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  1. Troy, several years ago on this website one of the Apple orchard guys had a video of a full size excavator do that. He was setting the trellis for a new orchard. very impressive set up.
  2. looks like you are doing a nice job of it. what is the plan when you are done? I do not imagine that you can run it around on base housing. I lived on Chaffee when I was there but to much has changed for me to be able to tell exactly where.
  3. Go and have fun with the Binder at car shows, do not forget to post the pics here.
  4. thank you, it is a lot less than I supposed it was.
  5. what kind of flow rate do you need to run a mower like this?
  6. that is really cool. I was wondering this weekend while I was mowing pastures in NY if it was possible to do that. Thanks for the inspiration.
  7. don't stop this is a GREAT post
  8. congrats on the machine it looks nice. If you cruise around on this site there are some companies that will make you a new wiring harness. I have found binder books to be the best place for manuals. the UC gets it's percentage using measurements at specific points the pictures show a UC that looks pretty good. I was in Fort Bliss from 84 to 86 with the 3rd ACR. 19Delta
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