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  1. That is not bad! This is squares but $9 a bale just to get them in the yard and $1.25 per ft here. One guy does a flat rate no matter the bale size, want to say $8/bale.
  2. $12 to bale and wrap?
  3. Anything with a concaved disc is not VT despite whatever fancy names they want to give the equipment and it just adds compaction. Straight blade will shatter the compaction. I tried some of the foo foo soil prep methods and setting the planter up for no till makes way more sense to me, which is what I did end up doing.
  4. Mavic Mini while more than a couple hundred bucks would probably be the best bang for the buck. I have a phantom 4, there wasn't all the Mavic options when I bought mine.
  5. The ammo is out there if you know where to look. I have bought more in the last 3 months than I have my entire life.
  6. In that condition it would bring a premium here even with the T/A out.
  7. We have had one around as long as I can remember. The stretch frame does well in corn stalks but we have broke some of the castings that hold the shanks. It received a farmer fix and away we went. It looks like a 9 shank just has extensions bolted onto the base?
  8. Sounds over priced to me, unless its a FWA. Sentry isn't cheap and the damage may have been done already. I paid less than that for my 5288 with 5k hours.
  9. Fluid film or wools wax. Do it religiously, and get it behind/into the body panels because that’s where the rust starts. I have a straw with a 360 degree orifice and I put 2 cans into each rocker every year, and that is just for starters. I also bomb the entire underside but that’s not the important part if you want to stop or slow it.
  10. I stopped shopping at any place that required a mask.
  11. That's what I have, and I am happy. I also have the same problem you do. I bought it to catch farm photos but it's tough when your the one running equipment. The neighbors like it, I get photos and videos of them out in the fields occasionally.
  12. We are constantly going through helpers/apprentices at work. Hire them and mold them to your ways, be tough but fair. They weed themselves out. At work we have been involve with a youth apprenticeship program through the local highschools. I like what I have seen so far with that.
  13. My opinion, it's a straight unmolested tractor without fresh paint. That alone has become a hard find, and my guess as to why it brought that.
  14. Buyer didnt shop around real hard, there is nicer around for less.
  15. I have heard of people doing it with rebar.
  16. 24% is a normal year here...
  17. Doesn't the book say 900 for fan?
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