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  1. TP bock in 2009 I took a promotion to be The Director of Nurses. It consumed all my time and efforts I am 74 yo now and stepped down. I told them I wanted s job that had 0 responsibilities and where I could clock in do my job then go home. I do triage 3 days a week now got some extra time for me and family now.
  2. I really doubt it. The diameter of the flywheel to fit inside the super C housing is the problem. I think the 240 is too large, as I remember.
  3. The pilot bearing from a 560 flywheel inserted into a super c flywheel. You will have to do some machine work on the sc flywheel. You cannot use the original 153 flywheel. Lots of stuff up front on th sc needs to be changed and rearranged.
  4. global warming is real. it has been changing since the beginning. get on "Google" and look up (celestial precession) there is a 23,000 year cycle.
  5. Its ok to be a BSr Boog. A sense of humor = intelligence

  6. hey tommy call me (george) 254 747 1804

  7. has not set their status

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