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  1. This picture was posted by Rockauto in their current news letter. I call it the Heyday of American Cars .
  2. I have 1700 Country songs from 1930 to 1975 on a USB memory drive, Johnny Horton is on it multiple times.
  3. Pass me the Powermatic, old cast iron, converted to single phase.
  4. oleman


    We are expected to get down to 19F tonight, plenty cold for me. Around here the record for cold was set last Mar at -7F for a few days. I was on a USN Warship up by the Aleutians in 1970. the ocean temperature was 28F, being salt water it was not frozen except when spray got super chilled by the -5F wind at our speed of 22 Knots. Too bad, I didn't take any pictures, we were one large icicle.
  5. Marty was mister Shorty as a person. Small not over 5' 6". I saw him close up in a little club in San Diego in 66 or so. Lakeside Hotel, Lakeside Ca. Marty's tour bus got stuck in the muddy parking lot and he extended his show for a few extra songs while the tow trucks freed up the bus. Real showman, very small crowd, in a small ballroom, He still put on a full show, just like he was in Vegas.
  6. I have had very good luck with a Nissan Versa, only complaint I have is the door jam is a little low for my 6+ foot frame and hail causes body damage. Only thing I have had to replace since purchase new in 2013 was the battery, and tires. Standard wear items. Stay away from the CVT, the standard 4 speed automatic is fine.
  7. Thanks for posting on the steering disadvantage to the diff lock, makes good sense, but I totally missed it. Down here in North Texas, I have never pushed any snow!
  8. Hankook tends to market no-issue tires at very competitive prices. The all-out off road tires are not high mileage but their road tires have good long life and mileage. We are running LT245R16E on a K2500 Suburban, again no issue. Much better than Michelin that had sidewall issues prior to the tread going away. We intend to put Hankook R22.5 16 ply on our Bus to RV conversion. I am hoping that the sidewalls hold up well because that vehicle is never loaded so age is it's killer on tires. We learned the hard way that the most expensive tires are not necessarily the best tires for our application.
  9. I know nothing about big fancy machines (just a 464 and 430 Deeres) BUT if I remember correctly the crank handle has a pin that you access after removing the zerk fitting that holds it in. Something about the assembly was very novel!
  10. Baxter Black was a regular on NPR "All Things Considered " radio program in the 70's and 80's. listened for him 5 days per week commuting a long distance in Ca back then. Always good entertainment!
  11. I had the lower pulley strip out the 5/16 bolts and the pulley fell off in New Mexico on a 318 in an 84 Ramcharger in 2007. I knew it was wobbling but the belts were keeping it turning and I was too lazy to loosen the belts to really check. Can't blame Mopar for that. Has nothing to do with your question but a real story. After that I changed cam kit and timing gears. Remove the Fan. Remove the shroud. Remove the 5 little bolts from the dampener holding on the drive pulley. Remove the center bolt, Don't believe enough room without removing the radiator for an air impact Pull off the dampener It is basically the same as a small block Ford or Chevy. IF it is in a Dodge VAN, stop and run away. (took a week to change the spark plugs and wires) I had a 2001 5.9 Van, that I changed the timing chain on (!@#$%^& cussing). Same as 318!! EXCEPT the radiator fan is screwed onto the water pump using left hand threads, same as the SV IH engines with a clutch fan in pickup/scout. Don't freeze your hands off!
  12. You must have, new, late addition to the 464 family. Ours is a standard, soldered, copper radiator, just like Granpa had. Does have a tall filler tube, to get to the top of the hood. Be careful removing and replacing the hood or the new radiator will end up with the filler neck also broken.
  13. C02 fire extinguisher is a very quick way to cool off something to temperature cycle a stuck part. I have always been concerned about having the part be destroyed in the process. Heard a story once about a giant pad lock, locked and no key, in an emergency situation, a high security only a diamond saw could cut, not available. Tech dumped a 5# bottle of C02 on it and hit it with a 10# sledge, the mighty lock broke like a glass part. Saved the day and required a new high security lock. Someone said it worked so well because C02 frost is -100F at least. I rebuilt the crank driven right 3 point arm on our little 464 that was seized. When I finally got it apart I discovered nut-sides were galled and needed to have the threads re-chased. At that time (around 2010) all the parts were available from CIH. Good luck with your project!
