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  1. ACTUALLY, Vacuum tube pulling pliers, used to remove vacuum tubes from their sockets. These small ones were used on 6AU6 size tubes, would get into tight places and keep the techs from burning their fingers on a hot tube.
  2. Old little used tool in my tool box. What is it?
  3. A few years ago I was in the middle lane of a freeway running 65 MPH. Pickup truck with stuff in the rear including a construction wheel barrow pulled around me on the left to pass. When he came to my drivers door the wheel barrow caught the wind and came down along side me, bounced a few time and slide along. I quickly moved to the right lane and traveled on, a little worse for wear but that's live in California. I lost a 5 gallon bucket if used oil from the basket carrier on our old Suburban. It was not tied down, me thinking the oil was heavy enough to stay inn the basket when I got to the dump site the can was gone. We all make bad decisions occasionally.
  4. In the early 80's Mount Saint Helens erupted, for a year after that volcanic ash was a serious air filter problem for equipment because it quickly clogged stock air filters. Dual air filters were a common fix. That system looks very professional.
  5. We am running a 31 in the 464, (I did construct a battery tray), plenty of room in the original location and lot's of battery capacity. Best of all, the local truck dealer always has FLA 31's on sale for less than $100. US. We am running AGM 31's in an RV, those are pricy.
  6. I was introduced to the metric NUMBER system in 1959 in 8th grade math and have used it since. Later in life I discovered that the deep thinkers in the French Revolution also had a 10 hour day, 10 day week and a 10 month year. Since the calendar follows the earths clock that didn't last long. The biggest oddity I know of is why is there a 5.5mm size bolt head or TORX headed screws are in a class of their own. The shaft can be metric or SAE with the same head. T0 - Txx,
  7. Good haul! Most collectors of stuff like that probably accumulated technical support manuals. Nicely ask the Widow to allow you to look for pubs and parts.
  8. Doing a single chair as a project! All the broken off dowels were removed by drilling a 1/8" pilot hole in the center of the 3/8" dowel, screwing in a # 8 wood screw, using end nippers as a lever to get the stub out. No SIGN OF GLUE on the dowel but glue on the wood joint. I used a floor mounted drill press, 5' of head space, with the table set to the correct angle to, get the quasi correct angle to keep the bit in the dowel. Reconsidering the steel dowel, thinking that would cause the leg to break as the weaker point. I have a doweling jig and dowels, unable to recall where the kit went.
  9. I have a old style California dining set that I purchased in early 80's. Currently down to 1 good chair. Heavy oak wood design oiled finish. Mostly dowel and glue construction. The glue failed and the dowels broke and joints came lose, assume glue was the failure but after 39 years of constant use I would call it normal. The broken dowels are where the seat side rails meet the back legs. I was able to separate all the glue joints easily with a selection of wedges and scrapers. I think the design and construction is worth clean-up and re assembly, I expect that getting the broken dowels removed (they are drilled at an to the side rails) will be the most work. I intend to replace the 4 broken dowels with the same diameter threaded steel rod and glue. Other dowels will be replaced with wooden dowels or just ruffed up and re glued My big question is if I should use good water based glue or epoxy, I feel the epoxy would be more durable over time and I really don't like the glue joints failing no matter old the are. There was no cracked wood so structurally it should be fine. I haven't done any good-stuff work in the past 50 years so I expect things have changed.
  10. We have an RV powered by a 2001 Cummins 8.3 ISC 250, thing does not smoke or smell diesely at all BUT in true Cummins fashion the engine banging is louder than the exhaust. The worst sounding diesel I have ever been around was a little Yanmar 1600 CC 2 cylinder, sounding like a small washtub being hit with a club at idle, higher RPM did not help, I left that little machine parked unless I had to trim the front or the property with the fancy mower.
  11. This is another oil thread. I use premixed Walmart coolant in my equipment, says on the label it blends with all other coolants. I have an all aluminum Honda water cooled generator that I used Walmart in, no issues observed. I changed the evaporator on our 93 K2500 Suburban, so difficult to get at the evaporator I changed the heater core too. It was actually leaking enough to wet the core seam BUT after 29 years of multiple Coolant mixes I still use Walmart. The evaporator was also leaking BUT can't blame that on the coolant mix. Once many years ago, we used ditch run off water in an old Ford when it over heated, figured that it was better to use muddy water than walk. On a steam powered ship the boiler water was double distilled and then mixed with the proper chemicals to meet the correct chemistry. We used the same water without any chemicals in the cooling systems we used on the radars and other equipment. Our drinking waster was single distilled but BROMIDE added to reduce bacterial formation. COFFEE was better without the bromide, so we would use the drinking water - bromide, occasionally for coffee. FOR you medical types. The evaporators used on a ship operate at a vacuum and temperatures too low to sterilize the water so sterilization chemicals are used for (potable) drinking water. .
  12. My brother has a 2003 CJ equivalent at about 120,000 miles I6 automatic. He has towed it behind his RV for 40,000 miles. Mechanically IMO it has been good. His latest issue is the heater core leaking. SIL wants something easier to get into, that doesn't smell of antifreeze. Like all lateer model vehicles the heater core is a major expense, in time and effort.
  13. According to a qualified source, that reviewed the flight data, appears to be another case of human error, just an accident.. Everyone involved were well qualified with many hours in the air.
  14. Congratulations, as you know time passes very quickly, so make every day special!
  15. The weight of the tractor is on the thrust bearings in the bottom of the tube side of the axle. I expect that the king-pin joint is seized because the bearing is bad and the seals are gone and rust. The grease will help but the real issue is that joint needs new bushings and seals AND the grease fittings replaced. I am basing this opinion on our 464 also a British machine in the 454 family. Welcome aboard and good luck with your machine.
  16. Thread cutting scissors. Uses off hand and frees up the working hand. commonly used at a sewing machine to cut threads off at the needle also used by fishing fly makers. Our sewing cabinet has one of these cutters. Best command brand is GINGHER.
  17. oleman

