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  1. Technically those are not split rim but the earned the nickname, true split rims are a different breed of cat . They are not too bad to work with IF you clean up any rust in the snap rig groove and on the snap ring and make sure every thing is seated . I really don't understand why the shops won't handle them except you can't just slop them on with a tire changer.
  2. It sure would be nice to see a picture of the whole tractor as those extensions are utility not high utility(utilty row crop ) as the adjusting tube is welded 1/3 of the way down instead of very near the top and the spline of a high utility starts close to the 12 in mark. After this many years any mash up of parts can be found. When those tractors were new enough we were taking the std adjustable front ends off after customers started braking spindles and extensions and putting on the Hd nonadjustable fronts. This is what makes being a parts man fun,but it sure makes a liar out of you sometimes when you tell the man over the phone you have all the parts then he brings in something like that! kes
  3. I made a big mistake and had the filter position backwards 407 had the engine OIL filters between the grain tank and engine . My sincerest apology for causing the confusion. As far as the 392 fuel consumption I have no practical experience but the 345 s where plenty powerfull in most of our conditions just thirsty we added a fuel pump 3/4 of the way up and then a regulator by the carb to keep enough gas up there. As in the trucks 392s were not gangbusters over the 345s of the day I don't think the fuel consumption would have been much more.
  4. ON most 45s the ears were welded on so you had to just get 4 of the pieces opposite of what is pictured for the very last 45s and the 4500s you need 4 of the ones pictured above and 4 of the opposite ones to bolt on the wing itself as the main frames no longer had the ears welded on.
  5. easy id for 407 engine fuel filters one the rearward side of the engine oil filters between the engine and grain tank 414 was the opposite. I had all three versions of 15 series combine 345 powered ran about 9 gallons an hour of 18-20 cent a gallon gas . 407 ran about 5-6 gallons an hour of 15 cent diesel. 414 came along later that used 5-6 gallons of 40 cent diesel fuel
  6. Spacing is dependant on the population you are trying to achive, The higher the population the spacing will be less the planter manual will tell you the drive combination used to get a specific population and spacing for various row widths. The number of cells has more to do with the speed you want to travel to achieve higher populations you would over speed an 8 cell plate rather quickly so you would have to drive terribly slow , An 16 cell plate could double your ground speed either plate could be used to create that spacing its the sprocket ratio of seed plate turns to drive tire travel that determines the spacing .
  7. That is how the lift system worked to fold it over is a manual deal . Does your mower have a pitmanstick drive or a wobble box the pitman stick type uses a threaded link and a crank type nut to hold the bar upright the wobble box type you can fold way over. BECAREFULL folding the bar the sickle can move and cut a finger off ! As far as speed start slow and you will be able to tell when the mower cannot handle the hay as you speed up . Every crop will be a little different.
  8. Case was a brand name also, used by the CE division after the Ag division was rebranded as case INTERNATIONAL it was still the J.I. CASE COMPANY who manufactured the equipment at that time. The INTERNATIONAL HARVESTOR COMPANY which by then consisted of the engine and motor truck divisions , was renamed NAVISTAR INTERNATIONAL some time in 86, as far as I know Tennaco or any later owners never got the rights to the name INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER COMPANY. Some magnums still have the J I CASE COMPANY listed as the manufacturer on the serial number tag.
  9. are you looking for the small frame machine (8 1/2 or 12 1/2 ft basic ) Or the large frame machine 22 1/2 basic ?
  10. my contract after the merger was between me and the J,I. CASE COMPANY NOT CASEIH. caseIH was just a brand name the manufacturer was the J.I. CASE COMPANY it says that on the serial number plates. The international Harvester Co. built engines and motor trucks not combines after the merger
  11. interesting truck the CO192 just meant it was a heavier speced version of the CO190 , That is not the sleeper cab, the sleeper cab extended to the rear farther, having the optional air brakes was definitely an upgrade in my book. Standard engine was the RD406 so check your block to make sure of what you have. Looks like a fun truck
  12. Howard P Didn't IH come out with a ordering and promotion package for loadstars call the BINDER and it seems to me they used that grille .It was in the 76-77 time frame as I was looking (dreaming) of a new loadstar ended up with a real low milage 73 loadstar that had been used by a roofing contractor so all it ever did was sit by the building with a sissors lift body.
  13. If you still need a clamp pm me I have maybe 20-30 used ones.
  14. Run it you have a slow rpm engine with wide bearings many a tractor has run a long time doing field work with double the out of round.
  15. The original question was about changing the left side o-rings I will I have changed left side o-rings on may be a dozen or two tractors a year for over 40 years and I don't recall ever draining the oil when I change the left side only . an ice cream pail will suffice now if you want to change the right side you must drain the oil.
  16. those look like the L H D B decal not the O D B Decal which was not out yet when an early 49 book was printed. Also the gauge and the switch are closer together than when the O D B was used.
  17. 376376r91 has now been superseded to a new number 3062832r91 and is available from caseih.
  18. Those pretty common breakage point on Hs with those Farmhand hay stackers and loaders especially before than started running that large angle iron from rear axle housing to front bolster area . I remember picking up new clutch housings at the St.Paul PDC and running them out to broken Hs. Ms were never a problem.
  19. R190


    clean the cables? , what voltage does the battery carry when attempting to crank it over?
  20. yes the original IH fix was loctite we tapped a lot of those blocks for set screws which was way better and way cheaper than a new valve stem.
  21. I grew up fixing those things and we found on 407s especially if the sleeves were tight and fairly close to specs we would leave them alone , just hone and rering them. Maybe even put in pistons if the lands were bad that was the practical way to do it might squeeze another 20 years out of some of those tractors. Not the idealist way to do things but the practical way to get customers going. Of course if you had sleeve problems then you had to get out the boring bar sometimes and true up a hole or so amazing how bad 407 blocks could get. A 361 almost never,
  22. if you leaked out a quart of 80-90 overnight you should have a gap you can see, are you sure your differential bearings are adjusted tight enough to hold the shaft centered
  23. A 361 is a different ball game than a 407 ,those 407 blocks seem to change more than 361 blocks and the sleeve setting procedure is different.
  24. For me I just walk to the bin and grab a couple, for you it may be way different it. It sounds like the machinist tried setting the spring preload with the washers the cup would have to be between the washers and the spring . As far as the preload goes unless they ground the '';ll out of the seats I have never seen much advantage to adding washers on those slow running engines. Snoshoe the cups were introduced when they changed the valve guides on the 113-123 engine by removing the flange that set the valve guide height and centered the spring on the Id of the spring. The heads don't have a recess cut in them.
  25. That middle cup goes on the head side of the valve spring. The rotaters do not give much problem I would just install them and see what hap-pens when its running.
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