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  1. Just want to say hello before I lose you!!Ron G

    1. mike newman

      mike newman

      no worries  Ron.....haven't had much luck with new email......got a lot of stuff to send to you.....have a 20yr old grandson coming to"help me" through the winter months...that will be interesting...but...he is a computer guru....so..maybe that will help....

      My work load is bordering on the ridiculous at the present......although "day job"  on thre excavator is about done for 3 months...whilst they replant the area we have just logged.....huge amount of work on our land plus what we lease...just built a rootrake for the 20 ton digger..put new chains on the D6B.... just finished   100plus hours on drainage work ...and so on...ad infinitum..!!

      Hope you are well...will get over to Margies  again...give you a call

      Best to you and your Lady...regards Mike

    2. Ron G

      Ron G

      I think about you often working at your age and getting things done.Good luck with the grandson,I see it as an opportunity for you both.This new board has me rattled,I can't do anything that seems logical,I am amazed that I found your reply but life goes on and I seem to be getting good care from my oncologist so keep in touch,nice to hear from you.Ron G

  2. My hat is off to you bakerg,thank you for sharing with us.Ron G
  3. Mike is back and we can all sleep better.Ron G
  4. Everybody that you work for is younger than you,Mike.)Ron G
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