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  1. It is not low expectations, if you never did these things early on. Therefore unreal expectations are not on the table.
  2. In the foreground was one of the barns that was here when we bought this place in the background is the horse stall barn. We had one removed. It was the junk barn that was removed. At one point it was probably a show piece barn based on some old pictures that was probably the case in the 70's.
  3. Oil cans was not what I was expecting when I opened this topic.
  4. very cool, one thing that this farm does not have is woods, heck I do not think there are more than a dozen trees on this place and I planted 5 of them.
  5. great pictures. what is the use or purpose for the clam shell loader?
  6. is the forklift propane powered or something else?
  7. They are also very fussy about head bolt torque. I have a L head F245 Continental, I have had a couple of head gaskets in it for various repairs over the years. They make really good power, I am always surprised by that.
  8. Wow, all I got out that was his wife must be a good sport.
  9. @IH Forever it was not the feds it was the app Robinhood that put a block on gamestop stock being bought. The were allowing people to sell but no one could buy. It is interesting that the hedge fund folks are crying foul on something that they do regularly when it is others making that profit.
  10. Been to Teddy Roosevelt national park, I found it to be very interesting.
  11. @Paul 300 U I seem to remember you living in the Adirondack region in NYS, Falls Farm and Garden in Hudson Falls might stock hy-tran and they might be closer to you than Salem would be.
  12. not specifically this brand but I have used these in the past and they work pretty well.
  13. Icy drive way, did that a few times when I was in NYS.
  14. @sandhiller & @Dave Downs thanks for the explanation. I use a double spear here and all hay is stored inside, we get to much rain for storing bales outdoors.
  15. @JimmyDean you might want to go back up and re read snoshoe's post about pulling the spring and flow divider, you might still have a pump problem coming with this tractor.
  16. the color and the wheels are not helping it. but I could see it as a nice looking car.
  17. I went about 400 miles one time to buy a car. It was not in as good a condition as advertised so walked away from it. The seller could not believe we drove that far and then did not want to take it. I was concerned that the mid bearing on the drive shaft would not make the trip home. The car was an Alfa Romeo and the plan was to rebuild it into a SCCA car and resell it. I was working a shop that built Formula V cars for SCCA at the time.
  18. to answer the original question my fav is a 1066, so that is what I would want to see.
  19. May 1971 in a "Salute to Agriculture" an International 544 and planter were brought to the White House for a photo op.
  20. 209 shotgun primers are standard and are also used in some muzzle loaders, especially the inline muzzleloaders.
  21. Very big difference in primers, just below are shotgun primers. Just below this are what rifle or pistol primers look like. Primers are not interchangeable, in addition you have standard and magnum in both rifle and pistol and large and small. Lots of variation possible and you need to use the correct primer for the application that you are using to get good and consistent results. I prefer Winchester Western and am not really interested in using other brands.
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