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  1. is it broken in? I have experienced new guns that needed to be shot a bit to get them consistent. Also another question is how big is the group? It sounds like you are experiencing a 14 inch edge to edge group.
  2. those are awesome, brings back some memories
  3. there are at least a couple of national organizations dealing in cannons. fascinating subject
  4. I like lodge, I use olive oil for seasoning, clean it with a little water and a paper towel, I also dry using a warm burner.
  5. I found one in a round bale a couple of weeks ago.
  6. was doing a 6 day back packing trip and one of the guys broke a pack frame, used some zip ties and saplings to reinforce the frame to keep using the pack. The year before someone else broke a canoe paddle and we used zip times and string to rebuild the paddle to keep going on that trip.
  7. my first car was a 1976 Plymouth Scamp, same body, mine was a slant 6
  8. hey, I hope they figure it out and you get back to normal.
  9. red rasberry, blackberry, peach, apple, strawberry, grape and key lime. Probably a few others I am forgetting.
  10. Take a little walk to the edge of town. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, RED RIGHT HAND
  11. looks good, if I was still a kid, I would be climbing all over that thing.
  12. Sheriff department here has one of those old Army wreckers, it is painted up with their logo and has a light bar, I have never seen it not in the lot at the substation. If you had the space, it is a neat old vehicle.
  13. They do look a lot like clinching pliers
  14. I ride with B.B., safe inside and not visible to anyone.
  15. Sorry for your loss Cool article, nice to remember those trees
  16. that is a really nice set up, used to ice fish a lot when I lived in NY. since moving to Ohio have not been once. I should get rid of my stuff.
  17. there was place South of Amsterdam, NY on route 30 that I got rims from they had good prices and could get you whatever you need. That said the convivence of going to Salem, NY is not to be understated.
  18. I think it is going to be state specific. I have seen a lot of those on the road going lot to lot and done it myself a bunch of times and never had anyone hassle one. Those instances were in NY and Ohio.
  19. Doug in NY


    thoughts and prayers to your Mom and you
  20. Neighbor when we were living in NYS had a herd of them. They did well stayed in the fences, these folks had a retired dairy but missed the cows so they got the highland cattle just to have some critters around the place.
  21. that forklift looks cool, and handy to boot.
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