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  1. How to deal with elderly parents

    On the subject of inheritance my wife and I earn money so we can live comfortably we supported 6 kids until they found jobs right after schooling we had to help one daughter who got really sick and almost died when she was 19 that took her a year plus to get back on her feet, if my wife and I spend all our money and assets on living expenses when we get older so be it , I have no desire to save money so some one can inherit it. i
  2. How to deal with elderly parents

    Tell them to pick a month to take care of THEiR parents either at the folks or the folks can go to them it would be an eye opener . If they don't want to do that their opinion really is not that important I am dealing with something similar right now with an 88 year old mother.. but every body pretty much got on the same page when they had to come do the work. One brother with money discussed hiring help to do his share. But he came around nicely .
  3. Fenders for 350 RC

    In this area they bring 275- 300 every time I can get a set . That's if they are not bent up or badly pitted that's without extensions I am out right now New aftermarket are cheaper.
  4. To take a business that's built up can be more difficult to make the payments than to start a business and build it up as you can . Also to earn a living off a paid for business is a lot easier , maybe the cash flow just isn't there for a living and big payments, Part of the reputation is gone the minute the current owner walks out the door the new owner must establish his own reputation. No sense in paying for blue sky in a business that anybody can start without having a locked in supplier or name brand. Farmers are in the same boat spend 35 40 years building up a farm site just the way they want it with a lot of newer building the new buyer cannot afford or need those particular buildings so you cannot find a buyer for the farm as a whole now if you have a quarter or a half section of land that you paid $500.00 an acre for lots of buyers for that in this area for 4000 -7000 an acre depending on the piece of ground. I have seen some pretty good farmsites where 1 or 2 buildings were moved or saved the rest torn down.
  5. Which manual to get

    SERVICE MANUAL if you want all the repair information there isn't too much diagnostic information needed in that basic of an engine. no computer no electric gizmos
  6. magnum rear end on an 88 series

    BOOTHEEL TRACTOR PARTS puts together a kit to change the 50 series over to a heavier (magnum) differential
  7. Plow tire size

    When we ordered the 710 plows new for stock we ordered them equipped with 6x15 rims then put on any decent used car tires we found the other option was a 8x14 rim with a factory mounted 9.5L -14 implement tire.
  8. Wire Harness

    ,It will not be a cost savings if you want it to look correct if you don't care about originality most any auto parts store can supply you with rolls of wire, crimp on terminals, and convoluted loom. But It will look patched together even if you do a neat job To have it look original you will have to go to the auto wireing specialty suppliers purchase rolls of wire in all the different colors and sizes needed, rolls or lengths of woven loom, in different sizes, packages of the correct terminals, and packages of the correct plasitic connecters the terminals fit in then a couple of rubber boots. you will probably end up with almost enough stuff to do a half dozen harnesses minus one or two pieces.
  9. Farmall M Front Wheel Bolts

    Parts book lists 21/32 x 1 5/16 13 ga is that sae ? Your turn to educate me ! I prefer the thicker narrower type that is not so hard the lock washer can't bite in.
  10. Dt 407 overhaul kits

    What's with this reliance rod bolt thing? I had not heard about it before what's the theory on the bolts failing?
  11. 450 power steering stoped working

    What type of power steering do you have factory or after market? If it factory do you have good power steering if you hold the remote lever on demand and lug down the engine? If you do the flow divider is giving you problems , if not the problem is more than likely the behlen assist unit Aftermarket it depends on which setup you have we could use more information , good luck .
  12. I had a couple of brain farts on my last post and couldn't get back in for a day or so to correct them filter number is 113940c1 for a 4366 Fleetgaurd HF 6024 I apologize for screwing things up.
  13. Farmall M Front Wheel Bolts

    OEM was flat washer, lockwasher, and nut.
  14. 656 surging?

    656s were kind of trouble some for surging I do not know what was so drastically different about that carb to the 560 carb which seemed to have a lot less trouble, because the 656 had more of a tendency to surge, it seems the throttle shaft and bushings wore out fairly often check that also. with patience and attention to every little detail you will get it smoothed out.
  15. Forum issues

    TODAY I can get my RED POWER fix been on a terrible withdrawal !
  16. If clearance is an issue and you want to add filtration why not use the hydraulic filter from a 4386 PN 113910c1 it 9 inches long vs 6 1/8 for the standard 06-56 hydraulic filter. That is what ALLIED uses when they make extensions for the 1566-1586 tractors where the final drive is in the way one heck of a lot simpler than screwing around trying to jam two filters in a housing and it does not stick out so dang far The filter is also available from Fleetgaurd as HF6054
  17. 2+2 from concept to the field

