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  1. Second plow is model 70. Has more clearance than the 60.
  2. My shop is 24x40x12. Your extra length will be a good feature. I wanted to put hot water heat in the floor but at the time but thought it was to expensive. If you can do your own install I agree we others that it is economical now. I went with a radiant tube heater & have been satisfied. I prefer radiant heat over forced air. 65 in my shop is more comfortable than my house at 68-70. Good luck, I what ever you decide you will enjoy it. Jim
  3. 311 wheels white blue : tail wheel axle ect moldboard & colter yoke & bearings
  4. Back in the mid 60's I watched a 450D with LP injection win his class at local tractor pull. A local bought a new 706D TA delete & put LP injection on to replace the TA. LP dealer sold kits to on tractors. Heard about a farmer that had a 4020 & 806 brought out for demo. The deere dealer couldn't believe how much better the 806 was pulling the plow. Story goes the salesman on the 06 pulled out of the furrow & passed the 4020 with plow still in the ground. They had windbreaker on the 806 with the LP tank on platform between his feet. More recently have heard of trucking company that installed kits their semi tractors, claimed better mileage .
  5. Bought a new 856 spring of 68, came with the frist set.
  6. The guy on the right is Fudd's brother Lowell. You got the rest.
  7. Fudwayne sent me this picture. Anyone recognize them? Maybe Fudwayne will join in
  8. Don't get to close to the fence turning on the ends! I have a 312, it does a good job. Just lacks the trash clearance of the newer plows & the steerable ones are nicer. Good luck & have fun. pictures please.
  9. The Samson Co was located in Janesville Wi in the GM plant.
  10. Has anyone ever seen a throttle like this or know the brand?
  11. Wayne is loaded & ready to go to the Edgerton show in the morning.
  12. Gonzo I am in the process of preparing a tractor for paint. You have said you use Zep purple cleaner to remove paint instead of sandblasting. Do you dilute it or use full strength? I have been doing small parts by soaking in a barrel of diluted zep but need to do chassis now. Thanks in advance. Jim
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