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  1. R190

    105 or 107 grille color

  2. R190

    Xt1 not charging

    I usually start with a volt meter and check the stator output then if I have output work back to the battery.
  3. R190

    RZT hard start

    Dumping gas in the intake is like using the choke you get an excessively rich mixture to fire I am betting on a misadjusted choke
  4. R190

    IH/Farmall on TV/Movies

    About 2 weeks ago on CBS there was a commercial and in the background was a a CO or VCO blue garbage truck driving by no Idea what they were selling too interested in the truck.
  5. R190

    3588 Hydro pump help

    Where are you getting a new piston ?
  6. R190

    Ipto shaft

    X2 the bottom gear could have been change match the gear forget about the serial number
  7. R190

    Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    That I will agree with any time and I think I tried to point that out in my post . pete23 I like your explanation
  8. I just ended up replacing a mechanical pump on a ftv-549 in a CO8190 fire truck with an electric one it works fine. Is your pump the tall tower type or a short conventional one?
  9. R190

    Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    why is it impossible?
  10. R190

    fleetgard filter question

    I believe it will they fit 400 series engines also they were a smaller diameter so they would clear the frame rails on the v8 tractors early 1066s came with the same filter later that got changed to the fatter one Case and fleetgaurd spec now
  11. R190

    Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    I have been extra fussy about valve protrusion since the early 70s like pete23 fighting 460 diesels made you check every thing I never spent much time with piston to deck height because the only way to control it on rebuilds was offset boring the wrist pin bushing after matching all the parts or decking the block and that got way to involved for the average get it in and get it out rebuild. Also it would be have better if I had checked a lot more dampners to see if zero was really zero you tended to do it just if you had a major problem . I did have a 706 d-282 one time that the advance piston was a little to long and it just would not run right took a few thousands off and it was a whole different tractor
  12. R190

    Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    Don't understand how the casting of the block makes an engine run any different , cam is the same ,pistons are the same ,head is the same, is the same .valves are the sam e.the ony thing I can find is the later pump the rated load is raised 100 rpm with pump 627082 c91 compared to early pump 672709c91
  13. R190

    1256-DT407 Camshaft Gear

    yes but you would be best off making a fixture out of an extra cam nut to pull the new one on or heat the new gear similar to heating bearings for installation then slide it on and seat it with the nut no driving the gear on.
  14. R190

    What cultivator is this?

    The down pressure springs were an option. I set up tons of those IH row crop cultivators it seemed when you needed to set up a fast-hitch one there was not a fast hitch tractor around when you set up a three point one all that was around were fast hitch tractors. From the looks of the second shank in on the right side that cultivator has seen some pretty serious rock country.
  15. watch out there are 2 different pressure angle bull gears and pinions out there . you must either use both pieces from parts tractor or be certain of the match I know of one tractor repaired maybe 15 years ago has one pressure angle gears on one side and the other pressure angle gears on the other side it was a challenge to get it figured out why when we put it togeather the wheel would bind up (we had mixed up the bull gears)