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  1. I recommend you go slow on automatic local police notification of a tripped alarm. I had a high in system, on several occasions, local police show up and treated me like I had broken into my own house because I could not get the stupid password for our house system entered in time. Also I got a warning from the City for false alarms. I had the system disconnected from the monitoring service and never looked back. I currently have an alarm system but it is always turned off and has never been on a monitoring system.
  2. Happy to see areas with the little birds. Haven't seen one in several years around here, I am thinking, currently just too dry around this area. Ring neck doves also scarce. Have no idea of the official status, just based on my personal sightings.
  3. This is a picture of a Mitutoyo Model 531-128 true vernier caliper. Measuring a .25 Inch piece of keyway stock. This model shows both SAE and Metric on the same display. I often use it to layout component parts on a PCB. No dials, no wheels to turn just look at the lines. Different companies build these devices but reading is mostly standardized.
  4. I believe I have seen them in school buses on auctions, possibly the only place installed after the early 90's. Could have been freshly installed, discontinued hardware dumped onto the tax payers!
  5. I was a Walmart the other day, they had a clear bucket of items that had been removed from tires in their normal automotive repair service. Didn't know Walmart people had a sense of humor until I read the sign, "Consider a road hazard warrantee" My wife brought her car home one day with a 1/4"- 6" extension in the left font tread, the tire was making a crunching noise but held air.
  6. Try McMaster and Zoro in the T-bolt milling machine table vice area. They have a generous supply of various length and thread studs. Those studs are much better than most automotive studs. Oreilly is a Dorman distributor. Any store can probably get the Dorman parts in a few days, BUT you will probably have too show the kid on the register how to use their system. Be nice, we all had to start at the bottom in the long climb. Good luck with your machine.
  7. I believe the rear fuel tank came from the European design that came into the American Market with the 454 Utility introduced in the late 60's. Our 464, it was followed by numerous different engine,wheel base, tire size models, is a model number upgrade from the 454, believe sold in 73, that model had a very long model run in the USA. My complaint is there is no way to accurately see a rear mounted equipment because the FT is in the way, especially bad for a rear mounted cultivator. BUT for bush-hogging or ground turning it is not an issue.
  8. Every time I see an A, 100/140, I think, now there is the perfect tractor for high value crop, small acreage farm. Now you need all the cultivator attachments.
  9. You probably are lucky to find a shop that would work on a 50's built machine in 2022. I have had difficulty finding a shop to work on a 93 Chevy K2500 (that is an OBD1 system) in this area. Other shops have told me they don't work on vehicle engines with carbs. They appear to pride themselves, that they don't work on old equipment. I even offered to pay up-front! BUT they have no one trained any longer on their staff! I had to drive 125 miles round-trip to get the block on our D179 engine worked on, by a true diesel shop. I paid a machine shop over $500 to bore and re-bush the front axle of our little 464 tractor. (I removed and dissembled everything and delivered, they only did machine work) that was boring bar and bushing fitting back to stock bushing size, actually I was impressed with the job, damn the cost. Good luck with your projects!
  10. On or about 1715 today, I looked out a window and discovered RAIN. First time since the first week of June for my address. Most of it ran into the cracks in my Texas front yard. Now all the dry corn will sprout on the stalk.
  11. I expect the Native Americans who predated our Anglo predecessors had similar opinions as we currently have, especially if they could look far into the future.
  12. Just so happens that I grew up around those engines. We were share croppers in 55, Land Lord got a new Ford F100 (blue, 3 speed, base V/8) as the farm truck in the summer of 55. I was 11 YO, it was the first new vehicle I ever rode in (mostly in the bed being too dirty for the seat) also caught heck for scraping a fender with a sweep once, putting the first ding in the new truck.
  13. They leveled out about 100 acres, and built a fresh housing development about 2 miles away. They used Deere 9670's pulling two scrapers to get the job done. Converted rolling farm land into flat land, now full of streets and houses for the immigrants from California that came in with Toyota HQ move.
  14. We use PB Blaster, works about as well as anything we have tried. Dislike their advertising looks like a Kidde cartoon. Big issue is, after sitting in the hot garage, the propellant no longer expels the liquid. Shake the can, has liquid in there. Bought a can the other day from OReilly has volume control valving (WHY) and much higher price than Walmart, same juice.
  15. Bee keeper, I came across, came out to get a wandering hive and had a little Echo. 1 pull start! He said it was and had been a good machine. Some Japanese machine with English branding. Home Depot or Lowes sells them. Personally I use an electric 115V 12A machine, 16" bar. It will operate off the inverter in the RV. It came from the company that makes all the Chinese, Oregon brand stuff in Portland Or. I had one tree that was dead, in my back yard, that is the only time I have cut with it. I saved $600 over the PROFESSIONAL tree removal peoples estimate. I am old and cheap. Very stelfy, basically no noise from 10 feet away. Is it worth anything? Who knows! But there are no batteries or pistons.
  16. https://www.purplewave.com/auction/220726/item/DS7109/1976-Beechcraft-Bonanza_A-36-Aircraft-Aircraft-Kansas Someone else wanted it more than I did or just had deeper pockets.
  17. WIX has filters and housing. Rock Auto sells Wix by part number. I think I paid about $30. for a Wix base.
  18. Everything that falls from the sky is not bad: In 1976 one of our NTDS computers on a USN ship had core memory failures after running a few days. No part I replaced fixed it, in digging deeper I discovered a bad charge inductor in the memory refresh circuitry, and no spare part on the ship. We happened to be in transit from Perth to Mauritius in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The USN got the part from the Oakland Ca Parts depot to the ship at sea in about 5 days, P3 Orion rendezvous's with us at sea and dropped off (kicked it out a side door at about 500' with a little chute attached wiggled their wings and left) a Bright Orange sealed container with the 1 little package inside. Whole ship evolution, a boat had to be launched to pick up the package. Has to be one of the more costly items I ever received due to shipping. The new part solved the problem and we went on to the next problem. Our tax dollars at work.
  19. I lift the cutter and prop it up against a tree with blade side out, Just use the angle grinder and dress up the blades removing as little metal as possible. I want the blades to be about 3/32" on the cutting edge.
  20. That appears to be the same air filter that is on our 464. on the D179 engine.
  21. The Delta Flight that crashed at DFW airport was still being talked about by a co-worker that was on 680 W where the plane came down when I moved here in 93. He said there were remains left in the area for several days after the crash, worst thing he had ever witnessed!
  22. No directly but I knew the Wife of the man who owned the company that made one of the oxygen cylinders used on the craft that crashed. Recently similar cylinder was found in the general crash area in an irrigation pond that was very reduced in size due too lack of rainfall.
  23. Our genset is tuned and ready to run the AC if the power grid goes down, I am really getting old and soft.
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