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  1. Thanks, for the tip on the separate compartments. I figured it was all one common sump. We will check that out.
  2. Well, this afternoon we started with some thing simple. As 3588pfcred suggested we changed the filter again. It also got more new oil as it looked to have some water in it again. The steering works perfect and the noise is gone. I think another fluid and filter change are in it's short term future to try and get all the moisture out. But for now all is well. Thanks to all, Mike
  3. Thanks for the suggestions so far, I'm with you 100% about what was wrong before it was parked and the water has done it no favors. I guess i was hoping i could figure out where to look. The pump, MCV valve, some thing in the steering pedestal. I just don't know. I will look at the case ih parts site. I didn't know that was out there and accessible to any one. Thank you ! He was working on the tractor this morning and now thinks the chattering is coming manifold that's located under the starter. Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm working on a 706 diesel row crop that sat outside for about 12 years. The story is that the exhaust filled with water during a storm and the owner just left it to rot. Recently a friend of mine got the tractor and we went about getting it running again. We ended up replacing the engine in it with a running take out from a salvage yard and had it running without much drama. But now that its running a few other problems have surfaced. I've looked through archived posts on 706 steering trouble but I haven't seen these exact symptoms. So, when you start and idle the
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