    New Skins

    The tires are tubeless after about 5 years of use, started leaking down in about 5 months, due to what I thought were pin-hole leaks near the bead, because when I did a leak test I got bubbles. I called the selling place and a tech explained that that is a normal failure mode and those are a safety feature and probably why the were removed from air service, in our service, to just add a tube and carry on. Local tire place cleaned out the old leak proofing that had dried out and added their tubes, charging normal front tire servicing price. I talked to the techs while they worked, the talkative one, said they were about the same as the high-ply industrial tires to service with no unique issues. BUT THEY ARE NORMAL INDUSTRIAL TIRE GUYS!
  18. This area has very restrictive HOA's, the board will remove the signs and charge the home owner for the removal, If they are not removed by 2 weeks after the election is over.
  19. oleman

    New Skins

    We are running re-grooved H9.50-16 14 ply airplane tires on our mower tractor since 2007. Came from a place in Houston ready to mount on new yellow rims. Airplane tires are unique and since the cords go bead to bead they are very resistant to thorns. They are not perfect but I have not had a flat tire due to thorns in the past 8 years of commercial mowing.
  20. Is it a wobble diaphragm design or a centrifugal design or something else? I use a frame rail type fuel pump from an 88 Ford F350 for my fuel cleaner. It runs off jumper cables to the host 12 V battery. I have only used it on diesel. The fuel is filtered and returned to the tank BUT can empty a 20 gallon tank in a few minutes. Made from extra pieces of previous projects.
  21. I think they priced themselves out of business. BUT the good engine design will be around as a made in China. I have 2 ea real Honda motors a little 4 HP OHC waterpump and a 360CC, 2 cylinder, water cooled, 4 KW, electric starting remote control RV genset. Either is a superb piece of equipment.
  22. We have had good luck using our DEERE 802 mulcher / bush-hog, running a 2400 engine rpm, 540 PTO on the 464 in LL(1-2 MPH) that machine converts any vegetation into mulch at about a 90% volume reduction. The deere 802 is a back skirt design, the only way out is as mulch out the rear bottom. SLOW but very effective on volume reduction. The operator requires a dust mask for dry material. Some material is difficult but hardwood tree leaves are easily turned into powder.
  23. We operate an RV with the Cummins ISC in it. The stock replacement is a 42MT @ 24 VDC , yep, the giant 60# old starter from yesterday. I shopped around for a gear reduction starter also by Remy. The consensus of opinion from the places I contacted (the gear reduction starter is actually cheaper) was that they recommended the 42MT IF there is good access for mounting. So I reinstalled a 42MT, possibly another issue I have is, it has a 24 VDC system, most of the reduction versions only are listed at 12 VDC. Our 93 Chevy 454 K2500, had a direct drive starter on it, after the solenoid went out I replaced the direct drive with the later model gear drive, still started fine but on a cold day the direct drive spins it over faster. Only advantage I see is the little whinny fits in tight spaces and easy to service when it breaks. ALSO WHINNY IS A DIRECT FIT WITH NO SHIMS REQUIRED FOR GEAR MESH. Our 440 powered Dart has always had a gear reduction starter. I replaced the starter 20 years ago just because.
  24. The true reason for the change is to look machine over for unknowns and test for "STUFF" hiding in the oil. Don't expect to find anything BUT better safe than sorry.
  25. Time for my yearly change of oil for our little used 3-179, 464, clock says 20 hours in 2021 - 2022. Straight 30 wt from Walmart sold brand name. Seems like a waste to toss out good oil, I actually save and use it for squirt-can oil at the drill press, haven't added any oil in the past year, not even dark on the dip-stick, tightest diesel I ever assembled. Yes, I follow the book that comes with the machine.
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