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  1. this was a great thread, been to NF bunch of times, both US and CA sides are worth seeing in my opinion.  Lived in Brockport, Holley, Mount Morris and Rochester when in that part of the state.  Grandparents farm was in Perry, my cousin has two farms in Geneseo.  While I did like living there and I have enjoyed visits, I would never live there again.

  2. was doing a 6 day back packing trip and one of the guys broke a pack frame, used some zip ties and saplings to reinforce the frame to keep using the pack.  The year before someone else broke a canoe paddle and we used zip times and string to rebuild the paddle to keep going on that trip.

  3. Sheriff department here has one of those old Army wreckers, it is painted up with their logo and has a light bar, I have never seen it not in the lot at the substation.  If you had the space, it is a neat old vehicle.


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