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  1. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    nothing says "snowflake" like a bunch of grown men who on one hand claim they need guns to solve their problems and the other pretend to be surprised when the mentally unstable use guns to solve their problems
  2. Why??? 1206 top link

    what is the purpose of the loop on the hook end of the link?
  3. 806 L.P.

    friend had one of them back in the day. Ran it with a straight pipe- I think it was the loudest farm tractor I've ever been around
  4. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    Dr Evil: did Case keep all that equipment? I always assumed a lot of it went to salvage TP: Tenneco wanted Case to be a full-line company and what better way to get there than buying IH ag
  5. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    everything I ever read suggests Tenneco was planning on going with Case design for everything over 100hp and junking everything related to large frame IH tractors- the Farmall plant itself, the workers and the 50 series production tooling etc- until they discovered just how close IH was to having the New Farmall ready to go and that it was superior to Case . So then it became a matter of working the last bugs out of the powershift and splicing it to the Cummins engine, removal of the necessary equipment out of Farmall and installing it at Racine, and having a supply of tractors available to buy. So even if Tenneco would admit the 50 series were better (ha) in the short run it made more sense to paint Cases red for a few years til the real deal "Best of Both Worlds" Magnum was good to go
  6. 1206's Sold

    there was a posting with a link to this article on craigslist, I noticed earlier. Sounds like the guy will be wheeling and dealing from behind bars
  7. FARMALL Plant vs Racine

    SDman: I faintly recall something like the training center from going to visit my brother at ISU in the early 90s but I didn't think it was anywhere near that big- would NH or CNH have enlarged it? Vetter was in the process of moving from Nevada proper to the new location ( I hate to think of how much money they put into just the cement lot) when I was there in March 2013. That whole stretch of Hwy 30, including the Deere shop ST-470 mentioned, felt "new" to me
  8. FARMALL Plant vs Racine

    SDman: you're training at the CNH facility just east of Ames and a fairly new Vetter Equipment store aren't you. I bought a 1460 out of Vetter's Nevada store around the time CNH was building that place. It looked huge
  9. FARMALL Plant vs Racine

    I've read that Farmall had the capacity to produce more tractors than could have been sold by *all* the manufacturers combined. That's a lot of facility. In a way the sadder thing about Tenneco closing Farmall would be the damage it did to all the support businesses in the area
  10. West Texas IH 1256

    IKS: yes if the tilt latch is complete and works then the next thing would seem to be moving the seat so it engages the latch
  11. 50 series- reception?

    fall of '83 our FFA chapter decided to have a float in the Homecoming parade. I felt bold and went to the IH dealer and told him what we were up to, and said, "all these other guys are going to be bringing John Deeres and there really should be an International" . He gave me a little smile and said, "I think we can help you out" and so I got to drive a new 5088 in the parade. I wasn't used to the hydraulic clutch at that point so it got a little jumpy, what with all the stop and start going on in a parade, but on the whole it was a blast they went over pretty well I think but as said not many farmers were buying. The worst thing that happened to red around here was when the geniuses at Tenneco refused to allow the dealer to turn the franchise over to his sons, who had planned on continuing the business. He was close enough to retirement that selling out made more sense than putting up with Tenneco for just a few years. The result was a lot of farms, especially the dairies, switched color rather drive another 30 miles to get to a Case company store
  12. another door question, 86 and up cabs

    ah- going in from above makes sense, at least to get it started. thanks!
  13. case 1460

    we call 16 a half moon key- it looks like a half moon. Half of the key goes into a slot on the hex shaft 15 and the bearing 5 has a slot for the other half. If the 5 bearing is not correctly placed on the 15 hex shaft the upper sieve ( what we call the chaffer) will not be aligned properly because the 6 pitman arms are not synchronized.
  14. another door question, 86 and up cabs

    Fehr calls them "upper door panels" http://www.fehrcab.com/kitdetail.asp?id=IH8688UDP I think the panel from factory had little studs on the back side that snapped into the door. They must break easily because on other tractors I see them fastened with screws the same way the black metal panels are on the basic interior
  15. the inside door handles have broken loose to the point it takes two hands to open the door. The tractor has the burgundy interior with the plastic panels. Question is, is there a "right" way to take the plastic panel off so that it will snap back in place? I'd rather it looked original if possible after the latch is fixed