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  1. Does it have T A ? If not then 80W 90 for the trany & hytran for the Hydraulics. I put about 10,000 hrs on dads 300U.
  2. Ruby Red where are you? Lets have a picture of your Farmall.
  3. T4, T5, & TD5 were built in Hamiton Ontario Canada. I have a TD5 with a Drott skid shovel loader.
  4. What year is the Louisville Brian? Bought a nice tandem with an Aluminum box 2 years ago.
  5. I had a 1640 I bought new with that kind of trouble, The Dealer came & pulled the valve & found a small speck of something in it. Blew it out and no more trouble.
  6. My 1420 had a 358. Cummins 5.9 maybe 1620.
  7. Alex, I am just a short distance from Alliston or Hensall, Lots of IH equipment still working in this area. I am sure you could find a Job at any of the CNH dealers, also lots of JCB equipment out there. btw, how is the 806 working for you. Ray
  8. MT Matt, these are the only pictures I have on file. Don,t show the hitch real good. I may have to take some new ones Firs one is the # 60 second is the # 70.
  9. Strange, that looks like the hitch on my #70 plow, not like the one on my Sons #60. Ray
  10. 664 CDN

    1466 hy tran

    I have a couple steep hills , PTO will stop when cutting down hill if the rear end is at level on the dipstick. Add extra Hytran & it works , so yes it works.
  11. 664 CDN

    IH skid steers

    Built by Hydra Mac, I had one like that.
  12. 664 CDN

    1660 Is Back

    You don't need to pull every thing apart to get the nuts off. Just take an angle grinder with a cut off wheel and cut a slot in the end of the bolt so you can use a screw driver to hold the bolt . I used a modified wonder bar to get the one on the right side. then make sure you have the shaker in the middle of its stroke when you tighten it back up and you will be good for a long time.
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