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  1. But an 82/83 truck would have an inline pump which is totally different
  2. A coulter on a disc? I am confused as to what that could be! Are you talking a disc harrow or a disk plow?
  3. What do you gain by bolting the back half of a 504 to the front half of a 606 ? You just end up with a 606 not a really special 504 . you can get the same effect by putting a set of 504 emblems on a 606. If you look in a couple of parts books there is not a lot of different parts in the rear half of those two tractors.
  4. I couldn't figure out what looked so wrong about the tractor then it dawned on me the white sheet metal is off of a 606! The sheet metal has no ribs, the slant on the lower front panel goes the wrong way, and the rear wrap around is one piece instead of three.
  5. no service manual ever printed ,Owners manual and parts manuals only.
  6. those frames are real common they were used on later 46 thru very early 440 balers. the trick is to find one where the hole for vthe twine disc shaft goes is not wore baldly
  7. the outside lever doesn't adjust the clutch. There is a ring on the pressure plate you turn to adjust the snap. The lever should be loose on both ends of the travel or you will ruin the throw out bearing .
  8. R190

    65 v190

    Lots of 190s had hydraulic brakes most fire trucks on 190 chassis in this area did (relatively flat land) that looks like a former fire truck. Is it a V196? The 6 denote a factory fire truck chassis spec.
  9. I think he is trying to time a diesel.
  10. I have been on the recovery side of the same situation one goes in and goes down rescuer goes in and goes down. A bad situation, its a somber ride back to the hall.
  11. Our town has a CP RAIL line going thru it and they run up to thirty trains a day thru many of those trains are Dakota crude oil , containers and grain hopper cars you may see some with all CP power but you see a lot of other color locomotives in the mix with just a CP for the lead they probably don't have a lot in storage.
  12. set screw is just side to side locating. maybe I missed something but did you try to adjust ALL the linkage as per the manual before you tore it apart?
  13. had lots of customers who only set out the one side for in the furrow plowing less work to set back for narrow row spring work.
  14. yes putting it back together is the problem
  15. I have seen excessive guide wear on tractor where they put aftermarket guide seals on , as "they came with the kit".
  16. rear support will be different and you will have to change spindles to use the cast wheels . what front end were you considering getting spindles from? the upright part of the spindle may be longer for the 400- 450 wide front also. I am not so clear on what you mean by old style
  17. Got a letter with paper work listing my Navistar stock certificates today telling me to send them in and they will send me a check. Without interest of course. End of an era ! I wonder how long that will take.
  18. when I originally read his post and he said he put it back together I took it as he already had it back in the tractor . If its still on the bench and just put together I would just replace the pump.
  19. is the cam still out ? If so run a wire down through the head the gasket and block to the cam bearing. You could also use air pressure.
  20. If the lube pressure is good I would run the pump the lube pressure comes from the retune of the power steering not the base flow of the pump no matter how big of pump you put in there the regulated lube gallons is not more than the orfice size which I think is 5 gallons on an 86 series tractor.
  21. stuck in 2 gears ? can you find all the gears when you try to sift it?
  22. I bet on a turned center cam bearing blocking of the oil supply here are two holes in the bearing that have to line up with the block passages . Maybe the installer linee up the wrong hole with the passage you can see from the main bearing then the other hole would be totally blocked off.
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