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    My '55 Super BMD Doncaster made machine;US made '51 MV and IH '54 Whirlwind.

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  1. Front wheel weights 6788D M,H etc..

    Hi Dr.Evil, Great explanation from you.Very likely this should be the case since many French made type IH tractors in France are from small size like A,B and C and carry implements in the hitch so that' s the main reason as you write above. Thanks and I am always surprised about the people who clarifies simple unexplained things! A picture of a fully "weighted" IH tractor added and indeed with an hitch for sure. Arno
  2. Hi Folks, From time to time I see on eBay and other US site wheel weights for sale. The ones in the rear are common.In contrary to the ones in front prices are high and seem to be rare. I guess most of them where shipped overseas to France it's rare when you see a IH tractor without 6788-D wheel weights. Was there in US no use for them due to equipment that was used in US and Farmall H M and so on didn't need weight in front? That's a reason I can figure out and soil conditions that US is more rocky ground and more traction (?) I have purchased 2 pair's for around 30 Bucks and seem to be great price and has to do with fact that offer is more than required I can come up to. Here a few pictures of how many IH tractor's are found in France. Arno
  3. Hi folks, The big European IHC Nordhorn event has occured last week-end. A great amount of visitors and IHC machinery from all countries worldwide. A small but interesting impression on youtube can be seen. Also in this movie a TD-14 dozer and 6788 with heavy AMAZON plow in working order! In this Youtube film you may see in the start of the movie the restored Whirlwind in action together with my Super BMD (55 Hp/BD-264) Enjoy! Arno
  4. TA 450

    Hi folks, An acquaintance of mine has a USA made 450 model. Originally deliverd to Belgium long time ago. Can someone tell me if these type of tractor (mounted with TA) can be towed and pulled by another tractor? Only for transport purposes.To pul this tractor and starting is not allowed for sure I red. The 450 will be towed of course with non running engine, TA disengaged and gear level in neutral. Please ignore the fact that this is maybe a dumb question but not want to ruin a good working TA because of unknowlegde from my side. Thanks for info! Arno
  5. Mysterious (to me) US IH implement found

    Hi Dan, Yes I am and still do.On this side of the pond and occasionally to USA and worlwide shipping even Australia.Dollar is OK so a bit more last and this year I notice.People like my versions because of accuracy and heavy quality. In 2017/2018 I introduce the floater tank gauge's on this side of the pond for H's,M's and English versions but tankheights are identical as M gastanks.Exactly like the originals upon many requests. You have mounted alle the gauge's in your MD?Hope they are fine. Gr.Arno
  6. Mysterious (to me) US IH implement found

    Hi Folks, The 5942 IH Whirlwind is almost ready.Only the Servis Texas Decal on the gear box which is made in the moment needs to be placed.A great machine for sure..... Thanks for all the help from overseas which helped me out.
  7. 2 way plow Farmall H paint scheme

    Hi GT en T Yes there is another half and the moald board is mirrored.Nice plow and another Dutch farmer person of age told us he was convinced that the complete plow was blue. I wasn't there and I am not too familiar with the ins and outs about IH plows and I find it a real need nice colour. Thanks for info, Arno
  8. Hi folks, I found in a French farmbarn a complete 2 way plow for an H Farmall.I can't figure out what colour's it should be painted in since no trace of paint has been found.It's for an acquaintance who will restore it. Is it all the way blue or red beams just like my Whirlwind?See different pictures on the web but hard to find a picture of an H Farmall 2 way plow. The IH Whirlwind is in progress and thanks for all advice and tips regarding this machine since it's a bit of feeling sometimes I am on an island on the other side of the pond when it comes to information about this kind of IH machinery finds. I have attached picture of the plow. Thanks from overseas, Arno
  9. Mysterious (to me) US IH implement found

    Hello folks I received some very nice info about the Whirlwind from a member of this forum and I am really glad with it.More and more I notice that the rare Duck (over here at least) is not known by any of my Farmall mates in the Netherlands. Even the "oldtimers">80 years of age didn't know of it's excistence except for the normal Farmall plow's. Coming winter I am going to overhaul the Whirlwind and looking forward to do so. Since I am on a kind of island on this side of the pond,for look-up at another restaurated Whirlwind is there someone out there who has a clear picture of the used decals on the Whirwind?I guess they are only on the gear box but also on the gearbox at the tail I saw and"oil level"decal. Also I saw on different pictures that the gear box can be mounted just 180 degrees turned on top of the Whirlwind.I guess the wokkelwheel will turn with more RPM (?). Looking forward for some pictures. Also attached pictures of an FCD.
  10. Mysterious (to me) US IH implement found

    @495man.That US RAM is imported. Many types are not available at our market.Except the Ford Mustang made in USA is a really hot sold item. Ford Europe decided to sell them on the market over here.Great! But: A big 1466,1568 or ol' MD make's me more fun to drive.... At the background btw there is seen a genuine IH Europe made High Crop. Not by a local blacksmith but made in Paris,France CIMA IH factory. Thanks folks for info about The Whirlwind
  11. Mysterious (to me) US IH implement found

    Great information and as other member said:It amazes me too. Thanks to you all for information.It's now clear to me and from this point on I can go on and enjoy this great small machine.It's a lot of action in it for sure and not dull any moment. With the sandy soil in the east of Netherlands it's really enjoyable for sure wit the power of a Super BMD. thanks!
  12. Hi folks, Last week I purchased a kind of IH plow in the middle of France in a small village which seems to be a IH plow but with strange wheel. I can't find anything on the internet because I don't know what to look for else as description IH plow. It has a smal gearbox with three gears on top and two PTO shafts and one turning wokkel wheel at the end ,don't know (English)word in translation for it sorry. That turning wheel throws dirt aside 5 meters with my Super BMD 60 Hp. It is a rather rare machine I guess.I never seen one on a US tractor show. Can someone tell me more?I know it's a US machine since I see everywhere R91 numbers and code "T" which is 1948 (?). Maybe some kind of manual is available and hope I can get some info on this nice piece of machinery.(See picture) Thanks from Netherlands Overseas Europe Arno