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  1. that is a really nice set up, used to ice fish a lot when I lived in NY. since moving to Ohio have not been once. I should get rid of my stuff.
  2. there was place South of Amsterdam, NY on route 30 that I got rims from they had good prices and could get you whatever you need. That said the convivence of going to Salem, NY is not to be understated.
  3. I think it is going to be state specific. I have seen a lot of those on the road going lot to lot and done it myself a bunch of times and never had anyone hassle one. Those instances were in NY and Ohio.
  4. Doug in NY


    thoughts and prayers to your Mom and you
  5. Neighbor when we were living in NYS had a herd of them. They did well stayed in the fences, these folks had a retired dairy but missed the cows so they got the highland cattle just to have some critters around the place.
  6. that forklift looks cool, and handy to boot.
  7. The Outlaw Josey Wales, LA Confidential, To Live and Die in LA, Scrooged & The Usual Suspects.
  8. I used to work with a guy that had an Appalachian trailer, he loved the thing, used it for small tractor and skid steer hauling.
  9. 1897 Winchester is one of the guns I regret selling, there are not many that I regret getting rid of but it was a fun one to take to the range for sure.
  10. I was in the precious metals industry for about 13 years. Your problem is pretty common, most of the big companies do not want to work with people that have small quantities it is not worth it to them. You will probably have to pay to move the metal, even the large industrial companies I dealt with had to pay for transaction fees. It looks like silver closed at $22.66 per troy ounce on Friday. I am not sure what you bought at, but you will probably want the price to go higher so that you can afford the cost of the transaction without taking a loss. A pawn shop or cash for gold type of place is the easiest place to sell but they are going to take the most money. I would suggest googling silver refiners and to start having a conversation with them on the there process for transferring metals. The best way to purchase gold or silver is to buy through a broker who then holds the metal, you only own it on paper, and setting up automatic sell points so that when the metal hits that price it sells and you bank the profit. Good luck
  11. I had a JD 824 snowblower when I lived there so I blew snow my drive way, neighbors on both side and side walk for 3 houses in both directions so when the farmall guys went by I did not get snow in my driveway. I walked to work when I lived there and most residents did not shovel sidewalks so it was what it was.
  12. I had a house in the city of Rochester from 1993 to 2004, you did not sleep through them going by, at least I could not. Also once the went by you were not left with a snow free side walk. Those guys that were driving would be hunched down as low as the could to keep the branches from hitting them in the face.
  13. have you cleaned the carb? sounds like jet is plugged or restricted.
  14. what is the bucket modified to do?
  15. Thanks Tony, great pictures, it looks like it was a good time.
  16. do you have space and tools to do it yourself? getting it the head off and oil pan dropped would let you see how bad it is and maybe come up with the plan at that time.
  17. There was a ambulance version and the others were used as general purpose trucks. In Regimental Cav they were used at the squadron and Regimental headquarters prior to blazers and Hummers coming into usage. Very loud to operate, I was in a ambulance version once for a trip to the hospital very uncomfortable. They do operate in water although I have never seen that. They were built for Vietnam, phased out of the US Army in the 80's. They might still be in use in other parts of the world, my recollections are the mechanics hated working on them as nothing was easy to get to.
  18. is it me or do these look loose to anyone else?
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