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  1. That is it a Metro. I couldn't remember the name.
  2. 10-15 years ago I could buy a new head from CAT for about $3000.
  3. IH made a small Van in the 60s that was used for deliveries with the I4 engine. I drove one for about 5 years delivering French bread to stores in LA on my route. The company put 2 shelves in them to carry the bread.
  4. bigequip


    Yermo , CA is just outside Barstow, CA 5 miles. Their is always items for auction there.
  5. I have a UPS truck here that I have had for 20-25 years. I was going to make a show vehicle out of it called a "What's it". I have all the pieces but have never put it together (Cowl = Model T, Hood from a old rare car, Fenders from Model A, '50 ford F15, Case rear backhoe, Windshield from a boat fold down, etc) Engine is a new 6 cyl Ford with SS headers from UPS. Some day I will finish.
  6. Send me your email and I will send photos. I can't get them out of camera now.
  7. Could be from an old Marmon truck?
  8. I have this Button Grease Gun for Sale. I am asking $100 plus shipping or you can pick it up in 86413 (kingman area). Call 9 too 8 eight tree oh 3 oh sex five.
  9. I have bought all my Honda small engines from Jacks Small Engines which I found to have the best prices and knowledge.
  10. Black Stallion has some good prices and a big selection.
  11. https://www.bulwark.com/ I have purchased these Bulwark fire resistant shirts for the last 6 years to save my arms from getting burned. They do work well. I found hem on Fleabay that a city was getting rid of them and they were 1/3 the price.
  12. They still race speedway in California every week at California Speedway. Wednesday Nights - Industry Racing - The Grand, City of Industry, CA. Friday Nights - Auburn - Fast Fridays - Gold Country Fairgrounds, Auburn, CA. Saturday Nights - Costa Mesa - Costa Mesa Speedway Inc. - Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, CA. Monthly Events - Perris Raceway - Perris, CA. Speedway - American Motorcyclist Association americanmotorcyclist.com › speedway Using lightweight, single-gear bikes built solely for this type of competition, racers ... In the United States, most s
  13. I would put a Fuller/Spicer 10 speed or 13 speed in it if it was mine and wanted more gears. I just sold a 10 speed trans for $500 and sold the 13 speed for $1250.
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