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  1. C153 head bolt torque questions

    The torque spec is 80-90ft/lbs. Without a picture, about all I can say is to start in the middle and work clockwise in a circle. Hope this helps.
  2. Float spool for 2250 loader?

    If you have the single lever control, the slot in the cover may not allow the lever to be pushed far enough forward to allow the valve to go into float. Try taking the cover off and see if your handle moves further.
  3. IH 504

    Been in exactly the same situation with my F504. You need to order 407062R91 - that'll fix you up. Marty
  4. Canadian 7388 and 7788

    Al McIntosh owned the IH dealership in Yorkton, Sask. in the 80's. From what I remember, he also owned at least one dealership in Manitoba too. I can absolutely confirm that at least one of these 70 series was at the Yorkton dealership. My dad and I were there one day in 1984 and there was one parked in the combine repair shop. I remember asking Henry Malin (salesman) what that was and he said that this was the new IH 4 wheel drive and it was there getting demo'd. I didn't realize the significance of that sighting at the time because I just assumed we would be starting to see those showing up in 1985. Of course we know what happened that winter. Al must have been able to retain ownership at the time of the merger. This is certainly a piece of history for sure.
  5. Fixing old IH fender radio

    I just went through this ...... purchased a radio off Ebay in "untested" condition and of course it did not work. I haven't had to have any electronics fixed for a long time, so I assumed that repair shops still existed - not really the case anymore! I finally did find a shop that would fix it but wanted $200! This past weekend I went to a local swap meet and bought another one and luckily this one works. Needless to say, I picked up the first one from the repair shop and will need to find a different radio to put in that case. The trick though is finding a radio that is shallow enough to fit. I am also going to ask some of local car clubs - maybe there is someone there who does this sort of repair in their spare time and for a lot less money. Good luck with yours!