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  1. The first thing you must do is to convince the membership of your state chapter of the IH Collector's Club. I was at the membership meeting when the Ohio Chapter #6 voted to hold the 2022 Roundup. At that meeting the directors presented their plan to the members to have it at Springfield. After a lengthy discussion the club voted to go for the 2022 show. I don't think any other chapter was running for that show so getting the National club to agree wasn't a big deal. If there are more than one IHCC chapter that wants to host a show, then it gets put to the membership at the RPRU. On Saturday of Roundup, the National IHCC board holds a membership meeting and at this meeting is where the voting for future Roundups takes place. As noted before, there was only one chapter interested in 2026, which was voted on at this year's RPRU. Using manpower from the local tractor clubs is a good way to get more help. I know when Chapter 33 hosted RPRU in 2010, at least one local tractor club helped out. @Merk was the Chairmen for the 2013 RPRU and @SMOKER 1 was the president for Chapter 33 when they hosted the 2010 Roundup. If they are willing, they should know the answers to the question you are asking.
  2. So that the work gets split up and gets done. This makes for a better show.
  3. You should be able manage your notification settings by going to https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/notifications/options/ If you opt-out of push notifications, you shouldn't be asked again if you stay logged into the device.
  4. Sorry for not seeing this earlier. I've been busy catching up on stuff around home after being gone last week at RPRU. The iframe option works but you have to be in source mode in your reply window. To this click Source on the reply toolbar, then paste the iframe code.
  5. Here’s what I brought home. The Dallas Cowboys hat isn’t from RPRU obviously but I got it in DFW waiting on a layover to Grand Island. The 1979 and 1980 buyer’s guides came from The Paper Farmer. The Viscosity Oil hat came from Danny aka @DirtBoyz07
  6. I wonder if its sold as part of item #1 in the following link? https://www.mycnhistore.com/us/en/caseih/na/engines/case/naam12cas0744cyl/4-cylinder-diesel-engine/complete-machine/injection-nozzle-5000-thru-5500-windrowers/cn/1895BA70-8FBF-E111-9FCE-005056875BD6/BDDA6496-EFBE-E111-9FCE-005056875BD6 By that page, the injector you have is for a 5000 swather only. They show a different injector for the D239 in all other applications.
  7. Chapter #40 Montana 4353 Arnold Road Shepherd, MT 59079 406-690-5087 Richard Gee
  8. Bill, Good to read that you made it home safely and without any issues. BJ
  9. After Danny left, I stuck around for a while and found a few more tractors to photograph. 4568 re-powered by a Detroit Diesel. I sure wouldn't want to run it in a field all day! Here's the transfer case on the 4WD B. The last Scout. This is as close as I dared to get to it, the owner was a bit rude. The rest are from the tractors coming back from the parade.
  10. Here are mine from this morning (Saturday). It was a great show. ] Below is the inside of the 885X. When I got to where Danny's tractors were, at like 9AM he had already taken the 485X to the trailer. When he got back there were people who wanted to see his tractors. So two hours later @IHhogfarmer and I helped him get the 885X and the 5388 back to the trailer. The 885X had some trouble getting started so Danny let me drive the 5388 back to the trailer to get the jump pack. Then once Danny got it started and back to the trailer, Jayce got to back the 5388 onto the trailer. Jayce at the wheel. All loaded up. Here's a video I shot of the 5388 being loaded.
  11. Yep. Chapter 33 is my “home” chapter.
  12. Directly behind the indoor vendor building.
  13. Here's mine from today. First a couple of 88 series. And some random stuff I saw. And lastly today's group photo.
  14. I found a weight to keep me tied down. 🙂
  15. He’s supposed to be calling me to help fix his phone so he can post here again.
  16. Its a sugar beet harvester.
  17. Its great to read of Zach's continued progress!
  18. Here are my pictures of the day. Some are already shown above.
  19. I will look tomorrow. That's one building I didn't get to go through today.
  20. I was in Dallas yesterday for a layover on the way to Grand Island. As I got off the plane and walked up the jetway, I certainly felt the humidity.
  21. @Tonyinca must not be flying American. Or I’m blind. 😁
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