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  1. Doug in NY

    Back when men were men

    Are you asking who Jimmy Stewart is? I was at the Mighty 8th Airforce Museum in Pooler, Georgia this past weekend. Very educational and moving display.
  2. Doug in NY

    Glass of Milk taste good once in awhile

    Denis, down by me stop in to Rowdy Cow and get your milk from the farm. Best tasting stuff in the area.
  3. Doug in NY

    My year in pictures...

    The company I work for made me an offer to move to Ohio and I took the job. I miss the people quite a bit, even after almost 3 years. However I really like this area of Ohio there is lots to see and do. There is a fantastic park system that NY does not even come close to having.
  4. Doug in NY

    My year in pictures...

    I got hay a couple times from that area Ralph something was the guys name. I used to live on Woodard Road in Fort Edward.
  5. Doug in NY

    My year in pictures...

    is that Hudson Falls, Fort Ann area?
  6. Doug in NY

    Late Xmas gift

    that is pretty cool 👍
  7. Doug in NY

    My year in pictures...

    looking good, thanks for the pictures
  8. Doug in NY

    Suspicious barn fire kills horses

    we have the same sign here
  9. Doug in NY

    Recovering from surgery today

    Dennis, hope you are feeling better soon. Call if you need anything.
  10. Doug in NY

    any Colt experts out there?

    are you looking to buy for a flip or to buy and collect? for flipping purposes it has a fair amount of wear, the pictures are pretty good and I would not put it in good condition. so value is down.
  11. Doug in NY

    gun broker

    I think that you are priced to high. Here I can get the LCP for $179.99, local from the gun shop, taxes are another 7% on that, that brings the price to $192.58. No shipping and I can walk out the door with it. I look at GB as the place to find things not stocked in a local shop, for example looking at NFA items. Sorry that this does not help.
  12. Doug in NY

    A dream realized....restoration of a Farmall 200

    thanks for sharing a great story and some really nice pictures.
  13. Doug in NY

    R.I.P. 5088

    hope you are OK, tractors can always be replaced
  14. Doug in NY

    Worth a look if you haven't seen it....

    @IHRedDrive I think that you would be surprised at the number of companies that did this back in the day. Most have probably been lost or at least are not on the internet but producing these types of films was much more common than it is now. Now everything is a power point presentation and it lasts for no time. Films like this would have been used at annual stock holder meetings, sales rep meetings and that sort of thing. This was the only real way the companies could get there message out to the people that they needed to motivate.
  15. Doug in NY

    This one is “real nice Clark”

    I do not know it looks pretty good to me. It looks like the doors are there the glass is in the cap, tires are holding air, steps are not twisted and the body panels are in place. I think for 6,600 somebody got a steal.