    I remember butting up against an ALLIS it might have been with a 6588 I do not remember how close to the 50 series introduction the awd tractor was available it wasn't right of way but I do remember we sure as **** were not going to order one for stock at the time because of the interest that was accruing on the 50 series inventory already on hand. Interest now is 1/3 to 1/2 of what it was back then can you imagine how fast dealers would bail out now if they had to pay 18 to 23 percent on there new and used floor plan thats why they dropped like flies back then. I still have some old invoices for interest due from IHCC ( IH finance arm which carried the floor plan on inventory) in the back of the file They are there to remind me what can happen.
  18. Gear oil question

    Back when that manual was printed I don't think CASIH offered any thing but 85w -140 so it probably was a default thing. Times have changed
  19. C-200 ih engine

    What part of the world are you in?
  20. 2+2 from concept to the field

    What was built was sold . look what IH had to offer to a customer that wanted a 130 hp front assist row crop tractor A 1086 with an elwood . We were butting our heads up against ALLIS 8000 series and JD 40 series Farmers in general did not buy front assist tractors in that 100 to 175 hp row crop units in great numbers back then in any brand, that came about 5-10 years later now it seems everything but a lawn mower is front assist . In areas where the average tractor size was up to 150 hp the 2+2 did well where the small Versatile and Steigers were the big tractor the 2+2 was not what the dealer should have been pushing. Front wheel assist 50 to 5488 were a tough sell until the fire sale in 84-85 Rick did you see a lot of 86 series front assist out in that time period ? Back then when we had a customer ask about a front assist in this area I think the 2+2 captured a pretty good share of a very slim market
  21. WFE interchange

    the height of the rear support is different by a couple of inches you would have to add a spacer plate so the mount would clear the pan usually the pin is wore enough o the saddles would mount up if your off a little on the correct height. width is ok, the standard 460 hubs will not fit 400 spindles you don't say if you are using oem hubs on your current wide front but do yourself a favor and get a wide front that accepts the 560 row crop hubs the big bearing in a standard 460 row crop wide front is the same as the small bearing in a 560 hub rim bolt patters are the same wide fronts from 06 -1256 will also fit but the outer steering arms are shorter and that can give you some complications if you would rather not find a different wide front A&I offers a hub to use on that 400 spindle to accept standard 6 bolt wheels if you need to I could help you with hubs and I have a couple of the correct saddles on the shelf.
  22. Dt 407 overhaul kits

    If it was mine and the sleeves are salvageable and tight I would go for a rering job 407 parts are drying up and the new stuff is sometimes of questionable quality I perceive it will be used as a medium duty tractor not a high use age high load tractor. I too asked my HY-CAP REP and he told me 400 series wet sleeve only for piston kits
  23. 2+2 from concept to the field

    On my previous post I forgot to mention IH had just come with a new line of trucks the S series a badly needed update to go up against the Louisville FORD but high interest rates held back sales those years also they sold good then the slump and then came back with good sales and became a very popular truck it. It wasn't any one product it was all divisions one area that I think needed help was the industrial we could have had a better tractor in the 4 cyl backhoes customers seemed to like the hoes better than the tractor they were hanging on as far as the bigger construction stuff I know nothing about it. Payloaders seemed fairly popular around here. Interest was just high for the farm economy it was high for everybody. Retired people liked it though CDs above 12 percent..
  24. 2+2 from concept to the field

    IH had LOT of good equipment back then every body focuses on the tractor in general the tillage line was well received the planters had a very good market share,combines were very good they made lots of money for IH it wasn't the tractors, they sold well look at all the 86s out there It was the economy around the farm INTEREST was the killer. People now look back and say this design was old the 86 series was pretty darn well accepted in most areas.Talking power shifts what percentage of the DEERES back then were powershifts? When things got really tight we could talk fuel economy DEERE certainly couldn't Have sold tractors back then it would have been nice to have the option of the a power shift but I am sure we lost a lot more sales to deere with that over priced rattle trap cab on the 66 series than we lost because of the lack of a full power shift the 30 series deeres were light years ahead of us with cabs. The 86s actually leveled out the playing field again..
  25. 2+2 from concept to the field

    The 2+2 was quite successful in row crop areas it was quite a popular planter tractor on the pto it suffered from shaft deflection problems taking out the hydraulic pump just like the pfc 86 series tractors there are service bulletins covering that. Price of commodities ruined more sales along with high interest rates . If you didn't work through that time period its hard to understand that time periods economy. Actually there was a time in there IH was way behind in production of those 2+2s