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  1. GT&T thanks for your reply. Range section wont move when hooked to linkage or when unhooked. With top off the insides move like I would expect them to. J-Mech thanks for replying. linkage all moves freely when unhooked. Speed section shifts ok . Cannot move the range shifter when hooked up, or when not hooked up after bolting the cover down. About 24 years ago I replaced the same inside part and updated the park lock. Guess I was smarter then as it went together and worked great. Not sure what I'm doing wrong now.
  2. Hi all, I have a 706 Farmall Diesel that wouldn't stay in Hi, low, or reverse. About 25 years ago it did the same thing and I found the spring held dog under the cover of the range section broken. It was a simple fix, I pulled the top put in a new part assembled and went on my happy way for about 24 years. This spring I took it apart again, and same arm broken on the end. We bought the part new and reassembled and cannot move the shifter lever. We've had it apart several more times, and still cannot move the lever when assembled. Would any of you have any suggestions on what I have done wr
  3. We went today and enjoyed it greatly. Bought a few needed parts and toys for the grandchildren. It was hot , and if I was a full time Farmer I would have been tempted to stay home and make hay or plant. Thank you to the organizers and Vendors ! We really liked the chance to meet and have time to talk to the Vendors we read about monthly in the "Red Power Magazine". Thank you for an enjoyable time out from my daily duties !
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