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  1. the 100/200 series all had dipsticks. I can't find anything in writing but I think the dipstick started happening in late '54 on the Super C and Super A-1, and IH phased it into production. I've talked to some other people with Super A-1s and some have dipsticks and some don't. Al
  2. FCM 208921. I “assume” that’s the same set of numbers as Super Cs? (IH used FCM prefix on the Super A-1s) Al
  3. The engine serial number & prefix, along with the casting # fit the Super A-1. My other A-1 is about 400 tractors earlier and has no dipstick. I'm wondering if it was a phase-in of the dipstick. Al
  4. I drug home a new-to-me 1954 Super A-1 (One, not Eye.) I have another one stashed away to restore (eventually) but this one might be a better candidate. The engine is original to the tractor, but it has a dipstick, which looks factory. Where the petcocks on the oil pan would be, there are cap screws blocking off the holes. It's not a power unit engine, it definitely belongs with the tractor. I got to looking on the Messick's website and it does show a dipstick but also has a notation to the effect of "for tractors equipped with....." For curiosity, I checked the Super C parts listing and it shows the same thing. So, when did IH start offering dipsticks on the 113/123 tractor engines? Was it an option over the regular petcocks before dipsticks became standard? Thanks, Al
  5. Hey, this might work..... @Dan Robinsonwhat do you think? Thanks for the offer to help! #30 shellers are not exactly easy to find. Al
  6. We have 424 gas that was a total dog for many years after a full overhaul. It ran fine but it had no "guts." The tach had been broken for a long time but I don't think it was making full RPM. By then it was a chore tractor so we just lived with it. In the late 90s, the governor spring inside the governor broke--no throttle response at all. When the spring was replaced, the tractor came to life! It now had excellent throttle response. What it boiled down to was, we ran that thing for years with a stretched/weak spring. Al
  7. Mills International in Kinston, NC, in business since 1967, prior to this they were West Machinery Co. West moved into a new Prototype building in the early '50s. CNH made a "BS" move and jerked their contract recently.
  8. I've never tried it but the old Mahindras are the same basic system. If you have a good parts diagram you might be able to cross-reference stuff. Al
  9. I saw a repro dealer sticker for Wallace Motor & Implement Co. in Wallace, NC. This was the dealer my family dealt with. Here's an ad from them, announcing the Farmall Cub. You couldn't farm here without a Cub, Super A, or 140. When the 140 was introduced, this dealer ordered 200 of them at one time...... Al
  10. so i see that you are keeping a serial number list of 856's i have one you can add #14351 my dad bought it new in October of 69 with a #510 plow and a #56 planter 8200 dollars after trading in a 350 and a 2 row planter

  11. When he was looking for a tractor in the early 80s I remember my dad bring home an 84 series brochure. I loved looking at the pictures, then coloring all over it. Sometimes I think that I wasn't that bright of a child...... He ended up buying a JD. I think part of it was because the local IH dealer was a victim of the early 80s farm/financial crisis. Also the biggest 84 series was the 884 with 72 HP. He was looking for an 80 hp tractor which would have meant moving up to a 786. I don't know but I bet it was more than he wanted to pay. What was the list on a 786? The local JD dealer priced him a 2940 for $20K in 1982-ish. Al
  12. Neat! That is an ealy model IH 52R combine. He would have needed about half the compacity of that air powered grease gun to cover all the zerks on that combine..... al
  13. Great thread keep it coming! Al
  14. Couldn't have said it better myself! (About Synch!)

  15. Model-F856D, serial 20777Y, Yearound cab/air, gear drive,Engine 407DT, Location Lake City Texas , owner Gary Cartwright- yes for sale. Very good condition, strong tractor 7500 hours The3crossfarm@yahoo.com

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