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  1. bigequip

    Tractor chains

    10.00-22 are the same size tire as 11r24.5 in the modern truck world. They would also work on 11r22.5.
  2. I have this Paystar hood for sale.
  3. The grille is Kenworth and maybe front bumper.
  4. Anyone need this engine transmission set up. I*t is located in Kingman, az on a pallet. I don't have a need for it or i would keep it. Cal 928-eight three zero-3065. Thanks
  5. That is the law with SR-22 insurance. He was a high risk and his insurance policy was issued by the state (they assign the policy to an insurance co for coverage). I think every state has SR--22 insurance. I was going to sue him but I was advised that I would not get anything then. I had to sign a form that stated I would not sue him to get the $10k check.
  6. The driver had SR-22 Insurance and they only insure the vehicle for $10k maximum per claim. Nothing I could do but take the $10k.
  7. This happened to my GN trailer. I was parked on the street and about midnight this young guy came ripping down the street. He hit my GN flatbed in the rear at about 60 mph and that pushed the trailer into the back of my truck, breaking off the GN. The trailer hit my back window and bent the back window sheet metal, broke the glass and ruined the bed. The damage to the truck was $10k. The Trailer was hit in the L rear and the car disintegrated (Mazda 626) which ended up under the trailer bending the rear 10k axle. The damage to the trailer was $10K +so I had a loss of $20k His insurance was only good for $10k from AAA. I lost use of the trailer for 2 months for repairs as they had to order a new axle. Not a fun time.
  8. I'll give the total a shot 154 pairs.... I must be close! lol
  9. https://mohave.craigslist.org/grd/d/dolan-springs-international-harvester/7114451841.html
  10. Trout are in most of the streams and lakes in the western US. Lots of winter run off of cold water.
  11. Really nice trout! Congratulations
  12. Schauer is sold at Walmart and I got mine for about $100.00-150. It is 200 amp for starting.
  13. I have the tires that hold hay. Take a pallet and screw down 3/4 plywood on top. Then screw down tire to pallet, cut out top and you have your feeder.
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