  14. Well at last it as obvious, could have been much worse.
  15. Back when a farmer could raise a family on 40 acres, no one every had duals, so staying in the furrow was never an issue.
  16. About 70 years ago I came to the conclusion that an extension cord would out last a battery, just as true today.
  17. I once spent my hard earned money on a GI helmet liner from a surplus store. That was in 1959, always remembered as a "fool and his money are easily parted."
  18. I wise, affluent lady (my my standards) once told me that if money is no object a person can have anything money will buy and never be happy or contented with their lives. Looking back, she was telling me about herself.
  19. Just so happens I have data on a coolant filter that I purchased from Rockauto. in 2016. Cost $34.50 the filter is extra. The base is a WIX 24019, nice chunk of cast iron, comes with an installation kit, casting has PERRY H-250 and a casting number 111412/21 The connections are 5/8" ips, so designed for a bypass operation. The filter I selected is a WIX 524088 If you look around on the WIX web site you can find many filters and generally Rockauto can source them at a good price.
  20. My accumulation of worldly goods also includes a 1955 Detroit 3-71 with a paragon marine gear box. I want a pegboard for that 1500# behemoth to mount the run stand on. Occasionally I think I have crossed to junk collector status.
  21. I remember the 59 Ford when it was released. You left out the Ranchero and station wagon. Military Buddy had a 61 Ford wagon in 66, nice big non-truck vehicle. Believe it was a 352 3 on the tree. Place I work when i was in HS had several vehicles that I had to,got to drive. Office equipment repair shop, mostly typewriters cleaned and adjusted. Best was a 63 Fairlane 260/automatic wagon. Also a 51 Chevy 2 door coupe, 58 Chevy 235 3 on the tree wagon. They trusted me to drive, little did they know!! You will have to dig around a lot to find a 59 that is not a rust bucket and all cobbled up unless you pay the $$ to get one that is recently gone through.
  22. I use an angle grinder, either a 4.5" or the 7 1/4" to do all my cutting and grinding on metal. Cutting and grinding wheels very greatly in quality. The Russian cutters from harbor freight were good but have not seen them recently. I tried the air angle die grinder but it is very slow to do more than cut a 1/4 bolt, Electricity and noise hog. I have used an electric die grind (unlike the air grinder it does not stall when loaded) with carbide burrs to clean up chewing gummed welds or elongate holes. That is a very dangerous tool, with no shield and it just loves to go where ever it wants to go. Gloves and leather vest, even then I don't feel secure and it converts stainless into little fish hooks. I have used a metal cutting carbide blade on my Milwaukee large framing circular power saw. It will cut 10 gauge 2.5 tube like wood! but it just does not feel safe and it blows metal pieces all over the place. BUT is easy to quickly make a square cut in complex. Another serious reservation I have is the saw could shatter the blade and send teeth bullets into the operator. I have tried battery powered tools, laws of physics are just not on the side of battery powered tools. Mine are in the landfill some place and today I only have battery powered lights. There is a guy on Youtube that does lots of car restoration Freizze (SP) from Newfoundland he is a genus at angle grinders and doing something with nothing!
  23. A 6 foot PTO brush mower behind a 430 Deere (the 1960 27hp put-put) will quickly teach the operator its limitations. We use a 6 foot Deere PTO brush mower behind a 46 HP 464, our motto is run it at PTO speed and take it easy in heavy stuff ; and we do not have to deal with hydraulic losses that a skidsteer has. We have destroyed a few drive shafts and bent the 3-point attachment on the mower but the (replacement) PTO clutch has held up well, basically whoever breaks the equipment has to repair it, keeps breakage down!
  24. I knew a hunter in Northern California in the early 70's that liked to hunt Elk in Colorado, I believe in some states, out of state hunters have to have a local (guide) with them to hunt. Cost was way to high for me at the time on USN pay, and I refused his charity. Many Texas hunters, hunt on their own hunting lease, basically taking farm raised game and calling it hunting. I worked with a lease holder in a high-tech company, his opinion was it was the same as fishing in a stocked pond and wasn't cheap but since most Texas land is private property it was the only way to hunt here.
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