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  1. I can't make it to the RPRU but I am going to Fresno to pick up half a 1926 Buick Roadster! I was hoping to drive thru Tony's Almond farm and steal a pick up load of Almonds! lol I hope he doesn't have any long rifles, or he is out of powder or balls.
  2. You can enter the Parker Tube Float tomorrow! Their will be 100s of tubes going down the Colorado River with their Beer Coolers dragging along for refreshments. You can bring anything that floats but nothing motorized....... OR you can get paid to Help them out (4 hour shifts should get you pretty drunk)
  3. Already got a Whiskey dent in it! What bar did you stop at on the way home with the Big Yeller Bus?
  4. I sold a bus like this to a Race Car guy for hauling his car and friends. I told him to cut frame wedge and bring tail down to make a ramp for carrying his race car. He removed the back of bus and reinstalled it up front for his friends space and race shop at the rear.
  5. I have taken back highway roads to avoid crossing scales and have not been stopped. Sometimes it is better, a lot better........
  6. The dirty old car could be taken to a crusher for disposal........,......
  7. A Flamethrower cooks them too fast making the meat tough.
  8. And not polishing the axle oil caps!
  9. I can't get there from here..............
  10. A mobile home with no wheels/axles is considered permanent in Arizona. Lower taxes for permanent homes.
  11. I am looking for trip lights for 1926-1930 era. Not the new re-pop lights that are all chromed up. I am looking for the old nickel lights so they look right on my car. If your at the show and find them, take pics and vendor info. I will contact them. Thanks
  12. I visit Vermont on internet anytime I need to register a vehicle. You only need a hand written receipt (can be on toilet paper) with VIN, Year, Model, Cost of purchase, and fill out the Vermont MVD application. Call them and they tell you the Tax 6% and plate cost. Send your check in with toilet paper and within 30 days you have plated and registration. Vermont only wants the money for their till. No questions asked. I live in Arizona and have registered a few problem vehicles in Vermont.
  13. Don't need no matches! The liquid will take care of everything.........
  14. At least you will have a good BBQ when you round them up! lol
  15. That is too far from Arizona. I have guys looking, so something will turn up.
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