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  1. I have found most parts stores to be all about the owner. Local NAPA here poor, Local NAPA when I was in NYS was awesome, not sure if everything he sold was NAPA because he could get old parts for tractors or heavy equipment next day. The guys working there understood old equipment and could find parts with little or no help from me. If I went in with a part number, get a couple of prices based on how fast I needed the part.
  2. we had a rupp 3 speed automatic bike and then upgraded to this in 1979, it was a 1978 KE 175 Kawasaki. My brother and I mowed a lot of lawns to get the money together. Our lawn was a freebie, only other people paid for grass to get cut. the only thing was those that paid were done first and done best. My dad could not really say anything because we were both going out and finding lawn mowing jobs.
  3. I worked at a chemical company for a number of years, this goes for all containers and trucks.
  4. I do not listen to country music, here and YT are the only places I have heard the song mentioned. The radio station I listen to plays mostly 80's music. The song and controversy did not make the paper here in NE Ohio.
  5. $250 is way too high for that. They are not that rare, maybe something about location would drive the cost up, ya see them pop up in NE Ohio from time to time, $60 to 100 seems to be what they are asking.
  6. I live in a township in Ohio that is about the same size, we have township roads, county roads and state roads. County and state roads get the best plowing but everything is plowed. Our township at the last census has around 3100 residents. The township has no full time employees, we are in the snow belt of Ohio, plowing on weekdays is different than on weekends. But all the roads are plowed. Snow removal is most of our township budget.
  7. I am confused, they want the town to plow town roads? Or do they want the town to plow private property? Here in Ohio, the town plows the town's roads and I think the state plows the state roads. The homeowner is responsible for plowing the private roads or parking lots.
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