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  1. Doug in NY

    Prayers for the outlaws

    prayers for Matt and the family.
  2. Doug in NY

    This week's aquisitions

    some great pictures thank you for sharing.
  3. Doug in NY

    706 and 756 Retirement

    Do they both run? Second question is where do those front tires come from? They both look nice what are the plans for them?
  4. Doug in NY

    contemplating a shotgun

    870 is easy to get parts and spare barrels for. I have a couple of Mossberg 500a's in the safe and a Browning O/U that I absolutely love. I have also had Remington and Browning Autos but sold them and have several other brands over the years in Auto and O/U. I don't use them any more but I used to shoot a lot of sporting clays. For hunting the pumps are fine but for sport shooting they lack the follow up shot that is frequently needed.
  5. Doug in NY

    fencing pictures

    likes beef better, that makes no sense at all. must not be eating it correctly.
  6. Doug in NY

    My final harvest

    congrats, and some really nice looking pictures
  7. Doug in NY

    560D Clam shell fender repair help

    Dennis, that really looks nice
  8. that is a lot of gas per mile.
  9. very cool, what are your plans for it?
  10. Doug in NY

    What do you know? Michigan wheel loader

    I am glad they worked for you. It is all really common parts and very simple design. I love mine and will miss it when it finally is not repairable. Mine is model 55 and it weighs about 15,000 pounds yours is bigger so probably weighs more. Getting stuck is something that I have always worried about although in the 10 years I have had it that has not yet happened but I am pretty careful.
  11. Doug in NY

    What do you know? Michigan wheel loader

    it should be high and low, if I recall up is low and down is high. cleaning a muck pile out of a pasture I would go into the pile in low, come out of forward into reverse staying in low, when I decided to head for the pile outside of the pasture, I would pause in neutral move into high than move into forward. mine is clutchless and I tend to pick which I am going to use and stay there. shifting it between the two really puts a hit to the machine. you might also have a work and travel lever on the floor.
  12. Doug in NY

    What do you know? Michigan wheel loader

    wow that is old. I have a series 2 and that was when they moved the loader arms in front of the operator. That is probably a series one getting in and out over the loader arms is a challenge. this link if it works it to a place that has dozen of machines. There is also a place in Washington state or Oregon that has a big assortment of parts, I found them once but shipping was not going to make it practical for getting parts. Michigan was bought out by Clark first and they jumped around and used a lot of different motors, mine has a Continental gas Flathead 245 CI motor. As said before they can do a lot of work. Cabs of this era were not ROPs just weather protection. Take it easy with it you can very easily get your self into a very scary spot, the rear steer on mine will make pretty sharp turns, it does not do really well with hills and that is where I have found the scary instances.
  13. Doug in NY

    One piece at a time...

    nice looking job
  14. I do not have any use for one but I remember being a kid and thinking that the 2+2 was cool looking so one of those would be what I would pick. I guess you could put a brush hog on the back and it would do that job for me.
  15. Doug in NY

    Few Random Delayed Pictures of CAFES ,Tulare CA.

    Tony, thanks for the explanation, we used to do black beans but the knives on that cutter are huge. Also a big thank you for all of the pictures, looks like it was a great show.