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  1. lots of fields around me are not planted, hoping to have hay cut tomorrow, should be able to roll up bales on Monday or Tuesday.
  2. J-Mech, that turned out really nicely. thank you for sharing the process.
  3. are there horses in the barn? are there cats? if there are no cats there are probably mice and that is a good food source for a fox. foxes create dens so if the barn is empty the barn might be the den
  4. typically fox and coyotes do not co exist. We have an adult fox living in the woods behind this place, I have seen it several times.
  5. quite a bit of maple syrup is made in North East Ohio. Two of my neighbors make it commercially.
  6. I bought a Kioti 6 foot brush mower last summer. I think it was $1800 and they delivered it because there was not one set up when I stopped to look. Been pretty happy with it. From everything I have heard the trick with Kioti is the dealer.
  7. hey Dennis have you called Alvords on Ravenna road? They might make chains there based on what you have.
  8. pretty interesting Wikipedia entry for Rainier beer.
  9. Geauga County, Ohio 4x4 rounds last summer were $45, very nice hay. Right now it has been to wet no one is cutting or baling. I did a little brush hogging Sunday and the hay is going to be tough this year although if it does dry up there will be a lot of it. Fields are really grown up.
  10. the aim low thing used to be taught by New York State Department of Corrections to officers for controlling riots. less lethal coming out of the aftermath of the Attica riot, and the skipping off the ground would spread the pattern further the concept was to get the prisoners to quit sooner.
  11. wow, I would bet more than a few of those people went to the hospital.
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