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  1. Thanks for all the valued replies! I finally got it off after about 3 hours of struggle. The hand pump had been renewed by the previous owner about 15 years ago and it turns out the spring roll pin which is supposed to be 1.75 inches long was replaced with one that is 2 inches long. The problem that created is that boss machined into the cast steering column that the dust seal rides on is about 1.875 in diameter, so it was impossible to pull the hand pump off without twisting it and sort of walking it out of the hole. Needless to say that roll pin will be replaced or shortened before reassembly so it comes out easily the next time. Once I had exhausted all other possibilities I kind of figured the problem was with the roll pin - especially once I checked the parts book and saw it is supposed to be 1.75 inches and if a generic replacement had been used I kinda figured it might be long. The trick was finding exactly how to twist it when you can't see how the pin is oriented in that blind hole. Glad it was 3 hours at my zero dollar shop rate instead of the dealer at $155 per!
  2. Last fall the steering hand pump started leaking quite badly from the bottom end where the wide seal is. Today I attempted to remove the hand pump and get it fixed before any spring work starts. I removed the 4 hydraulic lines and the 3 bolts that secure the pump in place and assumed that the pump could be pulled away from the firewall - that did not happen. It moves forward about an inch and then no more. There is a metallic clunk if I pull hard on the pump that comes from in the firewall. Do I need to remove the dash to get this out, or am I simply not just doing something the correct way. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Mine is a 2 wheel drive with turf tires all the way around. The serial number breakdown is from the Hotline Farm Equipment Guide. They are a great source for serial numbers, models, high/low prices, etc. What else is handy is that they have good info on combines, balers, planters and windrowers too. The one I have is from about 1990 and has info all the way back to the 1930's.
  4. I have a 234 Hydro with a 48" Woods belly mount deck. It is great little tractor. I use it for grass cutting and rototilling .... works well and is really easy on fuel. I always really liked the 50 Series styling that they used for these..still looks really good today. Case introduced the 235, 245, 255 in 1986 - same tractor just different tin work. They looked like the 85 utility series. Some parts are still available through Case-IH. The serial number breakdown for the 244 is as follows: 1982....8001 1983....8460 1984....9089 1985....9716
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