot track with the auger out. Broke and wrinkled the grain bin floor. Needless to say I got the joy of putting a new grain bin bottom in that machine. It was around Thanksgiving time the the farmer thought I was going to work on Thanksgiving to get it done. I told him nope it's the only time I got off during harvest.
  3. You can take the back of the dash out and replace.the little bulbs.
  4. The lube pressure light does come on and says flashing after a few seconds.
  5. Posted a while back about a 1466 that wouldn't steer for me. I got the valve off and tore down. Think I might have found the problem with a blown gasket. I'm no master with the mcv valve but right where the gasket looks broke it's right above the dump valve which in my mind would let everything run back to sump. Am I right?
  6. Thanks, I'm a dealer tech so I do have access to about everything they ever published. These case tractors are just foreign to me since there just aren't many around anymore.
  7. Yes I did have three point and pto working. Couldn't get any lube pressure at all on Saturday. Gave up and came back Sunday morning and started checking things over and all of a sudden I had lube pressure on the flow divider. Checked gauges that I had on shift valve and all of a sudden I have everything shifting like it should be. I really don't have a clue what was wrong I'm just glad it started shifting.
  8. I used to check the local Deere dealer metal bin since they were always throwing out long chains. One day I was checking and found a complete rear splitting stand. Needless to say once I got over the schock and excitement I got down to work really quick.
  9. I'm sure there's probably a lot of canyons they take up residents in.
  10. You got wolves out that way sandhiller?
  11. Got a 2394 that quit moving. Pulled the power shift and resealed it thinking that would do the trick. Got it back together and running. Still won't move started checking pressures and I have no pressure at any of the test ports and I do not even have but.10 psi for lbe in flow divider from pressure switch port. Been racking my head a day going thru manuals trying to find a starting point but I'm at a loss for right now. Has anyone got a good idea how the flow divider works?
  12. Need to know what the error code is first-hand.
  13. That's what's got me thinking gasket or oring. I was going off what the customer was saying how all hydraulics went away when the clutch was pushed in.
  14. No it doesn't dump steering with the clutch pedal. It dumps the oil when you dead head the steering otherwise you can feel the brakes and pedal it just doesn't steer.
  15. Regulated dips down to around 180 than comes back
  16. Checked regulated pressure that was around 220 and tapped Into a steering line and deadheaded it at 1100 psi. When i turn the front wheels to each stop than the light comes on.
  17. I'll have to get gauges on it and also cap off the clutch assist just to see what it does.
  18. I'm gonna find out tomorrow when I look at it
  19. So I'm probably looking at a blown gasket?
  20. Got a 1466 I put a clutch in a few weeks ago for a guy. While I was at it I went thru the mcv with new springs and pump also. Fast forward three weeks when he pushes the clutch in he loses steering and brakes. It's got a hyd clutch assist on it. Could the hyd clutch assist be leaking causing all the oil to go back to tank?
  21. Isn't steering on the piston pump? I know on the magnums it's got a signal line to the pfc pump?
  22. What'd they determine on the service call?
  23. Probably the dpf is to plugged up it can't build enough heat to bake the soot out.
  24. Broke it off the drive plate on the engine or broke the shaft off the back what the 540/1000 shaft hooks up?
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