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  1. Doug in NY

    Riding Horses in the Big Horns

    that looks like a great trip
  2. Doug in NY

    D Day Ohio starts today

    I went last year, with moving I forgot about it. This is a great event and draws from all over the place. probably worth taking ear plugs as during the battles it gets very loud.
  3. Doug in NY

    Cochshutt and co-op auction tomorrow kiko

    I have been hearing that the little Hondas are the new hot item and that they are getting crazy money.
  4. Doug in NY

    Cochshutt and co-op auction tomorrow kiko

    Dennis, I lost your contact information drop me a line and lets get out to dinner again some time. We are moving to Claridon Troy Road from the place in Kirtland Hills.
  5. Doug in NY

    Cochshutt and co-op auction tomorrow kiko

    wow, this is 5 miles or so from the farm I am moving on to today. no time to go,
  6. Doug in NY

    Young Farmer, am I doing the right thing?

    I just had a steel silo knocked down on the new farm. Came down got crushed up and loaded into a dump truck.
  7. Doug in NY

    **** freezes over , explained.

    very funny
  8. Doug in NY

    Kansas City bbq

    KWRB I have spent a fair amount of time in the Rochester location and the food is good. Dinosaur has also opened a location in Albany area. My favorite place is in Raleigh NC and is called THE PIT, they do the best vinegar based sauce you can imagine. That NC vinegar sauce is my favorite but I understand that there are a lot of people that do not like it. That is why we have chocolate and vanilla.
  9. Doug in NY

    mowing under fences

    IHCUBGUY, I also found the wright cutter it is over $3,000 and I was trying to not spend that. I have a stihl brush cutter in the pro series, but am looking for an easier way than that. LIGHTNBOY, I like it to look nice but these are electric fences and they work better without a heavy weeds touching them.
  10. Doug in NY

    mowing under fences

    I am looking for a better way to maintain fence lines. I thought that there had been a topic on this subject several years ago but I could not find it. I am looking at some fence line mowers and wondered if anyone had experience with either of them. The two that I have found are DR power equipment and Titan attachments. They are both string trimers that you hook up to a 3 point hitch and a 540 PTO, they do not have steel blades but really heavy plastic twine. Thank you for reading and commenting.
  11. Doug in NY

    Walked out the ER tonight , lucky to be here

    glad to hear you are going to be OK
  12. Doug in NY

    One tough old 656 diesel

    nice looking tractors
  13. Doug in NY

    First time for me....

    I got one of those calls on my work cell about two weeks ago and I pressed one to speak with a representative and then repeated the question "why did you call" until they hung up on me and then I called them back and did it again, after the third time of me calling them back they blocked my number and calls went directly to a we are closed message. I have not gotten any of those calls since. This felt really good by the way.
  14. Doug in NY

    666 refurbished

    great looking job
  15. Doug in NY

    What the heck

    I am wondering what it was for. A lot of work went into it. What job were they trying to do?