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  1. baart38

    Found an H

    Yeah a 33 hour ride on that H. And yeah I know I could likely find one closer but what fun is that? Tell me something better than a 3 day ride on an H across NE, Iowa and WI. OK don't answer that. At least we would be saving one from the grim reaper.
  2. baart38

    Found an H

    This is a picture of her. Engine is loose. Considering it. Would snap it up but it is a 33 hour ride (yeah I made the calculation 😄) on her from home without a trailer. What do you guys think of it? Looks pretty straight. i haven't actually seen it in person as my brother the one that found her and checked her out.
  3. baart38

    Found an H

    Guys, I found an H sitting outside that hasn't run for a few years. Looks complete. How should I go about seeing if it will run without damaging it or causing more damage? It's got a flap on the muffler so hopefully no water in it. Should I put lubricant in the cylinders first, fresh fluids, etc.?
  4. Are you still keeping track of H's or is it just Super H's. I am looking for an H Serial #FBH 88571X6. Was in Fond du Lac County Wisconsin at one time.

    Thanks for any help.

  5. I figured somebody might be able to identify that Case. Now here is an ad for Oliver tractors from 1948. I remember when I worked for Green Giant in Ripon, WI combining peas in the early 70's they had a JE Love cutter mounted on an Oliver 88. That was a neat old setup at that time. Most cutters then were mounted on JD 3020's.
  6. Well put together with the music. Thats a lot of good vintage ads. Heres one that surprised me. A Farmhand loader on a little Ford back in 1954. After running an 8N with a loader on it I have to say that must have been a real treat working that Ford with that big Farmhand loader way out in front. What's the term Armstrong Power Steering?
  7. Noticed the old 12A combine in the picture. We had one. JD put the hitch on the "wrong" side. Anyone know why?
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