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  1. I have a 1944 John Deere B that has been sitting for 15-20 yrs. It has the belly mount plows not shown. Needs help!
  2. The Bronco tops only leak in the Rain. So only drive them on sunny days!
  3. Adding a quart of ATF to the fuel tank every few fill ups will lubricate the injection pump. I do it all the time.
  4. A blow out on a truck or trailer will take the windows out of your vehicle. Very dangerous zone next to a truck or anything with big tires.
  5. bigequip

    IH 584

    It must have fell from the sky....... How do you get all the pics upside down?
  6. I have a 30 yr old 250 amp Miller that has never let me down. Both Miller and Lincoln made great welders.
  7. Buy a trailer with FRP sides and you will love it. It is heavier than a tin sided trailer but much quieter inside and better insulated.
  8. I have bought Surplus from Area 51 (Not called that on the Surplus Site) and have been all over Area 51 to pick up items. They have 1000s of items at their disposal and use. The government buys the Area 51 Contractors anything they want or need. Use it once or twice and it is Surplus. It is HOT as hellllllllllll there in the Summer and COLD as the Arctic in the Winter.
  9. I had my NV4500 rebuilt at a reputable shop and another shop did the labor. They put oil in from AutoZone which caused the transmission to burn up in 800 miles with a heavy load on the trailer. They pulled the transmission again and I took it back to the rebuilder. The rebuilder put all new parts in it again and I put Dodge oil in it and have not had a problem. The Dodge oil is expensive but it sure works.
  10. I had my NV4500 rebuilt at a reputable builder and the
  11. I purchased a 12v 18,000 lb winch for my tilt-bed trailer. It will pull anything onto the trailer. It cost me about $500 from a distributor in Santa Ana, Calif. Made in Chinaaa (pronounced Chinay) and it is still working after 8 years with no problems. It came with a snatch block for 2 parting the line.
  12. I had an engine rebuilt at a machine shop. The inline 6 had a bearing failure previous to me owning it. The chips from the bearing failure were stuck in the oil passage and the engine would lose its oil pressure to rod & main. I took it back to the machine shop and they worked on it for 3 weeks without correcting the problem. They could not find the plugged oil passage either. They gave me my money back and I sold the Jeep.
  13. I can sell you a Man-Bra including shipping....... This should qualify you for the tag!
  14. I have never seen a Western Wear store in the West sell Wranglers for those prices.
  15. I have never`seen a westen wear store in t
  16. They are from 2008 so I am sure they have lived their life on the road. The only thing you will get from them are BLOWOUTS..........
  17. I have always worn Wranglers! Wranglers are only $16-20 in most major stores.
  18. It cost Levi & Co $4.00 to make a pair of jeans. Remember that when you pay $50 for a pair of 501s etc.
  19. Here is a passenger car to go with it........
  20. Control Cable makes and has all types of Tach drives etc.
  21. Tony doesn't bale hay anymore, he has them pricy almonds to watch. He has retired to the Big Boyz farm life........... Polishing tractors & his awesome PU!
  22. Somebody beat me to the Almonds and got a truckload................ https://www.yahoo.com/news/man-arrested-21-tons-pistachios-164247894.html I may still go to Fresno but I am not going to be in Tony's orchard as I think he will be waiting for me. I don't want to get those chrome bracelets put on me as I have enough of them that I have not sold. I was selling them in Mexico but since I haven't been there in a couple years, the local police will have to find another source.
  23. No Fargo here, I think that is in S Dakota.........lol
  24. My 7.3 had over 300k on it when I sold it. Yours is not wore out at 120k. The 7.3s are a very popular motor and bring good money compared to the new trucks. A friend just traded in his 2018 Jeep with all the bells & whistles and they gave him $40k for it. He bought a 2021 Ford Bronco with all the Bells & Whistles for $14k cash after the deal was done.
  25. Shipping to San Francisco is  $53675.  You can call me if you have questions or email.  Thanks

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