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  1. R190

    Mystery pin?

    more than likely from the pto unit next thought would be the draft but they sure like an pto over center pivot pin to me if you measure it I would compare it to a clutch assembly I have in the bin.
  2. do you have the diode by the bulb going the correct direction?
  3. That cab looks pretty good they usually show rust where the floor meets the front panel under that little chrome grill. Headliner could use some help though. In the 70s there were a lot of them running around here 3 fleets I can think of almost all powered with Cummins 6 cylinders in the 220-262? range
  4. I have a 460d with a 234 picker the picker was mounted about 25 years ago its the only set of 460 brackets I have ever owned when we sold the pickers new the tractors just did not have enough snort for the picker and a wagon unless conditions were close to ideal. Also its best if the 460 has the heavy duty rear axle attachment. Have had plenty of 560 stuff as a lot of those picker were put on 560s for guys harvesting for Green Giant. giantw
  5. I believe in OCEANS 11 Sammy Davis JR spent some tine driving a IH co or vco trash truck with no doors
  6. yes I accidently ordered one from Hy-Capacity a couple of months ago
  7. To work on members of your own crew and loose them is really tough.
  8. Having put lots of miles on Loadstars and S series trucks I find it interesting, heck I thought about putting a kb-6 cab on a well rusted out S-1900 for a while but the last word I would consider to describe either idea would be an upgrade !
  9. R190

    john deere dealers

    Look at JD construction in the east or in Wisconsin for the next step the big dealers got forced out and company stores came in (NORTAX) they tried that with RDO construction equipment in MN but Offutt fought DEERE and won.
  10. R190

    Part # needed

    396349r1 39.33 each at Messicks listed in the writing after the cross shaft
  11. The block may not be marked as it is more likely a replacement block as the fuel pump opening has a cover instead of being cast over
  12. you run a bigger risk by drilling out the hole than grinding on the ball stem and if you go too far on the ball you ruined a 20 dollar aftermarket part you drill out the hole and get it egg shaped or too big where do you go from there?
  13. Why not modify the ball instead of the wide front?
  14. R190

    Broken spindle

    with those tie rods it looks to be a Speeco front, a&i has some speeco parts availabe
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