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  1. What shaft are you referring to? The control lever shaft in the valve body has an o -ring on it to seal it
  2. 376374r91 is the short smaller diameter filter used on a farmall A through504 and H through 350 , The correct filter is 375376r91 it fits the MD through 650 diesel some early Ms and the gas w9 through 650 the 376375R91 fits just about any thing not mentioned in letter series plus a few early As , B s, and Hs
  3. R190

    Power unit

    Is the pulley mounted to a right angle box or right behind the clutch and is it v belt or a for a flat belt? is the clutch over center or conventional? is the grill a screen or have bars like the tractors of that era? Those are all variables one would have to know to guess the application and how rare it is.
  4. We had a bus semi accident last year. Its amazing how fast your work gets dropped and you can get to the firehall your mind starts imagining the worst . Luckily nobody was hurt but the hood and some of the front end was tore off the bus. We were really lucky the semi driver was able to do some good manuvering. (the bus did pull out in front of him from a side road)
  5. He needs one for a gas wern't all 125Es diesel?
  6. Thats an interesting tractor ! I see the shutter linkage do the shutters still work?
  7. The seal for the shaft i buy from caseih dealer I tried the aftermarket one and was very disappointed won't do that again! the bottom seal if you need that probably has to be from a dealer just let them look it up. Its pretty easy to tell where the oil is coming from if top of dash is oily its from under the steering wheel if the dash is dry you need the seal on the bottom most likely its the steering wheel shaft seal. Once in a great while the bearing is bad but that's only happened a couple of times since i started repairing those hand pumps in the early 70s
  8. If the oil is coming out right under the steering wheel its a half hour job to replace the shaft seal you DONOT remove the hand pump frome the tractor unless unless you are trying to make it as difficult as possible. Seal kit is $31.05 at the dealer. if its leaking from undeneath the dash wich is unlikely the pump needs to be removed and that seal is $ 51.00
  9. just get a new fitting for the end from a caseIH dealer cut off 1/4 inch or so above the leak If the line seems a little short expand the anti vibration coil up by the gauge and be good for another 60 years fitting pn 222-500 $2.92 at your dealer a very simple 5 minute fix.
  10. With transmission noise it could be close to full retail those tractors are not real popular the gear ratios are very undesireable I couldn't make money on it in central Mn if the transmission is actually good you could come out ok but I would bet thepark lock gear is out and that is a lot of work and parts by the time you get it fixed if you want to get top dollar
  11. I believe it was there to help prevent grass from wrapping on the axle.
  12. But an 82/83 truck would have an inline pump which is totally different
  13. A coulter on a disc? I am confused as to what that could be! Are you talking a disc harrow or a disk plow?
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