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  1. https://mohave.craigslist.org/grd/d/golden-valley-farmall-trojan-speed/7053478331.html
  2. I would go to an industrial hardware store and buy a threaded rod. Cut it to length and put the ends on it.Is this possible?
  3. Yes we ran flatbed, step-deck, and RGNs. We ran the Western USA and never crossed the Mississippi or states with salt on roads. Mostly ran Calif, AZ, NM, Texas, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho & Washington.
  4. I sold my last KT truck which was a Peterbilt 359X about 15 yrs ago. If I remember correctly it got about 6 mpg loaded and 10 empty. Unless you have a lot of money to play with the KT's can be expensive to run now.
  5. Monfort ran 3408 CAT engines (if I remember correctly) and they rolled at 80+. They never liked to be slowed down in the left lane and if they came upon you, they let you know it. Their CB's would let you know they were coming down the road. The biggest engines we had were KT Cummins and the engines would pull a grade like the flatland. I knew a guy who bought trucks with V-12 Detroit's and they ran about 3-4 mpg. He went broke with them V-12's.
  6. Do you have a router? This prevents anyone from getting into your computer. I have not had any problems with th pages on this site or any other.
  7. I have a Exiss GN Trailer. It pulls xlnt and has never been a problem. It is aluminum and probably weighs 5000 lbs. I have aluminum wheels on it. Paid 15k for it 10 yrs ago.
  8. I found 4 manufacturers of tank water heaters: A.O. Smith. A.O. ... GE. General Electric makes gas and electric water heaters. ... Kenmore. Kenmore makes gas and electric water heaters. ... Rheem. Rheem manufactures and markets gas and electric water heaters. ... Whirlpool. Whirlpool manufactures and markets gas and electric water heaters.
  9. Bradco is the manufacturing company that made all the backhoe/trencher attachment.
  10. bigequip

    bondo filler

    Just checked at the local body shop paint supplier and its $82.00 for a case of 4 gallons or $21.00 for a gallon.
  11. I have a white 8' box here in AZ. $750 928-830-3065
  12. My dog has his natural fur coat..........
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