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  1. Yes the 966 was available with a Hydro from 1971 to 1973. In 1973 the Hydro 100 with non-turbo 436 came out. The 1066 Hydro was also dropped in 1973.
  2. The 766, 966, 1066 and 1466 each started with serial number 7101. Hydro 100 started with number 7501. I believe the new model year started November 1. @DR.EVIL worked at Farmall and could explain the line sequence better.
  3. I changed the title to hopefully get the discussion started.
  4. Check with Steve Smith. He is the Ohio IH club president and deals in plow parts. His phone number is 419-618-0017.
  5. No, changing the email address should not have caused it. Logging in through the VPN would cause you to have to log in again.
  6. I turned off email notifications for all users just now. Once we get everyone's email address updated, I will allow members to manage their own notification preferences.
  7. @Old Binder Guy and @mike newman please update your email addresses. Your PM box is full so I couldn't contact you directly.
  8. You can turn it back on if your email address is valid. Once I get confirmation that all the problem accounts have been updated, I will turn on email notifications for all users.
  9. When you registered for our forum, you had to give us an email address. In the past week we have had many notification emails be returned to us as undeliverable. This is most likely because the email address is no longer in service. So I am asking all members to verify your email address. You can do so by going to https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/settings/email/ Thanks for you cooperation! BJ
  10. 8601 is first serial number. Each of the 1086, 1486, & 1586 started at 8601.
  11. The forum still uses Invision Community. The main redpowermagazine.com site was changed to WordPress this week.
  12. Type into Google... "IH 2350 loader for sale". You will find several.
  13. I know there was at least one auction in October. Not sure if there are any more auctions to come.
  14. FarmallFan


    binderbooks.com has good reprints of the factory manuals.
  15. Here is what Maple Hunter offers: https://www.maplehunterdecalsindiana.com/ih1466blackstripestripesandnumbers.aspx I would call and talk with them, tell them what you are looking for, you might get a deal.
  16. What's the engine serial number? I have a Super C parts book from 1959 that shows the dipstick was available for the C123. It does not denote what determined when the dipstick was used vs the petcocks. @Super A was just asking about this very same thing a week or so ago.
  17. If anyone wants to question why a topic was removed, send me a personal message. To do so, click Send a personal message
  18. Backup cam is required for cab and chassis too. The 2020 F350 cab & chassis at work came with the camera.
  19. When I installed the last software update, the module that displays the birthdays changed. I haven't been able to figure out how to make it look like the old way.
  20. What's the serial number? In my 100/130/140 parts book it says that the 100 engine serial number started at 501, the 130 started at 36001 and the 140 started at 65001. Your question made me go out and look at the serial number on my 100 and Super C. My 100's engine serial number is 52356 and my Super C engine serial number is 75344. So I don't know if the engine serial numbers were started over when the 100 was introduced.
  21. This is Decker, Inc in Sherwood Ohio, when the store was located in the downtown area. It later moved to just outside of town.
  22. @red_reaper’s story of his family’s 1206 is worth sharing again.
  23. A Google search turned up this link: https://caseihharvesting.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/header-compatibility_gh-2063-081.pdf
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