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  1. R190

    735 Plow

    Lots of different bottoms were available for IH plows back then when you ordered a plow you had to specify which bottom or you got no bottoms same with coulters. Around here everybody seems to run 18 shares. The downside to the plow is it liked to break the main frame when they were new frames were replaced . Now that they are older out comes the welder . I have picked up two that had pretty nice repair jobs and one with a crusty repair but I would guess 2/3s of the plows I see have the main frame or tail wheel pivot with extensive repairs.
  2. Pretty much a guarantee you put in the wrong gasket as stated the lube hole in the CLUTCH housing determines the gasket used. If you search the last couple of the threads on the subject there is even a copy of the Service Bulletin explaining the differences. The zig zag in the rear end casting means nothing.
  3. If you take the time to drain the oil you can take a couple of years maybe even 50 years worth of pto cluch disc fibers and general transmission wear filings out by taking a couple of rags and wiping out the rear end housing, plus you do not have to lift a HEAVY pto unit uphill to get it out. . You get the crud out that will not come out even with a good oil change system. and a way less chance of getting debris in your hytran. I always use a genuine case IH shaft as we have had our share of trouble with after market shafts over the years . My shop does about 20-25 pto overhauls a year. We find most tractors have quite a bit of crap under the draft sensing tube as that is usually the lowest part of the transmission unless your going down hill .
  4. I stocked may a three pack of filters on the shelves in the 60s then along came the 806 with 2 filters so we had the huge boxes of 6 filters still good for three oil changes. That price is a little deceiving as I don't think the seal ring came along at that price it was probably around 15 cents extra and was almost never bought.
  5. The original pin was a center groove dowel pin, the grooves were just in the area of the shaft. If you type that in at Mcmaster -Carrs web site you can get an idea of the different styles of groove pins. Case IH has substituted a coiled roll pin instead. most of the time the hole is too wobbled out to hold either one and needs to be drilled out to the next available size.
  6. Buying the stock would not change the companies cash flow position it would make it harder to borrow money, besides if somebody was to buy 40% of the shares on the open market they would have to have run up the price of the stock to get 40% in turn IH could have sold some of the shares their treasury held giving them much more working capitol. I suspect that statement was a big pile of B.S. btw old tanker I still have some of the old wholesale floor plan notes from IHCC the IH floor plan co. 23.5% to the dealers which at times there was credits to apply against the interest charges but that monthly interest charge was killing us. Many times selling 10% under cost was better than carrying a seasonal piece of equipment for another year .
  7. R190

    Cool it

    I believe you are overthinking it but IH did build that engine in a turbo version some pay loggers used it I think it was an SB9 but not sure also Whites out of Texas installed them in irrigation power units. You could get yourself an industrial parts book EPU-300/400-1 and go by that configuration. In 1974 IH used the same ring set in both turboed and none turboed 360 engines. We are not talking anything about the dt360 that came about in the 90s for trucks.
  8. There is one in Spicer Mn ag is gone still a Navistar International associate dealer servicing International trucks. Part of the pylon is gone I think they took it off because of water damage. dealer said that with all that single pane glass in those buildings they were terrible to heat. You couldn't keep the show room toasty warm on a below zero day like they do nowadays. Back then people didn't mind wearing a coat.
  9. Part of the equation was IH had a line of machinery to sell at that time you could go broke selling just tractors that's where case ag was at a plow bought from White a loader bought from GB. I remember selling equipment at that time you probably made as mush selling a 4500 vibra shank as a tractor demand for tractors was not there after selling 86 series tractors like hot cakes for 3 years the last year of 86s sold slow high interest rates and the 88 series had forward air flow and a not altogether that reliable transmission at that time. everthing from the fan shaft , the transmission shafts including the couplers in the rear were updated . Unless you were a dealer at the time you do not really know tough a sell those 50 series tractors became.
  10. R190

    mx5140 steering

    my serial number is jjf1004322 either way the service bulliten would be appreciated you can always learn something. I looked at the steering motor this morning and have not figured out how to get the signal line adapter out or even loose .
  11. R190

    mx5140 steering

    I have a 5140 tractor driving me nuts I have researched the threads and found a couple of very informative ones the tractor will quite moving when you turn to the stops. I put a pressure gauge in the bottom of the compensator block and have 4-600 # running the tractor, steering to the stops about 2450 + # deadhead a remote 2800 +/- , turn the wheel and the 4-600 drops hit the end and the tractor quits moving . put a flow rator on a coupler at about 8 gpm and tried the various circuits. and the flow recovered immediately . I think this is pointing me to the compensator which I do not have time to disassemble tonight. Anybody got some advice? I read one thread where there could be a plugged steering orifice. where would that be located ? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you. The filter has been changed and there is plenty of oil on the stick. -
  12. That's probably the third piece we take off a salvage 2+2 first the grille , second the steering pump , and third the drive dampner. The rubber is getting old.
  13. clean the connections also ground to frame etc cab ground to frame can act up also
  14. All C-263 heads will fit all c-263 blocks but the combustion chambers are different an you need to use the pistons that match the head. if you use a piston from a 560 263 in the 3873661r1 head the motor will not turn over if you put the 378240r1 head on a 706 with the later piston you lower the compression ratio.
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