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  1. 2455 lift height is 16 ft 1 inch. Boy that tractor looks familiar. 😉
  2. They can be reached at (785) 325-2875
  3. I fixed my mistake, spell check didn't catch it. 😱
  4. I'm not sure why this is happening to you. None of our boards require admin approval before the post can be shown. How much of a delay are you seeing?
  5. According to CNH's parts lookup site this is the correct muffler for the D-310. https://www.hoober.com/cas-530588r4-muffler
  6. You can purchase the owner's manual and parts manual from https://www.dmcretail.com/productSearch.aspx Enter 100 as the model, then in the Type drop-down, choose either Parts Catalog or Operator's Manual. You can buy either a paper copy or a PDF copy.
  7. I’m Catholic so I’m used to the length of the wedding Mass and/or Funeral Mass.
  8. My cousin got married at that Catholic church. I thought it looked familiar.
  9. I was just sharing that page as it answered some of the questions you posed to Sallie.
  10. I am fairly certain IHC5488 gets his harnesses from http://www.porchelectric.com/
  11. I'm not sure if Dasnake has a 6.7 Cummins or 5.9 but I know from reading my manual for my 6.7 that it states "If ambient temperatures are low and the coolant temperature is below 180°F (82°C), the engine idle speed will slowly increase to 1,000 RPM after two minutes of idle, if the following conditions are met: • Foot is off brake pedal and throttle pedal. • Automatic transmission is in PARK. • Vehicle speed is 0 mph (0 km/h). • Applying the throttle will cancel fast idle. • Operating the exhaust brake at idle will greatly improve warm up rate and will help keep the engine close to operating temperature during extended idle." My point being that idling with the exhaust brake activated DOES help with warm-up.
  12. Sarcasm doesn't always come across very well online when you just read the written word.
  13. Since the original poster admitted this topic doesn’t belong in this board, I have locked it.
  14. I don’t think there’s anywhere near that many 1206’s in my part of Ohio.
  15. Cluttering up the General IH board with Coffee Shop style pots won’t bring it back any faster.
  16. If only the pot wouldn’t keep getting stirred….
  17. This would be best handled by personal message. This board is for IH discussions. Thanks! BJ
  18. The paper book is easier to come by.
  19. If you know the IH part number, enter it into the "Manufacturer's Part Number(s)" box(es). I felt it was worth sharing since the OP asked for Napa numbers. Given the age of these machines, having the IH parts book makes it much easier to track down and cross reference parts.
  20. Also the following link allows you to enter your OEM number and get the Napa number (if available) http://www.nfhconnect.com/Home
  21. This may be useful in your parts search: https://www.binderbooks.com/bb-tc-63.html
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