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  1. Hay Tractor Needed

    Thanks guys, I have a Maxxum125 that I use on the mower and round baler, and a 1086 with a loader. I am just looking for another economical tractor that I could add a loader to and use as a rake tractor. Another option would be to buy just a tractor and then save some money for a while and look for either a skid steer or a wheel loader. My thinking with looking something like a 3x88 was that I could work on it because it doesn't have as many electronics.
  2. Hay Tractor Needed

    I am getting ready to add about 50 acres of newly seeded hay to my operation, so I need to add a second tractor. I want a cab tractor that will handle a 1000-1200 pound round bale on a front end loader, it would also spend a lot of time With a 9' disc mower, a 4 basket tedder, and an 8 wheel rake. I have been looking at a few options but don't really know which direction would be a good fit for what I am going to do with it. Would a 2wd tractor be able to stand up to the loader use, either in the field loading trailers, or stacking 3 high in a barn? i would like to stay in the $20,000-$30,000 range if possible. I have been looking at 3288, 3688, 51xx and 52xx series Maxxums, and MX100 to MX120, would any of these be better than the others? Are there some other models that I should be looking at? Thanks
  3. Looking For Second Tractor for Haying Operation

    I have been doing some looking at both the MX and the MXC series. I know the C series have a Perkins 4 cylinder. This tractor would be used to pull a 4 basket tedder, and either an 8 or 10 wheel v rake, if I end up picking up another mower it might see a little time on a 9' disc mower, but mainly would be on tedder and rake. It would also have a loader on it to load and unload bales. We make about a 5.5x4 bale that is typically in 1000-1200 lb range. I know 80 to 90 HP would be more that enough to do these jobs, just need to know how reliable these tractors are.
  4. I am looking at buying a second tractor for our haying operation. I currently have a Maxxum125 that I cut and bale with, and have been using an IH504 to rake and ted with. The 504 caught fire and burned last fall. I have been looking at another Maxxum like maybe a 115 with a loader, but I have also been considering one of the older MX110s, or 120s, I just don't know how many hours would be to many on one of the MXs. Any of you have one of the smaller MXs that can give me an opinion on them? Thanks