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  1. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Gotcha. Mechanical-everything I'm guessing. Still helping out dad a little with the Arts-Way. I miss the hydraulic unloader on the Gehl. But I love the drag feeder on the Arts-Way..... Al
  2. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    What model gehl? Al
  3. Meatloaf, Its Not Just For Supper

    Love me some meatloaf--both the eatin' kind and the listenin' kind! Al
  4. Super A

    Super As started with serial number 250001, and had live, Touch Control hydraulics (technically an option but most had it.) There are a lot of other subtle differences--fenders are made out of thicker metal, the front set of implement mounting holes on the clutch housiing are backwards compared to the A, Super A has a quick attach drawbar with more holes in it, Super A has different instrument panel, front spindles are a little shorter on the A, Looks like a nice tractor but it is a straight A, not a Super. Al
  5. Farmall A vs Cub

    The Cub belt pulley attachment slides over the pto shaft. You remove some of the bolts that hold the PTO assembly in place, slide the belt pulley gearbox in place, and use longer bolts to bolt it all back together. Al
  6. Letter Series at Work

    From this weekend. L-R 1947 Super A, 1950 Super A with fast hitch #120 disk, and 1949 Farmall Cub with A-193 plow. Al
  7. 756 grinding feed today

    So Lorenz still makes them? I checked their website and didn't see. I think I mentioned before my dad has been borrowing a friend's Arts-Way, believe it's a 425C, for a couple months because it has a drag feeder. I'd much rather use his Gehl. I really got used to the hydraulic unloader. The Arts-Way unloading system is pretty rube goldberg in comparison and I'm not a fan of that worm gear to raise/lower the auger. That drag feeder is the real deal though....... Al
  8. 756 grinding feed today

    It's insane what a freakin' feed mixer costs new now! Al
  9. Pictures of the TRX and other IHC prototypes

    I thought the exact same thing!
  10. Ford vs Massey Ferguson

    What Missouri Mule said. Both were fairly popular here but I've never wanted much to do with the MF or the blue MF. (Ford.) A 2040/2240 would be a much better choice IMO. Al
  11. What welders say

    "Know what it sounds like when two turtles f&@^?" LOL!! Al
  12. What welders say

    Now this guy can weld!
  13. 140 governor

    Those bumper springs can lose their "spring" over time. I had issues with my Super A surging and I couldn't get it adjusted out. Got a new spring and it was longer than the old one. Problem solved. Al
  14. What shade of white paint for 1950 demo?

    I've got a NOS quart of whitecap white. The can is in really good shape. Wonder if it's any good? Was thinking about seeing if I could get a paint chip out of it. If you do some googling there are some numbers floating around for some white demonstrator white shades that should be close. Al
  15. What's your favorite snack

    No more true words were ever spoken! Ice cream is another example of the fact God loves us and wants us to be happy! We had a place here that had everything--burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, a cafeteria-style hot bar, (home cooking) and the best ice cream around. They made the best strawberry milkshakes I've ever had. They've been gone about 4 years so now a favorite treat is a cookies 'n cream shake from Chick Fil A....... I must confess I have a sweet tooth. If it's sugary I probably like it. Al