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  1. Cornhusker

    Step For IH Utility Tractors

    Here are two pictures for homemade steps for a 350 Hi-Utility and a 460 Hi-Utility.
  2. Cornhusker

    IH Dealership in Perry, Florida

    Walked in the showroom and right away they said the signs were not for sale. The owner wants to keep one and the sheriff gets the other one. The old IH parts bins were not there. Tried to post the inside pictures and haven't had any success yet. We were blessed to get one to post. Thanks for looking.
  3. Cornhusker

    IH Dealership in Perry, Florida

    I guess I need a refresher course on how to download pictures. Have tried everything and it will not go. It keeps coming up code 200. I think that I might need to shrink it. They are 4.5 mb and it says the Max. file size is 24MB. Seems that should be ok--but not working.
  4. Cornhusker

    IH Dealership in Perry, Florida

    Was on the way to Florida and wanted to take back roads. I spotted this and had to turn around and go back and take pictures.
  5. Cornhusker

    Most fun so far this year

    First time my granddaughter had ever been on a tabogan. When we got to the big hill behind the barn she said, "You're going down with me aren't you? I said, "Nope." I said, "Somebody has got to come down and get you and pull you up. She loved it ever since.
  6. Cornhusker

    IH Golf 12 ???

  7. Cornhusker


    Found this old toolbox ;at Wauseon, Ohio. The dimensions are 22x10x3.5 high. Does anybody know what this is off of or anything about this toolbox? Thanks. Glenn