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  1. 664 CDN

    International Harvester 1940's dealership

    They are McCormick Deering Separators. I have the base of Dads that I use for a electric grinder , Have to get a pic. of it. Ray
  2. 664 CDN

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary, No I don,t have a Snapon adapter, just a Long extension that fits the female ratchet on one end and other end is regular male end .
  3. 664 CDN

    8575 over pressure on 7140

    Is your return line 0 pressure to the reservoir? You set the pressure by changing the load on the monitor box.
  4. 664 CDN

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary, I have one of those Female ratchets that my Dad used when he owned his Ford Garage in the 1920s to 1935. I also have the adapter to make her transgender, along with an assortment of pullers & valve spring compressor Etc. A few years ago I found a 1920 Model T parts book at an auction. Henry being the frugal fellow he was must have had a hand in setting up the Parts catalog because every part , nut, & bolt has a code word so you could order a part by telegraph with one word plus the number of how many you wanted. Ray
  5. 664 CDN

    8575 over pressure on 7140

    Check & make sure the valve on the baler that sets the pressure is set for the type of pump on the tractor eg. closed or open center. you also need to have the return line dump directly into the hyd. reservoir ( no presure) I have a 8570 that I run with a 7110, Before I got the magnum I baled with an 886 which has a gear pump and needed a different adapter on the baler valve. Hydraulic valve needs to be on all the time, Pressure is adjusted by the control box in the cab. PM me if you have more Questions. Ray
  6. 664 CDN

    few more rpru pictures

    That is a charlyn (sp). pump. Have one on a 47 Farmall A runs a Henderson Loader.
  7. 664 CDN

    Newest addition at the Proving Grounds

    TD5 built in Hamilton Ontario. I have one with a 5k3 drott skid shovel. That one has snow pads on the tracks.
  8. 664 CDN

    PTO shaft runs all the time... 1486

    I put a hyd. brake PTO from a 786 in a 1456 . Works great I also Like to be able to turn the shaft to hook it up . Put new disc in before the switch.
  9. 664 CDN

    Planter Seeting Help

    What row width? With out looking at my Drill chart I would guess 18 at 7.5 " width.
  10. 664 CDN

    Gluten free diet?

    Nothing to be afraid of. My sister had Celiacs as a child She says she is now cured. My Wife has it also just developed a couple years ago. Just make sure she stays on the diet.
  11. 664 CDN

    Pull type combines

    Had an 82 pt. in the mid 60.s not a bad little combine,do about 16 acres a day. Replaced it with a used 105, then a new1420 in 84, and the rest is history.
  12. 664 CDN

    Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    I remember an old guy saying, East wind is cold no matter which way it comes from.
  13. 664 CDN

    Mystery cab sighting

    excel Cab.
  14. 664 CDN

    Left hand PTO lever 56/66 cab tractor.

    Both my 1206,s have the PTO lever on the left side of the seat, ICB cab on the I 1206
  15. 664 CDN

    Headlights in the way of pulley Belt on W-series ?

    My Dad just flipped the light bracket upside down so it was below the belt.