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  1. Those are the seals we have been telling you to throw as far as you can , They are the same as the Messick picture I sent except they do not fit and you are blaming the springs, umbrellas do not have the metal retaining ring or the white insert and move up and down with the valve stem and spring ,the one thing I can see they have in common with an umbrella seal is the outside is black.
  2. R190


    There was a U2-A built after the U2. the U-123 came after that. Those were considered stand alone power units. Interesting point the 4 cyl overhead valve engines used on 64 and 76 combines were called super A engine in the parts book and the serial number includes the model of the machine it was intended for I have one the serial number starts with 64HT meaning it was intended for a 64 combine because it was specifically dressed for a 64 combine it was not considered a U2 power unit .the parts specific to the 64HT like the angle gearbox, the double front pulley radiator screen, and hood are not listed in the U2 parts book.
  3. If you go to Messicks look up part #386192r1 it shows you a picture of an umbrella type seal. I do not know what picture you looked at to trye to determine the seal but thats the seal called for on intakes only as per the C-153 parts breakdown . IH numbers back in the day seals with the white teflon the part number started with 99xxxxr1
  4. We normally don't run any seals on valves stems on tractors of that vintage because we see a few with sticking valves from setting all winter and I defiantly would throw those positive type seals as far as you can . just because its in a kit or a stock picture doesn't make it correct. example for years and years Felpro put the O-rings that fit the injectors of the d-310 engine in with the head gasket set for a D236, D282,and D301 I probably threw away hundreds of them.
  5. The relief valve would control the pressure up as well as down and is adjustable. Are you pushing the lever too far so you are going into float? Have you put a gauge in it to see what pressure you have? Are we dealing with an oem setup? A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words in trying to help somebody out this is one of those times.
  6. I just went and looked at a head I took off a c153 engine last Friday That engine had never been apart .That engine had NO seals on the exhaust valves and umbrella type on the intakes as far as springs I really would not worry about using the old ones. It would be a safe bet 90% of the IH engines out there are on their original springs and I do not see many fail those engines are relatively low speed and do not run a lot of spring pressure. Are the seals you got umbrella or the type that's to stay stationary on the guide?
  7. easily worth $500.00 if I was there! I hauled a lot of 806s with a 1600 loadstar 304 single speed rear end
  8. Just what are you trying to gain?
  9. page 2-46 in CASE IH LOADERS online parts books.
  10. R190

    Narrow Cab

    I worked for a White Freightliner dealer in the early 70s very few tandem tractors came thru with front brakes. Trucks with front brakes were the odd balls.
  11. that 30mt starter was used on some 666 diesels but the bottom was planed flat to clear the clutch housing cover on those tractors a repair bible should say never give up the core and rebuild what you got! At least once or twice a year needing to start over because they sent in the core right away.
  12. The lower seal will leak oil it's just to keep dirt out and GREASE in, the o-ring above the lower bearing keeps the oil in. Usually there is not enough wear on the seal to warrant replacement if the lower bearing is in good shape, but I have seen tractors where the bearing was never greased. I usually end up ruining the bearing so I do not change many seals as most look pretty good just put in a new o-ring adjust up the bearings and reassemble. How ever if the customer really wants a new seal they get a new seal and usually a new bearing also!
  13. Don't think CASEIH ever remaned M engine componants.
  14. Your trying to fix something that is not broke those gears will feel loose by nature just get the original style retaining ring installed and you will be okay. How long was the nonoriginal ring in there?
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