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  1. 234-IA

    IH 5488 fwd Transmission life

    as an owner, if the clutch packs are about shot then I guess I'd grit my teeth and go whole hog, sentry and all . Never like the idea of running something knowing it is kind of a ticking bomb- on the idea when it gives up it might take things out that are good right now (plus, with my luck the dang thing would give up on the one day in the month you could do field work). I do suppose if the owner got it to 9K without frying everything maybe a person could save a few bucks for now and put the sentry in later. Guess I'd have to see how it all dollared up before saying for sure
  2. 234-IA

    Isn’t it pretty?

    I was going to guess former county or township tractor until the part about the paint going on with a roller
  3. 234-IA

    Whats another one to the pile....

    ye gods the trash under the seat is worse than if the 14 had a 234 picker mounted on it is there any rhyme or reason as to why some 14s have hydraulic seat with tilt and some the fixed column? I think every 1256 I've been around that seemed original had both
  4. 234-IA

    Differences in 2+2s?

    questions: was it a usual thing for a service bulletin to include a modification that took place months before as well as an upcoming update? That seems like it could have been confusing also, how does one know when a 50 series clutch cable needs adjusting or replacing? My 5088 doesn't "feel" like anything I'm used to, but so far it seems to be working just fine- aside from the cold weather stiffness FarmerFixEmUp mentions opinion: if the 806 had been released in 1958- or a better version of the 560 in the early '50s- IH *might* have saved itself. A company capable of doing that would probably have been run well enough all along to make it through hard times
  5. 234-IA

    5288 wont crank-neutral switch?

    Mike Links has a neutral start switch for late model 50 series http://www.triplertractors.com/electrical.html
  6. 234-IA

    Differences in 2+2s?

    IHC5488: thanks, that's a neat bit of history. I imagine having one basic interior was going to save quite a bit of trouble on the assembly line, and a right hand light would be nice to have. I wonder what the external mirror was going to look like. It would be a nice touch to have the IH style on my 5088 edit: and they were going to take a step backward on the 34/3688 hydraulics. Was that cost savings or performance related, I wonder
  7. 234-IA

    5488 powershift

    thanks. That's a photo which should have been in the book Lee Klancher put together
  8. 234-IA

    5488 powershift

    Danny- is your first picture of an actual IH prototype 5488/Magnum? I hadn't seen that one before
  9. 234-IA

    Test Drive Questions

    the lube lights have always worked in ours, except when there was a problem elsewhere
  10. 234-IA

    86 / 88 Cab Interiors

    Fehr kits are high quality and the people are great to deal with
  11. 234-IA

    Couple of Lonely old girls at the neighbor's

    nice find, they both look straight and pretty complete. Guessing the farm went in the CRP back in the day and that's when the 666 got parked general question: if a 3/400 series engine doesn't have a water filter and it has set for many years, should a person be worried about the sleeve o-rings?
  12. 234-IA

    Tough old survivor

    my guess is the Deere in the background is much closer to showroom condition. Seen that around here a *lot* over the years, the IH gets treated like a scoop shovel and the Deere is the Sunday-go-to-church tractor
  13. 234-IA

    1460 questions

    it's all in the tires and how you want to run the offset- the 40s and 60s are basically the same machine in most respects. I think jass1660 is right in that you would want 24.5s over 28s the 1440 I had (pic below) came set up for 4-30s with the 23.1 tires and offsets reversed. Since we have quite a bit of steep ground and I was running 38s we switched back to the standard position. It had the upper hopper off a 1480 added on but we were careful and rarely loaded it chuck-full. Never had trouble with the axle or finals and I thought it got around pretty well. When I got the 1460, though, with the extra horsepower and the 28L tires that thing is a *tank*. Much more stable under all conditions
  14. 234-IA

    DT414 vs DT436

    isn't the primary difference, and I wouldn't say it's a big one, that the 1466/86 were set to run a little faster RPMs than the other 400 series, even a NA 436? Think they hit PTO speed at 2400 instead of 2100
  15. 234-IA

    New Magnum ?

    looks like it would take a tanker load of hytran to keep all that running