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  2. bigequip

    1456 seat cushion

    If your going to reupholster the seat, take it to a marine upholstery shop. Marine upholstery is 10 times tougher than auto upholstery and thicker.
  3. bigequip

    Verizon 3G cell phones

    Verizon and AT&T were always changing thr rates every few months. I now have had T-Mobile for 5 years and it costs me $30.00 per month per phone. My phone works 99% of the time anywhere except mountains. I also purchased my Analog phone from B&H Photo in New York City for $199.00 for a 6G phone that only gets 5G service until next year. I took my $199.00 phone to T-Mobile and they put their chip in it and it works everywhere. You can use it on any service provider. I just aint paying $700-900 for a phone I can buy for $200.00.
  4. bigequip

    How do these prices compare to your area?

    I buy all my batteries from the IHC Dealership from Phoenix. They have other stores in Arizona. I get Group 31 950 cca batteries for les than $75.00 each with core and they deliver for that. I have always found that Truck Dealerships have the best and cheapest price for batteries. You have to buy 4 at a time. Best deal I could find.
  5. bigequip

    1969 Ford Firetruck

    I owned a C800 534ci 3 axle backhoe hauler that I ran for at least 15 years. It would climb a mountain with a Ford 755 backhoe with all the buckets & large Breaker. It had air brakes and was a very dependable hauler. I think it got 8-10mpg. Never had issues with it.
  6. bigequip

    Time change this weekend

    Arizona does not do time change.......
  7. Check as they have 1000s of beds and any part. Good luck
  8. bigequip

    Anybody on here live close to Renville Minnesota?

    I tried to get a quote on my Saia account. I think the rate from Rennville, MN to Corydon, IA would be about $250 for a 300 lb pallet. Price could be higher if liftgate needed to load. I could get a rate tomorrow.
  9. bigequip

    cold cut saws?

    Makita also makes a 14" chop saw. I use a Milwaukee all the time for cutting rod, angle and flat bar.
  10. bigequip

    236 farmall 460 cracked block....

    This company Los Angeles Sleeve has every sleeve for every engine. I have used them in the past with excellent results on gas engine trucks. Your motor will be better than new.
  11. bigequip

    Little Red Fun At 2018 Valley Nationals

    Tony, You can add an electric power steering unit to the steering shaft and it is just like power steering. I have it on my off road VW Thing. Works excellent. Here is the link,
  12. bigequip

    Seat Belts

    I have a few black seat belts that are real nice. Single belt application.
  13. bigequip

    ultrasonic cleaner for carburetors

    You can't beat an ultrasonic cleaner.....
  14. bigequip

    ultrasonic cleaner for carburetors

    I like it and it has good reviews. I would buy it but I don't do many carbs.
  15. bigequip

    TD-8E Cummins 4BT (Problem)

    You buy the spacer from Cummins or an Allison rebuilder as the spacer is used on different applications.