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  1. if that's basically the same engine a G combine used yeah they're pretty decent . Good on fuel and never had any power problems- it was a cold-blooded beast though
  2. hadn't realized George wasn't well. He was always a source of good information and seemed to be a solid guy. Thanks for the link to his obituary
  3. lotta people in this world I don't like or whose behavior I don't approve of. I don't see that gives me the right to deny them their rights as humans and citizens though
  4. and I think he wasn't going to produce them for sale because he doesn't want potential liability problems
  5. finally got something planted. Wasn't greatly fit but there was a bit of dust toward the end of the day- which might have been the nicest we've had in weeks
  6. the cows get more done than I do. Was hoping to get one more year's hay out of this field- it has decent drainage for bottom ground- but it iced over mid winter and I think that did in the alfalfa used the new to us 5088 to scratch around in some ground going to oats. Wasn't really fit, but the calendar says get to it. Used to be we could get oats seeded in March once in a while, but it's been many years. There is a little corn planted in my neighborhood
  7. many thanks for the photos and explanation
  8. welcome to the forum. I don't have an answer for you, other than the machine shop might end up being your best bet, but I thought bringing your question back to the front page might stir something up
  9. looks awfully crude but it would beat the heck out of shoving bundles through a threshing machine for days at a time
  10. the hood decal should be centered between the back edge and where the little ridge starts its upward curve. It's also to be 1/2" above that ridge, just as the "H" decal is to be placed below and within 1/2" of the ridge. This is from the IH blueprints in the back of Guy Fay's "Letter Series Originality Guide"
  11. weird how when the black dude was President the farmers made money hand over fist and now with the white guy we're all supposed to be happy as all get out with $3 corn and beans below $8
  12. 234-IA


    I think IH built about the same number of 9s and 14s so maybe the serial numbers would roughly track
  13. 234-IA


    that's a 9 fuel tank- the 10s and up had the extra capacity built in toward the fenders. The whole 3pt- not just the sway blocks- is Category III, 9s had Cat II
  14. I'll second ka656 with regard to wanting a pretty good size tractor with relatively narrow tires under the picker, especially if you're thinking of shelling in any kind of rolling ground. The picker itself is danged heavy and they were known to break axles on the M-450 type tractors. My ideal picker tractor would be a 826/856 diesel with 16.9-38s. You might be limited to what the included mounts will fit though. I doubt there are a lot of axle brackets just laying around
  15. much as I like to have some ear corn around, I ain't ever going to stand out in all that dust freezing my tail off ever again. But a 234 is really the best picker you could own, and in my experience no worse to mount than a New Idea- in fact, with the rockshaft lift, I'd say *easier* you've got one operational and a parts picker, plus loose parts. Does the operational picker have the knife rolls? I would rather have them myself anyway. For wear, look at the knives, chains, bearings, sheet metal. If some of the rubber rolls in the husking bed are coming apart, hopefully the loose parts include usable rolls. If they've been sitting outside it might be wise to check the long v belts that run up each side to drive the cleaning fans. My best guess for value is $750 plus or minus, preferably minus, for the package
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