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  1. 886 Hydraulic Problem

  2. 886 Hydraulic Problem

    I am having trouble with the 3 pt on my 886. Pulling the 3 pt lever up will not raise it unless I have a remote all the way up (back). I had a cylinder connected to the remote and once it got fully extended I could raise the 3 point if I kept the remote lever back as well. Any thoughts? Looks like everything is under the fuel tank. Will that just slide out if I have to remove that?
  3. Is It Just Me?

    Bought a new piece of machinery. During the negotiations the sales rep wouldn't agree to my initial offer. In the end I thought the price I paid was fair to both of us. Yet I couldn't help thinking how everyone else seems to get a better deal than me. If I pay $30K for something someone else will say they paid $25K for similar thing. Same thing with crops. If my corn goes 180 bu everyone else's goes 200 and if mine goes 200 bu everyone else says theirs went 210. Anyone else feel the same way?
  4. Are you still keeping track of H's or is it just Super H's. I am looking for an H Serial #FBH 88571X6. Was in Fond du Lac County Wisconsin at one time.

    Thanks for any help.

  5. Messed up My 4300 FC

    That's what I was afraid of. Its not really the expense, etc of the whole thing that bothers me the most. It's how it happened. I've removed those stops many many times. It was stupidity on my part. At least it wasn't something that caused someone to get hurt or worse. Could a person cut the rockshaft in one or two places realign and weld together?
  6. Messed up My 4300 FC

    I have a 24' #4300 field cultivator. In June I was going to replant some wet spots. As it had been sitting I had put the two support channels (blocks) on the main cylinders. In one of those "how could I have done that" moments I was getting ready to go out and got interrupted while removing those support channels and only took one out. When I lowered the cultivator I could see what happened. Now when I raise it both side go up to the same point but the one side settles down 6-12 inches or so right away. I had both the wing and main cylinder on that side into the shop and they tell me both are good. Any ideas or did I eff up the main rock shaft in some way?
  7. Vintage Ads

    I figured somebody might be able to identify that Case. Now here is an ad for Oliver tractors from 1948. I remember when I worked for Green Giant in Ripon, WI combining peas in the early 70's they had a JE Love cutter mounted on an Oliver 88. That was a neat old setup at that time. Most cutters then were mounted on JD 3020's.
  8. Vintage Ads

    Well put together with the music. Thats a lot of good vintage ads. Heres one that surprised me. A Farmhand loader on a little Ford back in 1954. After running an 8N with a loader on it I have to say that must have been a real treat working that Ford with that big Farmhand loader way out in front. What's the term Armstrong Power Steering?
  9. Vintage Ads

    That is cool.
  10. Vintage Ads

    Noticed the old 12A combine in the picture. We had one. JD put the hitch on the "wrong" side. Anyone know why?