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  1. SMI wanted the date to go to their new Texas track.
  2. I remember the School bus I rode had the 408, it was a 1993 chassis and a 1994 Blue Bird body.
  3. I am fairly certain it's Gloss Black. @DirtBoyz07 or @IHC5488 can tell us for sure.
  4. Yes they fit without issue. I hauled this one to RPRU in Racine, WI back in 2016. A fellow forum member had purchased it. Another forum member picked it up from the seller but wasn't going to have room on his truck so I hauled out there.
  5. You need it to be 5/8" wide, correct? If so the ebay link I texted you should work.
  6. @Tonyinca has restored two of them.
  7. If you can post a picture, it might help us help you.
  8. From the Chapter 6 Facebook page..
  9. Rick, I'd try reaching out to JP Tractor salvage, phone 573-783-7055. You might also check with Bates Corporation, phone 800-248-2955. If anyone would have an oil pan, these two would.
  10. You can also CNH parts lookup to find it https://www.mycnhistore.com/us/en/caseih/category/transmission-drivetrain/power-steering/pwr-steering/socket/p/368997R1
  11. If Chrome is still causing issues, try using Microsoft Edge just to see if the issue follows the browser.
  12. What device are you using? The first thing I'd try is clearing your browser's cache and cookies. If you need help with that, just let me know.
  13. I did the same with Messicks and they listed the tank as 371640R91. From Googling that part number its also used on the 460 utility as noted by @planejeff
  14. Is the 88 series cab dimensionally the same as the 86 series? If the platform is good on the 3588, why can't you do the same thing you did with my Hydro 186 and leave the 3588 platform and then just put the replacement cab on that platform? Also, I will have an answer for the red trim for you this evening.
  15. Here's a video of the finished truck I found on IH Parts America's Facebook page. https://fb.watch/ehqsMmsTgd/
  16. It means Not A Number. This is because the listing format is usually for cars and trucks which obviously has a odometer.
  17. Probably a lease not a purchase, which would fit with the idea of subscriptions.
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