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  1. It was covered and now it is in an enclosure.
  2. I have this engine that I was saving for a truck. Don't need it anymore. Complete non turbo. $650
  3. I have this engine that I was saving for a truck. Don't need it anymore. Complete non turbo. $650
  4. This engine is the heads, block, crankshaft, pistons and rods. $500.00 Anyone interested?
  5. Any truck 10 yrs old can not be registered and has to be sold for scrap or taken out of state. The truck cannot reenter California or it will be impounded. That is why truckers with older units do not want to go to California. If you trade one in at a dealer they have to punch a hole in the block to make it non runnable and then sold for scrap. The VIN numbers are recorded for the AQMD and the state.
  6. A 100 pound jackhammer with an appropriate air compressor will definitely break up concrete up to about 10-12". It will also jar the s__t out of your hands, joints, arms and bones. Been there done that.....
  7. If it doesn't work as planned, I have another one sitting here ready for you. Just needs shipping.
  8. The older Concrete gets, the Harder it gets. Rent a mini x or electric hammer (Hilti) and someone young with muscle to do the job. Do not pry with the breaker point as it will break off easily. I have demoed large underground footings that took a month to get out. Only used Ford backhoes (755) and never broke a frame.
  9. This engine I removed from a good running 1970s COE 1650 truck. California would not register it. Anyone interested?
  10. I have 3 5.9BT engines 1. From a Boat (Marine engine needs overhaul selling cheap) 2. From a 1992 truck (early 5.9 which are almost bulletproof that needs very little) 3. From a 1991 truck needs going thru but complete 4. I had a 4BT and sold it for $3000. It came from a Gradall forklift that was wrecked.
  11. I was told by an Indian Motel Owner that Patel means owner of land/motel. So every motel owned by them is Mr & Mrs Patel. You could not spell their real last name.
  12. You can purchase an electric power steering that fits into your steering column. The shop just cuts the steering column and installs this unit. https://americanpowertrain.com/electric-power-steering/ I have one installed on my truck. Easy peasy.....
  13. Napa can send the Hydro-vac to a rebuilder. When ever I had one that needed rebuilding they always had a source.
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