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  1. Pull type combines

    Had an 82 pt. in the mid 60.s not a bad little combine,do about 16 acres a day. Replaced it with a used 105, then a new1420 in 84, and the rest is history.
  2. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    I remember an old guy saying, East wind is cold no matter which way it comes from.
  3. Mystery cab sighting

    excel Cab.
  4. Left hand PTO lever 56/66 cab tractor.

    Both my 1206,s have the PTO lever on the left side of the seat, ICB cab on the I 1206
  5. Headlights in the way of pulley Belt on W-series ?

    My Dad just flipped the light bracket upside down so it was below the belt.
  6. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    I was lucky to see it fly in the fall before it was scraped, they were doing a low level run over our farm with a CF100 chase plane. At between 1500 & 2000ft with the Day Glo decals in full view the Arrow opened the throttle and left the CF 100 way behind trying to catch up. Ray.
  7. Vintage Ads

    Yes Ralph, I have seen the uni body when they were new but only in Ford version. Turned out to be a bad idea as the sheet metal would stress & break just behind the cab. Much like a few GM four door hard top cars would do on country roads. Ray
  8. While I Was Away

    Another Flat head Fan here Ralph. Son & I have a running 52 F6 Ford Cab & Chassie I used on the farm for a few years until I got a 69 F600 that is semi retired but still does grain hauling on the farm. Big Job now is a 75 L9000 tandem that we put a IH DT466 in 2 years ago to replace a tired GM diesel.
  9. Your IH dealer......what else did they sell?

    Our IH dealer Dealer also sold New Idea, New Holland, Pioneer Chain saws etc. That was the reason IH puller his dealership in the Late sixties. Used to sell a train car load of NH Balers every year in the late 50,s .
  10. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Welcome Back Ralph, I was wondering where you were. Ray'
  11. Help with plow identification

    Looks like a Little wonder , My Dad bought a 2 bottom like that new in 1940.
  12. 806 brake controller

    i had that problem with a 1256 I bought at a dealer auction a few years ago. Thought it needed new brake disc, opened up and found new metalic disc. checked the orifice , there was a piece of old Oring stuck in it so bad I needed a needle nose pliers to pull it out. Brakes worked great after that, someone spent $1000.00 for new disc and still had no brakes.
  13. 300 u hydraulics post for real this time

    Paul, I put about 10,000 Hrs on our 300U that dad bought new in 1954 . We had a non IH loader (Super Six) single acting lift. The dealer just put remote coupler on the lift side of the valve , so you switched the valve to single acting to use the loader. didn`t unhook the lift Cylinder fast hitch just went to the top & stayed there until you uncoupled the loader & switched back to double acting on the valve.
  14. 300 u hydraulics post for real this time

    One thing I noticed in pic#5 one valve is set for double acting & the other which I assume is the loader valve is set to single acting which would be correct for that loader. The thing I noticed was the loader valve has the stop removed & the valve is set past where the stop for single acting should be. Try setting that valve back to where it should be for single acting. It could be restricting the flow being set that far past where it should be. Ray
  15. new member HELLO all

    sounds like you are describing the gas start carb maybe choke butterfly. You need to make shure the decompresser valves in the head are not stuck in diesel mode or you will be getting another starter