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  1. Remove the hub cap, all 1200D vehicles would have had 8 lugs and full floating axles. (the rear axle went through the hub cap) 1100D was solid front axle 5 lugs there was also a 1000D same wheels as the 1100D it had torsion bars and mostly found on Travelals. All the bodies were the same the odd one was the 4 door pickup, very few of them made it to the public, very common in the military. We had many of them as ship trucks (a ship is issued a truck for general use when in port) in San Diego in the early 70's. I was going to just pass on by but my only new pickup was a 1970 1200D 4X4 V345 T98A1C, only ran it for 3 years. In 75 I got a 1969 1100D Travelal 4X4 V304 T98A1 that one I ran until 1988. Either was a match for anything the big 3 had available, What I like best was the giant option list IH offered. The 1969 redesign of the IH light duty vehicles was the last redesign for IH pickups, last model in 1975. I always considered the redesign to be a very bad engineering and marketing blunder for IHC. My first pickup was a 1960 B100, that I got in 1967 to haul a motor cycle in to get out to the the Southern California desert on weeks ends. That one was a BD240 I6 with a granny low 3 speed on the tree. I had it until I got the 1970 1200D. Good luck with your project, My current project pickup is a Chevy Suburban BUT I would trash it in a second for any of my IH vehicles in the same condition as when I had them!!!
  2. This is not a fool prof solution. I always have visions of getting the weld off course and destroying the base material. Once took a car axle into a shop to have the bearing replaced. I expected them to heat it a little and press the race off NOPE They cut the race off the shaft with a angle grinder and cut into the seal area and basically destroyed the axle, another custom length Ford 9" inch axle destroyed. I refer to these repairs as Rube Goldberg ideas in the same vane as propane large tire seating. Do what ever you want with your own equipment but leave mine alone!
  3. Are you guys part of a commercial restoration company? There is a company, locally for this large area, in Irving Tex out north of the DFW airport. They do total vehicle rebuilding for the MOVIE industry. I once worked with the the parts man for their operation. (his speciality is/was late 20's North American products and is from the flat lands of Canada) Last time I visited they had a 30's Cab Over FORD semi truck, correct to the finest detail. Ready for delivery. In some of their projects the whole operation will spend a year on a single high value project. I would call them automotive artistic genus's. They are not movie set builders but build operational period correct vehicles. Amazing work accomplished one tiny detail at a time, I appreciated their work even more after observing them up close! Keep up the good work!
  4. I would remove the oil pan, add water to the cooling system, pressurize it to a few PSI (not over 5-10 PSI) put some dry news paper under the engine and determine where it is leaking from. That is a wet sleeve engine. If previous owner was running tap water for coolant there is probably major head and block corrosion. We have been running a D179 engine since 2007, very reliable and fine running engine. We did a total engine overhaul in 2007, because of previous owner neglect. If you could use used sleeves with pistons, I believe I still have all 3 we removed from our engine, none of them were pitted or actually physically bad. If you are short of funds (free to you) they could help out. D179 and D239 has the same sleeves so far as I remember. Good luck with your project.
  5. I am totally on your side. I would never replace our Neuss with anything Cummins. BUT CIH used the ISC 8.3 Cummins in several newer tractors in 2000 or so. OR was it just the combine?? I downloaded a set of ISC engine manuals from CIH, almost the same engine we have in our old Gillig Transit bus RV conversion.
  6. Yep, you can never go wrong with a compression test on an internal combustion engine that has run issues. Did you check the head and block for warp? We run a 464 with the D179, has been a fine engine for out little mower tractor. How are the controls on the 3500A holding up? Good luck with your machine.
  7. I have seen school buses, professionally maintained and low hour on auction, within the range of 150K miles go for around $2,500 complete running bus with an allison (in states where there is a mandatory life cycle for a yellow bus). So if you look around the Cummins 6b FAMILY can be had much cheaper than you think. The old mechanical engines are getting scarce but the 24 valve electronic ones are available. If you are just looking for a diesel to put in something the Cat 3118, C7 in a yellow bus can be had for $1500 . YEP, the whole bus, if you just be patient. Buses with the ISC and ISL Cummins will cost more but they can be had! By far the yellow bus is least expensive medium duty diesel vehicle in the USA. Good luck with your projects.
  8. My FIL had a 61 GMC V6-305 when I first met him in 1971, 3 speed on the tree, plenty of gears to climb up to Lake Tahoe from Napa with a telescoping cabover camper.
  9. I hope I never get too old for another project. Looks great, and you didn't even require the chain saw to recover it. Keep us posted.
  10. Does it apply to GMRS UHF at 460.XXX mhz. I want the quiet-time of the 460 mhz band. Close in it is very quiet without all the HF background noise.
