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  1. Spigot is the pto drive shaft hole where a winch goes. Doesn,t matter to you as ripper plate covers the hole. But there is still a bolt hole pattern around the outside of hole rippers bolt to
  2. Rear Stud patterns are different from a TD15B/C to a D6C/D. know this for a fact from winch bolt patterns. Spigot holes are exactly the same though. Cat rippers will fit only if you redrill the bolt holes
  3. one still existed up until mid 90s. but never heard of any surviving since
  4. Hi Michael; yes 6 powershift TD30s made it into NZ. 2 to LD Collis south island. 2 to H Allen Mills, Rotorua. 2 to Earthmovers Waikato Ltd. At least one of these did have a angle blade
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