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  1. R190

    Road Construction

    In our area flagging is a well paying job . Just as good or better than fixing ag equipment.
  2. R190

    are there no sale barns in minn?

    There are several around central MN Albany being the most active many a local herd has gone thru there lately, a couple out west farther .
  3. R190

    External Oil Line on H

    I have seen where an external line was run to lube the rocker arms because the center cam bushing turned in the block ( passage was plugged up anyway) They ran it from the oil galley to the center of the head between the plugs into the passage to the rocker arms. it ran for years and years that way.
  4. R190

    236 farmall 460 cracked block....

    we have installed sleeves in the cracked bore then bored that out to accept the standard sleeve.
  5. is it leaking on to the clutch or just out of the clutch housing?
  6. R190

    300 U loader lowering too fast

    A one way check valve will not help they just hold a load a one way flow re-stricter would slow down the drop but you should be able to control that by the way you operate the control valve
  7. R190

    IH/WP fasteners

    it was not a sudden change it was gradual as stock was used up.
  8. R190

    1086 fuel pump leak

    Ft lbs it takes a 1" socket
  9. R190

    DT 436 inframe rebuild

    It defiantly sounds like the rear seal wear sleeve was pushed in too far, when the seal is installed properly the bearing come right out with out any problems. I have run into this before and it is frustrating and sure ruins your flat rate time. Its time to split it and put in a new rear seal. What application is it in?
  10. R190

    C263 vs C291 block

    Being as a c-263 starts as 3 9/16 why are you going smaller?
  11. R190

    C263 vs C291 block

    IH offered a kit to increase the displacement from c-263 to c291 included a new intake and a new distributer. we sold a few of those kits you needed to bore out your block at your own risk . We never had any blocks give us trouble . unfortunately I only have 3 sleeve and piston sets left which is half enough . Why I have no idea. The sleeve had a special narrow flange so you did not mess with that.
  12. R190

    I'm calling it KB7

    On a stock 6 or 7 the biggest way to tell the difference if the plate is gone is engine size if the engine is replaced I would just guess
  13. Drive pressure is 220 +or- so 150# air pressure wouldn't hurt any thing turn the regulator down to 20 for the lube circuit