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  1. I know a Guy in Springdale Arkansas that has is late FIL 79 or 80 K1500 350 4 speed original everything and no rust anywhere. It is sort of retired and being used as a shop truck for his RV repair business. Been in the same area forever. Owned by a mechanic, so I expect it has had good service and possibly inside storage.
  2. Wonder when they had the earth quake?
  3. I have that same transmission. At 206,000 the transmission failed and cost me almost $3000 for the total repair cost. I did no work myself it was a total job for the transmission shop. In all my years of vehicle ownership I have never paid to have a manual Transmission repaired. I am talking about a pickup sized vehicles. I am not sure that an automatic doesn't have built in destruction at a specific time.
  4. An EMU story. When I first came to Dallas in 92 I got to know a retiring employee. I ask what their retirement intentions were. She said they had purchased a small farm and a pair of breeding EMU's. The EMU's were a good deal and only $5000. for the pair. In Texas EMU's were just the bait for a ponsi scheme and within 2 years from their purchase they were worth essentially nothing. They became a pest because people just open their gates and drove them away because of the cost of feed and care. Sort of like releasing burros but the humane will take burros, not so with EMU's.
  5. Are we totally sure that isn't part of Bidens' new deal to show their power over us??
  6. oleman


    Another case where the mules were smarter than the driver. I had many times when the mules kept me out of trouble when I was a mule farming Kid. Mechanized equipment with no mule sense have gotten me in trouble many times over the bast 70 years. Personally I like distributed intelligence. Too bad they didn't come with HVAC.
  7. My Buddies 1963 IHC V266 4 speed went well over 170,000 miles with no serious issues. He retired it to his farm in 1978. My 1960 IHC B100 BD240 3 speed had the odometer twisted off when I bought it, it needed rings but I think it had at least 150,000 miles on it. My 1969 IHC 1100D Travelal V304 4 speed had 96,000 miles on it when I got rid of it in 89, The tappet covers had never been off the engine and was running good when I sold it. It did have some below the door rust but not bad. This truck I owned since new. We currently own a 1973 Dodge Dart when I got it in 99 it had
  8. There is no doubt in my mind that the softer plastics aren't better thanat tempered glass for shatter, impact resistance because it flexes BUT it is not as hard so scratches easier In some other applications it also works better. A grocery type check stand mounted scanner is a good example. The engineers tried about every clear material and the most reliable and longest lasting was a version of Lexan. The real outdoor issue is UV resistance because there is NO currently available plastic that is truly UV resistant.
  9. I have an old (built in 1955) Detroit 3-71 in my garage on a run stand sitting there since 2006. I rotate it when I think of it with a 1-5/16 socket on a 3/4 breaker bar. For a couple of years I kept it startable with batteries and fuel but It is now just in KEEP mode, the golf cart batteries finally died. I keep the rust off and out of the weather. It is a boat motor complete with all boat features and a hydraulic transmission. Only thing left from my going to sea days. It's one of those "ran fine when parked 15 years ago" motors!! Knowing Detroit's as I do I fu
  10. oleman


    Go to a single plow; just take a few more passes. Please break out your camera a post some pictures of the operation.
  11. On a transit bus all the exterior windows are tempered glass. Why do you think the companies use the tempered glass?
  12. Get some EMU' s they like big bugs as a food source. BUT then you are stuck with a large ugly bird!
  13. Another time when to be flat is good! Good luck with your new tool, and get some hot metal formed soon!
  14. Aluminum heads on an iron block in a diesel, designed for failure, more GM engineering at ISUZU. ISUZU makes great diesels, wonder why GM didn't use one of them.
  15. I would expect that the real issue is the water jackets and other non visible areas. Isn't the Jeep V6 still the original GM aluminum engine, that would be even more issues. I would try a large tote designed for petroleum products, (cheap dry oil ) filled to totally cover the part and be sure to remove all the air pockets. I expect the best solution would a pressure vessel and keep the part under filtered and de-watered oil pressure.
  16. Expect that is where the casting was done. That plow is too good to get dirty, deserves a climate controlled showcase.
  17. Go to purplewave.com and search for the International a100. Enough pictures to get the bid to $12,000 last time I looked.This is the special edition GM Suburban model with car style rear lights. Original everything this is not a hack job, either a GREAT restoration or this baby has been in a climate controlled storage for all these years. Too rich for my blood but a perfect version of my first pickup a 1960 B100, except this is a 220 and mine was a 240 and not a custom look.
  18. AND you have to check yourself out and load your own purchases and pump your own fuel. I was in a local Walmart the other day there was not a single register manned in the whole store, just check your self out. This mighty fine 57 IH A100 is available
  19. Even the simple picture taking phones will allow you to email to yourself, no cables or connections needed.
  20. I was at the local commercial tire shop for a rear tractor tire repair. There was a loaded semi grain hauler there with a trailer flat. The driver was from New Zealand, I spent a few minutes with him. He was farmer that drove a truck in the USA in is off season.
  21. Dallas Texas, direct flights to Europe. Home of Neiman Marcus (WOMEN LOVE THAT PLACE) and a State with the most diverse types of geography and more miles of roads than any other State in the USA. AND every car rental agency with have Chevy Suburbans for high end travel.
  22. Use the irrigation pond as a water source and use a good large capacity pump to do all your washing. Most of us have all we need for cleaning the machinery.
  23. Every time I clean house within a year I need something that I disposed of. When I was in the USN, I disposed of many items I never wanted again by tossing them over the side of the ship over deep water. Girlfriend at the time sent me a Dear John letter. I sent her back a letter with the last line, "The picture of you is in the Gulf of Tonkin with our mutual relationship."
  24. Happy Birthday. We need you back at Red Power too!
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