  11. We spoke too soon. When the residue from the storm got up to the north east it caused much more damage and loss of life. GUESS THE CAJUNS ARE JUST SMARTER THAN THE YANKEES!
  12. When you are hungry and don't know where the next meal is coming from you do not have time to worry about a possible storm approaching and alligators are a fine food source, once you get over the terrible taste of the edible parts, but you have to outsmart them. If they had a generator there would be no money for fuel. Louisiana is the poorest State in the USA. If we attempted to resettle the illegals coming across the west Texas border, in that area, they would probably immediately return to Central America or where ever they came from!
  13. A commercial deli slicer is an expensive machine, I would look for a usable one without the self feeding or other expensive options . A used restaurant supply place would be my first stop. I cheapen out and got a homeowners slicer, waste of $ because it doesn't work well enough to mess with. Looks like Walmart is getting out of the slice at store concept, and they should have a large surplus sale soon, on very high end equipment.
  14. I got a new rubber patch tire with hub and bearings from Tractor Supply, they are open Sunday? I upgraded to a 12" wheel to get something that would roll in this Texas Mud after a soaking rain.
  15. In the early 50's, I spent many hours hand feeding picked corn, shuck com and husk, into a hammer mill run by an Avery R tractor for cattle feed. The animals ate it all and begged for more.
  16. I had to google Charlie Watts to know who this person was. I don't believe I ever listened to an entire Rolling Stones song.
  17. My Sister Mary had breast cancer when was 25 years old, ovarian cancer when was in her early 30's. Last time I talked to her, was last last week. In OCT 2021 she will be 68 YO. She continued after cancer with a sold career in forestry, she had a whole county working for her when she retired. Her best expression is "I was always the poster Girl for the Equal Opportunity Programs." Never give up.
  18. You are correct, squirrels harvested our sunflowers. They jumped from the fence to the plant, taking down the plant to the ground, chewed off the bulbs and the plant returned to upright, except the ones where the stalk collapsed. They took the bulbs away, like giant hats, first thing in the morning, normally before I am up. Critters at their finest!!
  19. On self powered system, CV dual 8" monitor and EV 18" sub Alison Krauss , "Missing You". Billy Joel "Mandy" Sissel "Going Home" Mary Duff "Making Believe" Hoyt Axton "An Old Greyhound" Jimmy Rodgers "Waiting for a Train" I have 2000 songs on a memory stick, I just plug it in and let it rip! If I hear something that appeals today, I set it to repeat.
  20. Looks shredded like a weed whacker, has to be something that can get 6 feet in the air. Nothing on the ground so raider does not cut and eat it cuts and runs.
  21. I have some very nice sunflower plants growing in my rear yard. I was going to save some seeds for the next planting. Some birds large enough to cut the sunflower from the plant and carry it away has taken all the heads in the past few days. I saw little sparrows feeding but they just take a few seeds, my thieves are taking the whole head at one time. These stalks are really tough and the heads are saucer sized so I am thinking CROW, but I haven't seen any recently. If anyone on RP grows sunflowers how do you protect your crop?
  22. The D179 runs about 18 HP per gallon per hour. In practical terms mowing and piddling runs about 1.5 GPH, about 50 hours of use.
  23. I have a Cummins ISC 8.3 powered bus that has been sitting little used for the past 2 years. It has 75 gallons of fuel in the tank, standard truck stop diesel. I am concerned about using old fuel in a electronic diesel. What do you diesel guys do to ensure old fuel will not damage the electronic injection system on a more modern engine. We also run a Bosch mechanically injected D179 engine and I just add some fresh fuel and burn the mix, so far no issue. This bus is different because it would more old fuel than new fuel. I am C-H-E-A-P, but don't to be penny wise and dollar foolish. My current acceptable idea is to drain a few gallons from the tank, to be sure there no massive water invasion, and start it up. Probably best is to pump the fuel through a filter system into another tank and use it in the 464 D179 for fuel.
  24. Nice looking machine. Put a little Denso alternator on it and call it complete.
  25. Clean it good with brake parts cleaner and take a GOOD look. A very common leak is the top seal where the steering shaft enters. Local tractor dealer actually had seal kit in stock. Also the lines will leak under pressure and make it look like the lower end is leaking. Another seal is a large flat rubber pipe looking seal at the bottom, it dries out over time and weeps. I replaced the seals in ours, the worst part was removing the rusted on steering wheel. Clean and Soak it with PBblaster with pressure on the puller. Keep soaking don't give up or in to excessive force. Good luck with your project. A good drip from under the steering area as not much of a problem, you are dealing with over 10 gallons of hydraulic oil, just keep the level high on the dipstick.
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