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  1. Yes, I have pulled mine with my 1256, but my 7110 is much nicer & has 3 remotes.
  2. Carl, do you have C H Koenig Mildmay & M H Koenig Ayton they were all Brothers? I think I can find a picture of Miltons Dealership in Ayton. Ray.
  3. Ralph, You need to get a flex head like we use for soybeans. Add field tracker & you will not have to dig the dirt out of the header when combining. If I was 2000 miles closer I would come over & help you out. Ray
  4. I had one of those back in the 90s, kept blowing head gaskets . otherwise a good little machine. Got rid of it after a couple years
  5. 664 is a 656U with 239 German engine. even the fenders are the same.
  6. That is actually a Farmall 664 .
  7. Does it have T A ? If not then 80W 90 for the trany & hytran for the Hydraulics. I put about 10,000 hrs on dads 300U.
  8. Ruby Red where are you? Lets have a picture of your Farmall.
  9. T4, T5, & TD5 were built in Hamiton Ontario Canada. I have a TD5 with a Drott skid shovel loader.
  10. What year is the Louisville Brian? Bought a nice tandem with an Aluminum box 2 years ago.
  11. I had a 1640 I bought new with that kind of trouble, The Dealer came & pulled the valve & found a small speck of something in it. Blew it out and no more trouble.
  12. My 1420 had a 358. Cummins 5.9 maybe 1620.
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