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  1. Before you do anything get an opinion from a MN lawyer the opinions on this board may or may not be correct . or you might be penny wise and pound foolish
  2. I personally cannot see the problem the top line is clearly labeled INDICATOR SETTING and each succeeding line lists a different crop left is metric right is USA
  3. Elwood had two different series axles back in the day the Elwood axle as formerly used by IH which was mostly Spicer and their own components and the T-4 which we were told had a GM carrier and unique wheel hubs. There was about $4000.00 difference in dealer cost back in the mid 80s between the two. I misplaced my manuals and price book from back then so I have very little more I can add.
  4. It looks good to me as others said compare it to the head I believe the early straight valve sixes used a rounder head gasket compared to a slant valve.
  5. The rear seal is in an aluminum retainer just take out about 3/4 dozen capscrews 5/16 I believe and it comes right off just buy a new gasket when you get the seal its verry easy and gives you a chance to polish the sealing surface.
  6. 686/666 is different than 544/656 so it does not work that way.
  7. IH at one time offered a bar which you hung on the frame rails and went across by the back oil pan bolts to support the rear of the engine .
  8. 1600 # pressure on a copper tube would not be good and the pressure can spike higher if you hit an obstruction while turning.
  9. Injection pump drive gear washer and bolt.
  10. post of course! we all like pictures especially of things we do not get to see in our own corner of the world.
  11. Part #15is strictly a dirt/ grease seal it is not designed to hold oil. Part #12 is an o-ring thats what holds the oil in the bolster. That's what needs replacing if oil leaks out the shaft
  12. when you buy plates you buy a plate for a range of weight they do not issue plates for every possible gvw every manufacturer offers also years ago you had to buy a plate to the next range if you were caught over weight do not know if they still do that anywhere. Each state has their own laws on plates.
  13. unless the oil consumption was excessivle high per hundred of hours a new thermostat or warmer one might have cured a lot of the problems diesel slobber was standard equipment on aa idling German diesel unless the parasitic load was high enough. Those engines needed a load
  14. may be a licensing thing probably that was the maximum rating for the plates .
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