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  1. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    They are out there, just need to watch everyday. Took me 2 years to find what I wanted.
  2. Firestone super NO tractions

    I have no use for the hotrocks. Michelins.
  3. Auction results

    I would love to find a grain truck in that shape for that price. Rusted out rats nests bring that here.
  4. Beekeeping

    Just picked up a book on bee keeping, would like to try it myself.
  5. Nice fenders, but are they that nice?

    paid $75.00 for the ones on my 856 4 years ago.
  6. Looking for
  7. Trying to get the wheat drilled in before the rain!

    Rolled with my 966 couple weeks ago.

    Door county, sweedish restaurant.
  9. Chopping and Baling Corn Stalks

    I am a fan of the 966, looks good!
  10. Battery conversion on 1066

    3et24 in my 966.
  11. Flat deck gooseneck trailers

    Good to know.
  12. Flat deck gooseneck trailers

    The guys with paint problems, you shed them or just park them in the grass when not used?
  13. Muffler talk again

    Last I talked to him he was hoping next year, said it was a slow process and wanted it right the first time.
  14. i wonder how many 50 series are left

    I have a 5288. There are 2 other 52's, a 54, and a 50 that I know of.
  15. Better lighting

    My vote is the LED's. Not a real big fan of adding lights where they didn't come. I bought from TripleRTractors. LED's in the nose vs. the halogens in the cab corners. I walked it out, the wagon is roughly 130 feet in front of my 52.
  16. Spring field work pictures

    maybe end of April for here.
  17. The 806 wouldn't start!

    I wont use the stuff, period. Like giving crack to a crack head, they want a little more each time.
  18. Nelson 1066 muffler

    Are these not the next set of mufflers being done by Ken?
  19. I have seen 4 and 5 in.... steiner?
  20. Looking for something like this? Can email you some...
  21. Some red paint pics

  22. Some red paint pics

    The 5288. The 966 to me Is your 1206 to you.
  23. Some red paint pics

    Hydraulic leaks. I have had the system drained 3 or 4 times this summer to replace hoses. Noticed finishing corn its leaking on the 4wd solenoid and hoses along with the top of the transmission real bad. I probably have done 15 plus hoses this summer.