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  1. 234-IA

    IH 82 vs 80 Pull Type Combine

    they're basically the same combine- the 82 has a slightly bigger grain tank- so either model should serve you well
  2. 234-IA

    1086 question

    the later engines had re designed piston rings and the top mounted crankcase breather but what else I can't say. Was hoping someone with real shop time would pitch in with more detail on those questions
  3. 234-IA

    1086 question

    the later 10s would have had the B series engine but otherwise mechanically they'd be basically the same up to the tri stripe models with the Power Priority hydraulics I think 86s can be divided into three stages: 1 the early years had a comparatively stripped down cab with the straight shift levers and steps more like ladder rungs than anything else 2 the middle years had the bigger steps, curved shift levers, a somewhat easier park lock, the burgundy interior option. Probably the biggest mechanical changes were engine related- B series turbocharged engines and the return of the German diesel in the 886 3 tri stripes had flow control hydraulics and the added option of the Western interior no doubt I've left a lot out but I think this sketches the broad picture
  4. 234-IA

    88 series dash cupholder

    Bates Corp is reproducing the IH trays and you can buy them right off their site for $25 less than they ask on eBay (something I figured out after I'd already committed to the eBay purchase, stupid me). I would be willing to bet the same vendor builds them for caseIH they seem pretty well made but I think it's worth pointing out they're an exact match for a wider/flatter 30/50 dash and more of a "will fit" the 86s with their raised center section. For an 86 I'd tweak the supports a little bit so they actually supported the tray
  5. 234-IA

    Nicely said

    I hadn't realized how many native americans were on this forum. No wonder it's called "red power"
  6. 234-IA

    Always Been Intrigued With This Photo

    I kinda agree with Pete1468 that it might be a photo platform of some kind- there's an angled brace showing under the right side of the cab, and maybe the steps are what we see on the left
  7. I just want to say, I've been around this place for close to 17 years- well before "likes" became a thing- and of the many great IH mechanics posting here, pete23 is among the most knowledgeable- a very solid and helpful guy and his presence is a valuable asset to the community
  8. 234-IA

    Crankcase breather on 466B parts diagram

    x2, as they say. Not a lot of room between that breather and the turbo and it doesn't take much oil seepage + bean dust/chaff + heat = fire. I got really lucky with the 1460 last fall and came out of it with only some melted wires, a burned hydraulic pump drive belt, boiled battery and scorched sheet metal. I think the only reason the whole thing didn't go up is it was so danged damp that day
  9. 234-IA

    Samson Tires

    the 5088 I bought has a pair of three-rib Samsons on the front (10.00x16s) and I'm not impressed- they look soft. I don't think they have much more than a thousand hours on them and they already need to be flipped on the rim before the outside rib wears off
  10. 234-IA

    IH 74/7288 emblems

    way cool- the red insert in the "t" is a very nice touch- but for 4 bills apiece I'd go the sign shop decal route
  11. 234-IA

    Red power showdown '86 tractors

    this should give you an idea: the first is a '77 1086 found on tractorhouse, the other is my '80
  12. 234-IA

    Bugs, Gee who could see this one coming at us

    more to it than just mosquitoes and more to it than pollination- which is huge itself- though. Just because we're at the top of the pyramid, so to speak, that doesn't mean we shouldn't worry about the base. If the planet's getting so it can't support relatively simple creatures it seems only logical that sooner or later we're in trouble ourselves
  13. I don't think there is much more to it than the prototype drawings- when the Unis took off, IH considered getting into the market but decided there wasn't a future for two companies and New Idea had too much of a head start. Just as well far as I'm concerned, probably would have diverted resources from Axial Flow development
  14. 234-IA

    Original Paint IH Tractors and Equipment photos

    couple of springs ago I ended up patching in some oats during corn planting time. Sometimes there really is no such thing as "too many tractors" there's a 720 plow hidden behind the 1086 (the only tractor there with less than 10,000 hours), a 510 drill hooked to the 1256 and a 480 disk is the 986's job. We won't talk about the off-color planter on the 826
  15. 234-IA

    Two 6 volt or two 12 volt in 1466

    I've never had any trouble with running the sixes- I keep the cables up and use the block heaters regularly. On the other hand, if I was still running an M every day nothing but a 12 will do. To each their own, just figured I'd help stir