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  1. "In God We Trust" is a nice sentiment and catchy phrase but what does it really mean in regard to a nation founded on the intent the people- who never have and never will believe the exact same way in the exact same God- govern themselves? Unless you get specific about which God and which religion you trust- and I think most people don't want the government to actually do that- it's an empty feel-good slogan
  2. started out at 18 went to 20 and if I was going to use it on the bale trailer (a 6 bale trailer that is pulled by a hitch on the 3pt stabber, so a fair amount of weight ends up on the tractor) more I'd go 22. Specs on the side of the tire say they're good for 6150# load and 40 mph at 23 psi (16.9 x 38 tire) I considered BKTs too- lot of guys on here seem to get on well with them. Kinda wanted to buy US product though too. I've seen an early version of Firestone 23 degree radials that had fewer lugs and I kind of wish either they or the old Field and Roads were still available- or that General/Safemark still made farm tires- they were good for us too
  3. safety switch on the clutch linkage under the platform might be giving fits as well
  4. did you have the 14 on the Sunday tractor ride? I saw one with the Red Power circle decal in the line but didn't catch what model. I know the neighbor's corn fields were well inspected while the drivers were on break
  5. came out of the valley this morning and what did we see but a long line of sharp-looking iron and drivers taking their noon break along our gravel road, just off the state highway. Great day for a ride and hope you enjoyed our bit of gravel road running
  6. interesting- they have the post- WW2 "IH" logo but I would have thought by then the oil companies were using metal cans instead of glass. Nice to have the funnel built right in
  7. 234-IA

    Corn Crib

    we had a couple of 1500 bu round wire Behlen cribs. We wanted to get them empty by late spring, even after we built our own 2' x 2' ventilators that went just about to the fill hole. Not sure you could ever get corn dry in them now, humid as it always seems to be. We'd save the long narrow wooden cribs for the summer months
  8. Walmart will own the farmers in every particular detail except owning the actual title to their farms. That way if they decide to get out they can cut their suppliers loose without a look back and find another way to save a buck. Probably grow the meat in vats
  9. now that I've looked at them closer and re read your question I'm not so sure the EVOs are what you want. I also have reservations about putting them on a fwa loader tractor-at the very least they would want more air pressure than I'm running. The other thing is, a lot of the height they do have is built into the lugs- if they last the way the Firestone dealer says they will, it might not be so bad, but as the lugs wear down the tires are only going to get even more undersized
  10. hi, and welcome aboard. Always glad to see a new face to your questions: they have less than 100 hours of light use on them, so I don't feel I can say one way or the other yet how the EVOs are holding up. They have good traction and flotation they do have the thick bead where the sidewalls meet the edge of the wheel, I think you'd be satisfied with that. I will say if ground clearance is important to you these tires seem to run a bit small in diameter compared to other brands and with a load- like, say, a round bale on the 3pt the back end of the tractor gets pretty low
  11. wow, just wow. Did the 826 come from the north, by any chance? I remember my dad coming home from Caledonia one time raving about the pinstriped 826 he'd seen out in their shop. He was disappointed to learn it was a customer's rig and not for sale
  12. nice nice nice. You maybe already know this, but if you want a original replacement lens for the fender flasher they show up on e bay (Dietz amber lens). I got one for my 12 a couple of years ago that came in an NOS Ford Truck parts box
  13. oo-kay, we'll see if this works Wednesday, 2 pics: 12 on the discbine. I guess it looks a little tough for the hours Thursday: 826 on the tedder Friday: 826, not shown, pulling v-rake. Isn't there an old country song, "Raking Singles With A Double Rake"? this photo needed to be squared up but too late now (by the way I am sparing you all a photo of the 826 pulling a dead cow up out of the woods for the rendering truck. Some tractor jobs just suck that much) Saturday: 5088 on the baler. Lots of bales to pick up and haul home
  14. thinking standard drawbar on that bad boy
  15. assuming you intend to keep the 986, the worry I would have is: what's to say the swapped-in engine won't start leaking coolant into the oil within a year or two? Might as well put that money toward a reman or rebuild
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