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  1. Was looking for a slightly different photo from Red Power 2017 in Des Moines, IA - and couldn't resist sharing these couple of snapshots. Some of you may know who these fine folks are, some of you may not. It was hot and humid at the release of the Red 4WD Tractor book, but as always a great time to visit with long-time friends and meet new ones. Find Mr. Updike for your copy of the book if you don't already have it. I have a few copies left as well, but I know Ken has more! I think its ice cream time. Mr. Steiger has me craving some again. RD
  2. Pecan pie is very good when done right. then again I am very particular on the quality of pie... cant beat a good fresh strawberry rhubarb or Lime! for those that are curious on the status of the plans, I am working on getting them... one plan in particular is very large sheet of paper and does not fit well into a scanner. it's about 3'x4' in size. I may be reduced to setting up a tripod and taking a photo much in the keeping with CH Wendel and his abilities.
  3. I'll feed you in pie if you work a summer with us! Might even make time to smuggle a pie behind the cheddar curtain! Working on getting the plans in a format suitable for online sharing....stay tuned!
  4. I have many brothers - but you and my other one are my favorite Kiwis! There are many people that want to work on a farm - from many countries... H2A isnt just for one place! I'll get the bunkhouse ready - you might get clean sheets this time. I'll make you a pie if you visit me before Ken! 😂🤣😂 I have some stuff to dust off and share I guess!
  5. I Miss your face!! you need to come visit - bring my other brother along too :D
  6. The first floor that you mention is indeed from a different set of plans. There are Two houses in this thread - the First floor that you see are from my set. Both plans come with a basement - they are two different sized houses though!! IHKIWI - I have a floor plan for the Geelong product center - would that be just as interesting at the prototype building??? IH has plans for everything. IH was all about the whole farm and how to make the life of a farmer easier/more productive/ efficient... I may be able to share plans for the milk house, powerhouse, barn, machine shed, Farm House, and how to lay out your whole farm for a most pleasant and appealing sight. Might take me a day or two to get them all into at thread for you all....I'll see what I can do to help you out. Also, if I can raise enough money to finishing writing the next couple of books and sell them successfully, I want to build the IH house plans I have...because why not!?!
  7. Add me in for all Australian built tractors. (there's only 30 some models) contact me at sagallow"at"yahoo.com.au Same requirements as the others - emails/phone numbers kept private. RD
  8. Keep this thread going,I reconize some of the names and places mentioned here as I read this in the land down under. I have passed through some interesting places in my tractor quests. I have had some interesting conversations as well with the "locals". I am thankfull Dr. E dragged out a few miles to Montana to look at T-40 a few years back. As the towns or people are mentioned I can say,,,I been there,I met him! Yes ,Gary,Write the book. Rusty Farmer
  9. Rusty's Daughter, I hadn't thought of one, but you've got me thinking. I retire in less than a year and a half. I am involved in two different books, one assisting and another I'm writing, on Reeves steam engines. I will give your idea some thought. I don't do these things for the money or recognition. I do it to preserve history and my proud heritage on a Montana dirt farm. Just the pictures I have on other Red Power threads would be quite interesting, but I'm thinking of my late cousin's widow and all of the stuff she has regarding the neighboring operation he and his father had. I think our combined families there could have come up with more than 50 IH tractors and 20 IH trucks in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Gary This IS history - and definantly something to be proud of! Us dirt kids (both in the east of the USA and here in Australia) don't really know what it's like to be a farmer in the land of the big sky - it would be an eye-opener to be able to read about first-hand experiences of life that way! I would look forward to reading such a book!
  10. OBG - Ever thought about doing a picture book/ family type history of these photos - along with the stories? it would be great to have - as many said before - there aren't many photos around of that time!
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