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  1. You are speaking of Fremont St where it is covered overhead with animation.
  2. I saw a Donkey get ahold of a Coyote and swing it around, beating it on the ground fiercely until it was dead. Never want to piss off a Donkey.
  3. Your right Sandhiller. The show was so much BS and I never could get into it.
  4. It is right in the homeless area as I drove Las Vegas Blvd and it was nasty. I did not see Pawn Starz.
  5. The new bridge is nice and it cuts off about 30 minutes from the drive to LV. My friends Son was a Crane operator on the bridge and worked there about 3 years. You can now walk across the new bridge and look down in the gorge for picture taking. The hwy is now named 11 and will go to So AZ.
  6. Here is a RUST Free 2006 F550 with a 6.0 Bullet proof motor, 163k miles $18,500 (I am sure $12-15k would buy it.) https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/hvo/d/lake-havasu-city-4x4-ford-f550-service/7255444105.html
  7. I used Mueller Inc out of Albuquerque but they have plants all over. Just give them your measurements and they will quote you the material price with delivery to your site. Give them a call. They will direct you to the closest plant to you. CHRIS TELLMAN Region 1 ALB/NMC Manager PHONE (505) 832-5074 TOLL FREE 877-2MUELLER CELL PHONE 806-683-1448 Fax (505) 832-9271
  8. Las Vegas is a DUMP with lots and lots of homeless people on the streets. I had to go there on Friday to get a Bosch starter rebuilt. While I was waiting I drove around and saw all the homeless everywhere. If you go there don't leave your Casino.
  9. $3.00 a mile should be close.
  10. 1500 miles for me. I went to Texas a few times to purchase trucks.
  11. Single axle trailers are like pulling a snake down the road.
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