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  1. I went about 400 miles one time to buy a car. It was not in as good a condition as advertised so walked away from it. The seller could not believe we drove that far and then did not want to take it. I was concerned that the mid bearing on the drive shaft would not make the trip home. The car was an Alfa Romeo and the plan was to rebuild it into a SCCA car and resell it. I was working a shop that built Formula V cars for SCCA at the time.
  2. to answer the original question my fav is a 1066, so that is what I would want to see.
  3. May 1971 in a "Salute to Agriculture" an International 544 and planter were brought to the White House for a photo op.
  4. 209 shotgun primers are standard and are also used in some muzzle loaders, especially the inline muzzleloaders.
  5. Very big difference in primers, just below are shotgun primers. Just below this are what rifle or pistol primers look like. Primers are not interchangeable, in addition you have standard and magnum in both rifle and pistol and large and small. Lots of variation possible and you need to use the correct primer for the application that you are using to get good and consistent results. I prefer Winchester Western and am not really interested in using other brands.
  6. I have found the stitched boots last longer than the glued boots. One sales guy said that wet manure breaks down the glue. The Red Wing store here carries a mix of China and USA made boots and shoes, you have to read labels as it is not always just based on the brand. I have a pair of Georgia boots go 12 or 13 years, got them resoled once as I had worn the soles out. They were really comfortable for steel toe boots.
  7. @TP from Central PA the H&S shown by MMI with the front and rear opening would be awesome design. When I was last square baling I would put about 150 bales in the wagon with a kicker and we would do about 8 or 10 wagons per year, everything else was done as round bales. Square bales would go into the ends of the stall barns with maybe the 4 loads going into a hay loft in a gambrel roof barn.
  8. Using the tractor remotes to power a hydraulic motor to move the bottom is how I was thinking it would work, that way you could move it up a few feet at a time. Not having to walk for bales would be nice. That said it has been a long time since I have unloaded bales and I do not see ever doing it again in this lifetime as we only feed round bales here.
  9. How come no one is building TP's idea? That would be fantastic for unloading kicker wagons, you could dump out the back of the wagon while moving up and then put onto the elevator and send into the barn. Or back the wagon to the elevator and if you could unload the wagon directly to the elevator.
  10. powder, brass and bullet are equally unavailable. The reason is several fold, back in March and April when everything was closing down the buying public bought all stocks of everything, while deliveries are still being made they are being made into a vacuum and as soon as things hit the shelves they are getting snapped up. If you happen to be there when stuff goes on the shelf you will buy what you can afford because you will remember the last several months of nothing being available.
  11. Nice looking tractor, no frost in the fields here, I would not dare to take a tractor out like that right now.
  12. I have a PACT digital scale and a Lee manual scale, both a pretty good.
  13. BAR in 30.06 should take down a pig pretty easy.
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