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  1. Thanks Tony, great pictures, it looks like it was a good time.
  2. do you have space and tools to do it yourself? getting it the head off and oil pan dropped would let you see how bad it is and maybe come up with the plan at that time.
  3. There was a ambulance version and the others were used as general purpose trucks. In Regimental Cav they were used at the squadron and Regimental headquarters prior to blazers and Hummers coming into usage. Very loud to operate, I was in a ambulance version once for a trip to the hospital very uncomfortable. They do operate in water although I have never seen that. They were built for Vietnam, phased out of the US Army in the 80's. They might still be in use in other parts of the world, my recollections are the mechanics hated working on them as nothing was easy to get to.
  4. is it me or do these look loose to anyone else?
  5. I would love that setup for mowing around here. Great looking tractor, thanks for sharing the pictures.
  6. I do not like duck eggs, they have a different taste and one I do not care for. Our chickens free range so they are also eating bugs but duck eggs taste a little musty is how I would put it. They are bigger than most chicken eggs.
  7. I do not live close to you any longer.
  8. i have been thinking of doing meat ducks, the mess is what is holding me back.
  9. it was built for tractor rides, crossing the Mackinac bridge comes to mind, it looks like it was nicely done for that purpose. I have seen lots of pictures of tractors done up like this. This is the first I have seen for sale. I imagine it will not be an easy sale as most people doing this seem to build it specifically for there use.
  10. I like the two tone colors, truck looks cool.
  11. I googled Tony Dow, he is still alive did a lot of TV and movie appearances back in the 70's.
  12. I had a KE175 as my first motorcycle as well, got it in 1979 and sold it around 1991. The friend who bought it still has it and still rides it.
  13. @Dasnake it was the "man in the mountain" New Hampshire
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