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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nine-O-Nine
  2. You can keep it. None of that stuff here.
  3. This site lists a different number to call them. https://www.baileyscreamers.com/contact-us/
  4. Here’s a couple of videos from Tony. First the slow speed test. and the full speed test
  5. You had it in the About Me section. I added it to your signature just now.
  6. What did you add? What I see on the admin side is the same as what is visible to everyone
  7. I don't know if your on Facebook but these just showed up there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/971508006250322/permalink/3941189059282187/?sale_post_id=3941189059282187
  8. I believe you are correct. With the limits that are in place these days, you'd think that blackouts would be lifted.
  9. Having a Red truck at a RPRU isn't just limited to Chevy's. There are a lot of Red trucks of all makes at RPRU. Makes finding yours a bit more challenging.
  10. I'll let @856 Custom buy them both, then buy the arm rests from him. Less trucking for me that way. LOL
  11. The 1978 has the arm rests I am trying to find for mine. Mine is also a 1978.
  12. I don't think so. The center grill is also about impossible to find these days.
  13. That or he waits until the next election and runs for Sheriff.
  14. Case Corporation and New Holland merged in the late 1990's to form CNHI. This is not a "recent" event.
  15. From the part number (96903-HA) and and a Google Search I found this: https://www.binderplanet.com/forums/index.php?threads/red-diamond-t35-need-help-identifying.139950/
  16. FarmallFan


    I don't drink coffee. But the topic title did cause me to take a closer look. 🤔
  17. Being hard to read and being blatantly condescending are two different things.
  18. The member count may show 86,000 but not nearly that many are active. I have heard from several other long time members who are all tired of your constant condescending attitude. You can either be more considerate of others or you can leave. BJ
  19. https://brillman.com/product/ihc-farmall-cub-complete-alternator-conversion-kit/ I used Brillman's kit to convert my H and it works great.
  20. A Google Search for 539280R1 brought me to https://aftermarket.express/international-truck/539280r1
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