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  1. After you get off your incredibly high horse. If you can't stand them don't read them.
  2. look on the side of the block for numbers stamped in, not cast in usually upper rh corner close to the deck that will tell you what modal engine you have as far a a 263 goes just about any thing but an ag or construction tractor including crawlers and payloaders had sleeveless engines also you usually can tell by a sleeveless engine will have nuts exposed on the bolts that hold the backplate or bellhousing to the block depending apon the application.
  3. I would never use those brackets with out the reinforcement package back when those tractors were new before they realized they had a problem bolster or oil pan breakage would happen it wasn't too bad if it happened on a gas tractor as the engine was US sourced ( Indianapolis) as a oil pan was readily available but it was not uncommon to hear dealers say they waited up to a couple of months to get a pan from England or Germany air freight was not that common back then. I think I might know of a tractor right now that has a mount broken off the bolster
  4. could you put a jumper hose in the oil cooler lines eliminate the cooler. the oil cooler bypass would open if the oil is too cold to flow thru the cooler or if the cooler is plugged I found a plastic cap in a cooler line once after somebody else did a clutch job. I would bypass it back at the mcv if possible.
  5. With the way the bolt holes show use they were on a 454 or 464 before more than likely. also the the directions we got with the reinforcement package said to weld them to the existing front bracket and it looks like somebody didn't tack them sufficiently enough before taking it off to weld hence the torched up hole I personaly would drill the upper front hole thats missing and the middle front hole so you have a reverse upside down bolt pattern like the clutch housing has add as much to the back as needed to catch the front 2 holes in the clutch housing. thanks ny bill o for the picture
  6. i used to work in the shop next to the builder, he also had put a d282 in a Dodge Charger and had a B Farmall with I think 18.4 26 or so drive tires and a real tall front end.
  7. Did you try the most logical place a caseIH dealer? part # 49789d plenty available price is salty at $30.00 Messicks have 28 on hand
  8. Those are the earlier stlye brackets most commonly on the 74 series tractors with the factory reinforcements the picture of the nice shiny repainted brackets posted by oldiron29 are the most common 84 series bracket I believe you can make them work but the back may have to be lengthened and some redrilling will be needed.
  9. take it back, why did you have it rebuilt? or was it just resealed?
  10. what style brackets to you have now ? are they for a 3 cylinder tractor454-464 or the heavier for the 484 and newer? the bolt holes would be different but the brackets have to be the same overall length a picture would help
  11. how tall is it on the open side? looks nice!
  12. engines are externally identical will bolt right in also bellhousing mounts to frame so transmission stays where its at that way the drive shaft length is not even a consideration
  13. As long as they are both from trucks it will bolt right in if the engine was from a power unit it might need changing front covers and front plate.
  14. those little engines break cranks every once in a while I think the crank flexes because I find that usually the center main is wore more than the ends when we tear down one of those engines
  15. That was the box of carbs put out by the manifolds that day .
  16. even longer day
  17. You could get lucky 30 years ago my brother had 2 706s in our shop at the same time for major over haul we believe one of the main caps got switched between those two engines somehow. one tractor had the same main seize up 2 times we then had the block align bored end of problem the other tractor is running to this day without trouble. Both cranks turned freely when the crank was installed never suspected something out of the ordinary. FWIW IH did offer replacement caps at one time and the procedure is in the d361 service manual and I think in some of the D236-282 manuals for installing a NEW
  18. I grew up in an area that had about a dozen large turkey ranges with thousands of birds and when the birds got put out in the spring a notice went in the local paper that basicaly said ANY dog seen on a range will be shot NO questions asked and they meant it. It was accepted standard procedure, Occasionally a fido didn't come home but I never heard of any body digging up turkey range looking for the family pet.
  19. When we ordered those tractors new you picked the front tire size you wanted and you picked the rear size you wanted, the combination was what ever the dealer or customer preferred and looks was not usually a very high consideration. For a short time 7.50 18s fronts were sold around here on row crop tractors
  20. are you putting the arm on going up towards the manifold or pointing down the original carb didn't have a spring loaded arm and I know of no reason to have one or how one would possibly work.
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