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  1. Get a transport truck air ride seat. that,s what is in my 7110 , rides great.
  2. Sorry for double post I am a bit rust at this, Just wanted to say that T20 is the same shade of red as mine. bought mine not running about 25 years ago never had time to work on it. Last week after putting new head gasket & plane the head new valves on it my son cranked it over a few times and it started & ran for a few min. First time running in about 20 years. I will get a picture later.
  3. Yes, I have pulled mine with my 1256, but my 7110 is much nicer & has 3 remotes.
  4. Carl, do you have C H Koenig Mildmay & M H Koenig Ayton they were all Brothers? I think I can find a picture of Miltons Dealership in Ayton. Ray.
  5. Ralph, You need to get a flex head like we use for soybeans. Add field tracker & you will not have to dig the dirt out of the header when combining. If I was 2000 miles closer I would come over & help you out. Ray
  6. Ruby Red where are you? Lets have a picture of your Farmall.
  7. MT Matt, these are the only pictures I have on file. Don,t show the hitch real good. I may have to take some new ones Firs one is the # 60 second is the # 70.
  8. Strange, that looks like the hitch on my #70 plow, not like the one on my Sons #60. Ray
  9. Gary, No I don,t have a Snapon adapter, just a Long extension that fits the female ratchet on one end and other end is regular male end .
  10. Gary, I have one of those Female ratchets that my Dad used when he owned his Ford Garage in the 1920s to 1935. I also have the adapter to make her transgender, along with an assortment of pullers & valve spring compressor Etc. A few years ago I found a 1920 Model T parts book at an auction. Henry being the frugal fellow he was must have had a hand in setting up the Parts catalog because every part , nut, & bolt has a code word so you could order a part by telegraph with one word plus the number of how many you wanted. Ray
  11. Yes Ralph, I have seen the uni body when they were new but only in Ford version. Turned out to be a bad idea as the sheet metal would stress & break just behind the cab. Much like a few GM four door hard top cars would do on country roads. Ray
  12. Welcome Back Ralph, I was wondering where you were. Ray'
  13. Troy, There was some regulations around WW2 time. Ford of Canada as well as the other auto Makers were limited by Government laws as to how many copies of each model they could make. They got around the rules by making more model lines,aka Mecury Trucks , Monarch & Meteor cars Only in Canada Eh.
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