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  1. goodfarmall

    Lake Erie Can sue you ,its claimed

    We have the storm water tax in Wi, at leased in our local city pop of 5000. When Milwaukee's sewage plant gets over loaded they just dump it into Lake Michigan.😵
  2. goodfarmall

    Half Century of Progress question.....

    Go to Half Century of Progress web site for info. A phone # Is listed for cart rentals. I reserved 2carts for the 2017 show but was able to cancel them when my plans changed for no cost. Have been to the show twice & really enjoyed it. Would recommend a cart.
  3. goodfarmall

    IH in Whitewater,WI ??

    Dealer in Edgerton was on corner of Hwy 51 & 59, one of the big brick buildings. Our dealer was in Milton. This was in Milton, upper one Edgerton.
  4. goodfarmall

    IH in Whitewater,WI ??

    Have lived 10-11 mi west of that building for 67 yrs. We had a IH dealer in our local town so we didn't go to Whitewater much. That building has been a Chev dealer as long I can remember. Burtness just moved out of there late last summer and the building was sold.
  5. goodfarmall

    Looking kind of lonely.

    I'm in Apache Junction AZ and been driving by this 4366 sitting in the middle of new shopping centers and other new constitution. Looks out of place.
  6. Hope this link works. It has been a Chev dealership as long as I can remember.
  7. Was looking at the show web site yesterday and they have changed the dry camping arrangements. We have camped outside the grounds near the front gate but do to problems I was told they won't allow that this year. They have made arrangements with a U-Haul storage lot for dry camping this year near the show. As of yesterday he only had a couple of sites left that he could guarantee parking on paved lot. Remaining area would be grass sites so if it rained may not be useable. I know a lot of you were thinking of camping outside like I was but does not sound like we can. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Hope to see everyone there & at RPRU next month.
  8. goodfarmall

    50year Farm Progress Show

    I am trying to get organized to make it to the show. Have gone twice before & dry camped outside the gate, works out great. Is a great show! Hope to see you all there.
  9. goodfarmall

    Oil Question ,Not Another Oil Thread

    Ken I see a possible road trip here or maybe a pony express delivery by forum members doing short legs of the trip
  10. goodfarmall

    Vintage Ads

    The rest of the ad
  11. goodfarmall

    Vintage Ads

    For you Ford pickup guy's
  12. goodfarmall

    Vintage Ads

    Here is a mailer I just got at the Winter Convention from the 50's
  13. goodfarmall

    Vintage Ads

    Here goes a couple of IH
  14. goodfarmall

    Vintage Ads

    NH & MF ads
  15. goodfarmall

    Vintage Ads

    Couple of Oliver ads. Do not remember ever seeing one.