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  1. Okay, Thanks for the help. Much appreciated!
  2. Recently my magnum has developed a noisy hydraulic pump. It's a kind of rumbling/rattling/whining noise (bit hard to describe). All hydraulic functions appear to be operating normal. Can anyone point me in the right direction please.
  3. Guys, Guys enough already! Agree to disagree and leave it at that please.
  4. Nothing too unusual about that. That is and was a fairly common and often necessary way to use a tractor under those type situations. In all honesty, if doing that breaks a diff then I'd be seriously questioning the design of it. Mind you some operators will break anything.
  5. Massey Ferguson must have had a much better diff lock design , in that era, because in 20 years of 3pt mounted moldbord plowing I never broke one. Every time the on-land tractor wheel slipped it was customary to stomp on the diff lock to get through the wet or hard bit.
  6. Thx fellas's. That's some really helpful advice and very clearly put. When I get a minute I will get onto it. BTW "park" itself works fine. I've had the old girl for about 16 years now. Has 8500 hrs on the clock. It's my most "modern" tractor.
  7. Okay. Thx SDman. That's very helpful. From memory, when I push the lever forward from neutral toward park, that bar follows along to about where the 3/4 slot is and yes from what I'd worked out, it is stopping the lever moving sideways into the 3/4 slot. If I then push further forward toward park, the bar remains behind. So should I maybe try lengthening the park cable then?
  8. Ya! There's a lockout that won't allow the lever to rock sideways into the slot. I've had a good look at it and can't figure out what needs to be adjusted or where to adjust it.
  9. I've been having issues with an 8950 Magnum that won't shift into 3/4 reverse. It's got me stumped. Lever just won't move across into the slot. 1/2 reverse is fine, as are all other gears. Anyone know what the problem may be?
  10. From what I understand with the 86 series, diff locks were more common on tractors with a 3pt. and presumably to help with moldbord plowing. Very rare for an IH tractor without 3pt to have a diff lock.
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