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  1. On 2/14/2024 at 11:33 PM, Dirt_Floor_Poor said:

    What does it cost to replace a 10 sp auto trans?

    I don't know how much it cost, but we have a 2020 F350 SRW at work that had its 10 speed transmission replaced. It was out of warranty.

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  2. On 2/9/2024 at 5:18 AM, François02 said:

    thank you all!

    do you have a website for trains in the US?

    I don't find flights to fargo or grand island. Is there an airport in there?

    There is an airport in Grand Island. You can fly from Dallas to Grand Island. @Tonyinca and I just did that last summer for Red Power Roundup.

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  3. 2 hours ago, TriStripe1086 said:

    My truck looks just like yours except it's a 3500 long bed. It has coil springs with factory air bags as well. Does a great job with the 17,000 lb toy hauler.

    You mean 2500? The 3500 is leaf springs or with optional air bags. 

  4. 20 hours ago, F-301066460puller said:

    That's the auto

    And not available from factory on the Cummins. Any Cummins trucks you see setup this way have converted by the owner. The shifter is from a gas powered 250/3500. In those years the Hemi trucks used the 66RE transmissions, the linkages will work for the 68RE used only in diesel trucks. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, Qc.Can.IH man said:

    Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning up my yards and laneway.
    I used my 186 Hydro



    Is the blower auger moved manually? I didn't know IH made a blower that way. My Hydro 186 has stayed in the barn so far this winter as we have't had enough snow to need to use it. 

  6. 22 hours ago, Cattech said:

    Unless a moderator announces that they have created a Red Power app, do not click on that! You probably have some sort of virus that is trying to access your computer. 

    The software already includes the ability to install a web-app of the forum. I use the web-app on my iPhone to get the notifications from the forum.

  7. 7 hours ago, poor farmer/logger said:

    Anyone know what this device is or was and what it actually did? Dads 2019 came from the factory with a sort of working dpf system. It didn’t last long before it quit working though and then some mysterious thief took it off. 

    I'm curious too, as the device was supposedly used on the '13 to '18 model years as well. The article I read said that the 2013 to 2019's have been or are being recalled. I also read that the 2019-23 also had a auxillary device used as well. Since I own a 2018, I checked my VIN on the Mopar recall site and found the recall letter. For the 13-18's its a reprogramming of the PCM. Here's the link for the Canadian Mopar site to check your VIN. https://www.mopar.com/en-ca/my-vehicle/recalls/search.html


    Also just a friendly reminder, lets keep the politics out of this. 

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  8. Here's my Farmall 100. My Grandpa Coolman bought in 2001. When he got it, it had been rolled into a ditch and front end was snapped off. He first thought it was an A but later realized it was a 100. I think at some point in its life, it had Fast Hitch but doesn't anymore. The tractor came back from the paint shop just before Christmas 2006. When Grandpa bought the tractor, he had the option of buying the front blade for it, but by the time he got the tractor going, the guy sold the blade. Grandpa passed away in 2012 and then when Grandma passed in 2019, it became mine. 

    The blade in this photo came from a fellow forum member. I haven't really had the tractor out since 2019, as Grandma let a cousin use it (abuse it is a better way to describe it) and so its been sitting in my barn waiting for me to get it going again. 


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