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  1. is it broken in? I have experienced new guns that needed to be shot a bit to get them consistent. Also another question is how big is the group? It sounds like you are experiencing a 14 inch edge to edge group.
  2. those are awesome, brings back some memories
  3. there are at least a couple of national organizations dealing in cannons. fascinating subject
  4. I like lodge, I use olive oil for seasoning, clean it with a little water and a paper towel, I also dry using a warm burner.
  5. I found one in a round bale a couple of weeks ago.
  6. was doing a 6 day back packing trip and one of the guys broke a pack frame, used some zip ties and saplings to reinforce the frame to keep using the pack. The year before someone else broke a canoe paddle and we used zip times and string to rebuild the paddle to keep going on that trip.
  7. my first car was a 1976 Plymouth Scamp, same body, mine was a slant 6
  8. hey, I hope they figure it out and you get back to normal.
  9. red rasberry, blackberry, peach, apple, strawberry, grape and key lime. Probably a few others I am forgetting.
  10. Take a little walk to the edge of town. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, RED RIGHT HAND
  11. looks good, if I was still a kid, I would be climbing all over that thing.
  12. Sheriff department here has one of those old Army wreckers, it is painted up with their logo and has a light bar, I have never seen it not in the lot at the substation. If you had the space, it is a neat old vehicle.
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