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  1. Florida post?

  2. Long term customer loyalty has no meaning these days

    I was just getting ready to post the same thing. The politics of the United States have no reason to be brought up in this topic.
  3. looking for 5x88 steps

    I would guess that getting a new one would be the best bet. Google is your friend for finding a K&M Dealer.
  4. Web Site

    I checked the logs and did not see any problems. Are you having trouble with any other sites?
  5. 2355 loader brackets interchange

    You are correct. Here's a 2455 on a 5288 MFD. I found the photo on Facebook, its not my tractor.
  6. 150 years of IHC book

    I would agree with that.
  7. 150 years of IHC book

    To me that book is called Red Tractors 1958-2013. And Red Combines 1915-2015. And Red 4WD 1957-2017.
  8. 6588 dome light and door switches.

    Check with 88seriesrestorer here on the forum or call him at 618-795-3950.
  9. Guns

    Enough trolling. This topic will be closed.
  10. 150 years of IHC book

    My grandma and grandpa Kline give me my copy for Christmas in 1994. Its been well used since then.
  11. IHCC Winter Convention

    I fixed the title for you. Looks like a good time.
  12. IH 550 spreader question

    What holds the circled part on the shaft? A farm I do some computer work for has an IH 550 spreader and the part I circled slides on the shaft. Is it supposed to do that and if not is it an easy fix? The rest of the spreader is in nice shape so the farm wants to sell the spreader. Obviously if it works then they can ask a higher price than if it doesn’t. No the photo isn’t of the spreader in question, my phone battery was dead so I couldn’t get a picture of it.The picture is from an IH brochure. 🙂
  13. Guns

    You don't have to post either Miller.
  14. Guns

    I completely agree.
  15. Generator question

    Let it dry out longer?
  16. IH 550 spreader question

    You are right! I found it in the parts book. I was looking in the wrong section before I posted this topic.
  17. Tractor Supply Co.

    Double check what zip code the website is using. It might be using your Internet provider's zip code, not necessarily the one for your house. I've had that happen many times.
  18. Give and take word game

    Fax line
  19. Tractor Supply Co.

    I was going to say the same thing.
  20. prayers desperately needed

    Prayers from NW Ohio for your son, and your family.
  21. How to get WiFi from house router to shop

    Yes Cat6 would be the most reliable. Getting wireless from a range extender into a metal building doesn't work well at all.
  22. Super C

    200 should be the same as 230, correct?
  23. My new shop truck /year plus project !!

    We need a video of it in action!
  24. Winter Convention 2018

    Winter Conventions have Vendors, a few tractors on display, and seminars. Here's the link to the 2018 WInter Convention:
  25. Battery for Farmall 60A

    The Case IH site says the number I gave is No Longer Available. Does the operator's manual have any information about the battery size? I find it hard to believe that a dealer can't get this information for a tractor that is in current production.