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  1. R190

    826 oil cooler

    The if its oil the O-rings between the cooler and the oil manifold like to get hard and leak. if its coolant the shell has a hole or crack in it.
  2. R190

    Front wheel colors

    CASE did that also.
  3. R190

    IH Unistar

    The first post points out it doesn't have the correct front axle.
  4. R190

    BD 264 - Repair info

    its confusing but a D-264 was a 4cylinder IH diesel used in the SUPER M, MTA,and 400 tractors but is quite a bit different to the BD264 of British mfg ,although the BD264 does share a few parts in common with US production. The BD 264 truck engine is a totally different breed of cat nothing in common but the fan belt in a few applications.
  5. R190

    MX200 HEATER

    A big thankyou SDman I learn something every time you post. I understand the system better now.
  6. R190

    Farmall "A" 6 Volt Generator

    A cut out relay if it is original
  7. R190

    G706 - need more power

    Higher octane gas may help if it does not contain alcohol because it will have more btu but if it still contains garbage you will still not get any more power Around here nongasahol gas is marketed as nonoxengenated. That's what a lot of people refer to as premium.
  8. R190

    MX200 HEATER

    I have a mx in the shop it has auto temp control but you cannot get any out of it the fan stays on high no matter where you put the dial the display flashes 60degrees alternating with a code 11it has a new heater valve . The local dealer suggested replacing the sensor in the heater/ac core did that but no change Flipping the switch to the bottom makes no difference. Changing the temp control doesn't show any change in the display . Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. R190

    Worn pto drive splines

    I would save yourself a lot of time and potential grief by destroying the back bearing on that stub shaft so you can pull it out rather than splitting the tractor again We do it that way for two reasons it saves about four - 6 hours and once in a while you end up with a tractor you cannot keep the lower gear tight on the shaft with the wedge washer after it has been disturbed.. You can put it back together by making sure the bearing is just a little tighter than a slip fit on the new shaft put the bearing in the race and pushing everything back together with a puller cross bar and a couple of threaded rods.
  10. R190

    D436 rebuild has me stumped

    That's generally what happens, but when you shut the engine off the cooling system has pressure the lube system doesn't so it can add water to the oil and fool you
  11. have you pulled the distributer drive to see if the cam gear is loose on the shaft that happened every once in a while on that engine.
  12. R190

    Watch out for flying tires

    My whole family could have bit the big one 21 years ago we were taking the kids out because it was my 2nd youngest son 's birthday and I saw unusual smoke or steam coming from an oncoming semi so I became extra carefull I thought , all the sudden a pair of duals with a flaming axle shaft came right at us at about 3-4 ft off the ground, knocked the station wagon car with 8 of us in it into a slough set the grass on fire around us there is a lot of force there. We were lucky nobody with more than a few bumps the fire was just as big of a problem to get my family away from..
  13. R190

    Low oil pressure after overhaul.

    Start with the easy stuff did it have better oil pressure before the overhaul? If your engine came with an aluminum filter base that had phonelic valves to control oil pressure, filter bypass, and drain back the seat in the casting gave us trouble when you ordered new poppets you got metal ones but it was a hit or miss if that would help if the seat was bad you either had to figure out how to get it remachined or replace the casting. Do you have the correct gasket between the base and the block? most overhaul kits have 4 gaskets, two look close to correct, the gasket must match the base or you can loose pressure there I have seen that before.
  14. R190

    38" Cast center value.

    central mn prices are about 250 a set higher
  15. butcher shop in Nicollet MN which is south east of Renville was voted best in MN by WCCO viewers great sausage The ball of twine is about 45 miles or so ne of Renville A little west is a new WW2 museum the name escape's me right now.