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  1. exactly what I was thinking his statement was very self cenetered not worried about getting it and not worried about passing it on
  2. BY walking it up youi may be increasing the rpm that shifts by it depends apon the valve settings and springs in the valve body and gain some performace used to drop the pans an change the springs to tailor the shift points for optimum shifting but that was a lot of work the FD I am on has been all Allison since 1970 in the late 70s our first out pumper a 67 IH CO8190 with a 549 was used in an Allison ad campain
  3. Lots of d-179s built with three ring pistons you have to determine if the top ring is rectangular or keystone and then order the appropriate ring set not a big deal
  4. red 4494 99.999 % case by weight Red paint .001% IH by weight
  5. I use a lever barrel pump and a 4-5 ' piece of old garden hose about 2 -3 minutes per 5 gallon pail.
  6. R190

    UB 220

    Is your filter hanging down or setting upright.?
  7. it can be done but is not a just bolt it in issue most of the time the transmission input shaft and flywheel have to be reworked for a pilot bearing, water outlet to top of radiator has to be reworked, clearance made for steering shaft, and find an acceptable fan blade.
  8. JARED T beat me to it I am very glad you guys can whine and joke about needing cheater's or graduating to glasses . I have worn them since first grade after I had them I learned the teacher used chalk and wrote on the blackboard. I never could figure out why people just didn't wear them all the time as they were always looking for their glasses then I met my wife and she was one of those people and still is. Long story short I than darn near lost an Eye in November to a medical condition now I have poorer uncorrectable vision in one eye so take care of your eyes and appreciate the fact you only need glasses part time and when you find your glasses in a stupid spot laugh about it while you still can.
  9. 354836R1 IS A STANDARD 70 DUROMETER dash 236 oring
  10. Drill holes in the fender is most common ,axle brackets were available at one time but I didn't think much of them they were for tractors without fenders.
  11. When I worked on loadstars in the 70s it was quite common todo a 5minute overhaul .Truck came in with low oil pressure replace sender, of she goes with plenty of pressure. do not know why so many of those senders would go bad they were low mileage trucks back then.
  12. back then you didn't mind drilling holes in fenders or the cowl.
  13. acem gotta pick on you a little ,what kind of beast did she roast? Have a good day
  14. R190

    D239 Pulley

    you have to get the retainer rings out of the pulley first then the pulley will slide right off when you got it off the part number is on the pulley. The pulley you need is the same as a 574 &674 DIESEL tractors
  15. The 9 liter injectors are not hard to get I may have a few but not a set what code tip do you need? I put hundreds of thousands of miles on a 81 s1754 with a 9 litre very fuel efficient. starts way better than a dv550 when I overhauled mine there was akit to reroute the water pipes that I installed. I believe an 84 should have that already but I am not certain. If rustbugs had not got the truck I would still run it now as things changed and I only go a few thousand miles a year.
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