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  1. Doug in NY

    When your excitement isn`t shared

    that Fairmont/zephr would make a cool drift car. buddy had one in high school and it was great for drifting, mid 80's. my first car 1984, was a 75 Plymouth scamp, cost $35. guy was buying a new car and the dealer would not take it as a trade, front fenders were made from lots of duct tape. I left home for the army and my dad scraped it. oh well nothing really lost there. that car could not get rained on and start until it dried out. so I had to watch the weather pretty closely.
  2. Doug in NY

    Do you Gnuse?

    looks very practical. it also looks like you have to much snow.
  3. Doug in NY

    Tired of feeding cows?

    I was thinking it was a tree line it is cows eating, pretty neat
  4. Doug in NY

    Take the "Older Then Dirt Quiz"

    I hung around the daughter of one of those cops during high school, she and I would snag a couple of them out of his refrigerator and head out on a Friday night for some fun times. That was a long time ago, 1984.
  5. Doug in NY

    Reloading ammo

    I have got a Lee, an RCBS and a Dillon as said earlier it can get addictive and pricey if you start setting up for multiple calibers. I would suggest getting a good manual first and then starting with one caliber and master it. Setting up the press correctly is the key to making a quality product. The multiple presses were all set up for different calibers based on what I was shooting heavily at the time. With throwing a large powder charge for some of the larger calibers bridging was a problem. Lots of people have tried to do different fixes to avoid issues. Remember to wear your PPE when reloading. Good Luck and have fun
  6. what are you hoping to end up with? It sounds like you are building a forklift out of a farm tractor. I drove an M set up like that a long time ago and it was really not easy to control or fun to drive.
  7. Doug in NY

    Father Passed

    Sorry for your loss. A great way to remember him.
  8. Doug in NY

    Bale mover repair

    very nice repair. looks plenty stout
  9. Doug in NY

    Yeah. This Is What I Wanted

    not bad Runner, a little tame for my current tastes but still pretty solid. I will have to check out some more of there tunes. thank you for sharing
  10. Doug in NY

    Remington Arms to Alabama?

    they started to yes, the Safe Act was something that was forced on New Yorkers after Sandy Hook, 2013. I have not been through NYS in several years but what Remington had there was something that had taken over 100 years to build so it did not move quickly or easily.
  11. Doug in NY

    Remington Arms to Alabama?

    Remington decided to move when New York passed the Safe Act and outlaw from sales a good portion of what Remington produced. I left NYS for the same reason.
  12. Doug in NY

    Movies 🎥

    in October Zombieland 2 is coming out I will wait for that one
  13. Doug in NY

    What do like for lunch on a cold day today❗️

    chili and cornbread or soup and oyster crackers
  14. Doug in NY

    New Shop Addition w/pics

    looks great, I really like the way it lights up. My shop is very dark and I need to carry the drop light to what ever spot I am working in.
  15. Doug in NY

    I have no sympathy

    the ones that were working, should get back pay but the ones that did not work should not get paid. the company I work for if power goes out and we send everyone home they do not get paid. We the company are not making money so no one is making money.