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  1. The local gas station on hwy 68 was $1.97 and today it dropped to $1.67. The price will probably drop again as their is not a great demand for gas.
  2. This was the original Chrysler-Plymouth dealer and best at relieving you of your money!!!!!
  3. I see his posts every day from Facebook.
  4. There are a couple of them around here but I don't think they change their oil!!!!
  5. I have gasoline, peanut oil and diesel. I have to pick it up in a couple of weeks.
  6. Its a McCormick-Deering 22-36.
  7. I had to go to the VA Clinic today and passing thru Laughlin half the casinos were closed and the rest had empty parking lots. Their is about 12 Casinos in Laughlin. People from all over are still camped out there in their 5th wheels and motorhomes. Their sure isn't any money rolling on them tables!
  8. Is she selling nylons or the heels?
  9. I might buy this kerosene burning tractor. What can I burn in it besides kerosene?
  10. I think Kennedy makes the adapters, bellhousing etc.
  11. Bananas cost the Supermarket $.12 a pound delivered to their warehouse in Containers. I was an Insurance Adjuster and had a load that overturned. I could not give them away. Ended up taking the whole load to the dump.
  12. On the L side of head their is a long part if that is what you are calling the intercooler.
  13. It will also empty your bank account fixing it. Nice looking truck but it was towed in and left for sale.
  14. Nice Dodge Service truck with a 5.9 Cummins and 12 ft bed. Runs like a new truck the owner says. He wants $10k for it.
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