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  1. R190

    806 4x4

    You gotta have something to go get the mail or beer when the snow is deep
  2. back in the 70s the truck dealer I worked for would buy wheel bearing cones from One source and the races from another source an whe hade an excessive amount of failures after going to making sure the bearings and races were the same brand failures went downI isn't supposed to matter it did and I have no idea why.
  3. Thank you I needed a bailout you made my day much better
  4. I donot know why it said Hub City on it, I know very well how they fit on an ag tractor and it is very different . You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink
  5. They made a kit on to install one on a number series I installed it on a new 184 , delivered the tractor, and I believe the tractor is still about 22 miles west of me.
  6. I was talking specifically about the cub number series Not the F-cub
  7. when IH changed a model number they had changed parts, being a sd240 is a straight valve engine and a bg 241 is a slant valve engine about the only thing that is exactly the same is the water pump, oil pan gasket, and the cam gears I don't feel like typing for an hour to list all the differences. The bd264 and the Bg265 are much closer cousins most of the parts are the same but they are not identical engines.
  8. R190

    806 4x4

    The mfd was an attachment on an 806 just like the ta ,fast hitch etc I very much doubt any records were kept as they could be ordered with a tractor uninstalled ,installed at the factory , or as a field attachment for tractors already delivered.
  9. what part of the world is it in that changes your options?
  10. It runs the mower just fine it was intended to be marketed mainly as a mower tractor and we sold quite a few of them never sold any of the other attachments that were available back then sold one with the the hub city gearbox that adapted it to 540 rpm with the correct rotation
  11. the pto adapters are relatively hard to find if its got a deck it makes a good large area mower turning is not one of its fine points I have a 154 myself
  12. Could it be the carb frosting up 30 degrees is about perfect for that hapening
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