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  1. I just bought a Scout 800 chassis that has no rust and is very clean. The engine has no carburetor but is all there intact w/ transfer case, transmission, driveshafts and rear axle. Anyone need a 800 chassis?
  2. 928 530 2710 Kingman, AZ © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) condition: fair make / manufacturer: IHC model name / number: CAB OVER IHC, INTERNATIONAL CAB OVER WITE CUMMINS 903 ENGINE, ROAD RANGER 9513 TRANS , WET KIT, TRUCK RUNS , HAS BEEN SETTING, WILL NEED WORK. WILL PART OUT PHONE OR TEXT NINE TWO EIGHT 530 2710 OR THREE ZERO SEVEN 257 0451 FOR MORE INFORMATION
  3. bigequip

    1938 IH Pick up Needs assembly 928-420-0842

    No I found it on Craigslist and thought maybe someone would want to finish it. I have 1928 Ford Tractor that I pay with.
  4. 1938 international pu - $1 (mayer,Az) hide this posting image 7 of 15 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) 1938 international truck condition: good drive: rwd fuel: gas paint color: brown size: full-size title status: clean transmission: other type: truck 1938 international w 9" ford diff. Fat boy mustang front suspension. Small block chevy motor + trans mounts. Rack + pinion steering. Custom aluminum steering column. Have all body parts.
  5. bigequip

    Dodge pickup cab

    I also have a cab here in Arizona. It has power windows & locks in the doors. Thanks, Dave
  6. bigequip

    Grouser Bars

    I built up and welded with 7018 paddle bars on a scraper 25 years ago. I was given rebar about an inch in diameter and it took me all weekend to get it done. They never came off and in the end I was using 1/4 rod. I still weld with 7018 and still use my Lincoln 500 Advantage with wire feed and stick. Can get a job done fast now so I can go to the beach.
  7. This is on Public Surplus and even though it is high mileage some of you may be 2063517 1973 International 1310 4X4 3,349 Miles!
  8. bigequip

    iH pickup/truck cabs

    I can ship a Cab on a pallet from AZ to PA for about $600 or less by common carrier freight (3-5 days transit) to a business with a dock or forklift. Send me your zip code and I can get you a cost. I ship large items all the time and they cost anywhere from $400-600. I am sure there are rust free cabs here in AZ. I may know a guy that has one by Kingman.
  9. bigequip

    Printer ink reloading

    I have been using Cannon printers for 15 years (MX922 now) and I have bought the printers for $99, used them for 4-5000 prints and sell on Ebay for $40.00. The cheapest cartridges I can buy for a Cannon are all 10 (2 of each color) cartridges for $10.00 Free shipping from ABC Ink in City of Industry, Calif. I have been using these cartridges for 15 years. Buy them thru Ebay using Paypal and if you get a bad cartridge Ebay/Paypal will refund your money and you keep the rest of the cartridges. My 2 centavos, Bigequip
  10. bigequip

    Tile plow accident

    I was operating a n Excavator in Los Angeles with a big hammer on it demoing an underground structure. I pulled up a cable about 12 inches in diameter that had about 1000 pairs of telephone wires in it. I sat there in the excavator wondering what I was going to do. I finally got enough courage to go to the Superintendents trailer to tell him what happened. He didn't say anything and walked down to where I pulled it up then turned and told me it was an abandoned line. I was shaking in my boots thinking how much it would cost to fix the line with 1000 pairs in it. I was so glad it was abandoned..... my pants would of been full.
  11. bigequip

    Being a senior citizen

    She's single She's shapely She's beautiful and she lives right across the street. I can see her place from my kitchen window. I watched as she got home from work this evening. I was surprised when she walked across the street, up my driveway and knocked on the door. I opened the door, she looked at me and said, "I just got home, and I have this strong urge to have a good time, dance, get drunk, and have sex tonight. Are you doing anything?" I quickly replied, "Nope, I'm free!" " Great," she said. "Can you watch my dog?" Being a senior citizen really sucks!
  12. bigequip

    Anybody have engine conversion in a superduty

    The truck is a 2000 , 12 volt, manual trans. They have kits for auto trans too. This outfit
  13. bigequip

    Anybody have engine conversion in a superduty

    The conversion kit I got from the company in Montana was about $1000 for motor mounts, trans mount, and instructions on what to do. It took us about a week to get it done but worth the time and money. I have 250K on mine now and still pulling strong.
  14. bigequip

    Poor UPS service

    I had UPS steal $4000 worth of packages at Xmas. Their holiday help was helping themselves along with regular route driver. They never paid for anything missing. Another shipment of Fork Extensions that we shipped with them, never arrived in Canada. I traced the shipment all the way to the dock in Canada and UPS was using them on their dock. After 6 weeks the customer finally got his Fork Extensions. No apology or anything.......
  15. bigequip

    Plastic gas tank repair

    I had a guy in Riverside, CA weld my plastic tank on my 09 Chev after someone tried to steal the gas by drilling a hole in the bottom corner. He welded it up in 5 minutes for $10.