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  1. R190

    Farmall SM Brake pad Question

    good brakes and Super M are not really in the same world but the type of lining attachment won't matter much ,proper depth to the cover good clean runways for the balls and clean tabs with out ridges where the outside of the expander unit meets the cover helps immensely. If you have deep ridges where the separator fits switch the covers from side to side they are usually not wore at the top and when you switch them the top becomes the bottom for both of them.
  2. R190

    560D head issue

    I have see were there was too much erosion to the block where the rubber grommet in the head gasket seal I do not know what to do about it besides plane the block. . It would be interesting to know if the slight warp to the head matched the surface of the block and if you made things worse by planning the head .If the head was below specs it is possible this has been an ongoing problem another thing is back in the early 60s IH had made a running change and removed the first two threads from the bolt holes to eliminate side thrust on the headbolts if your threads go to the top of the block maybe the studs are too long and the nut bottoms out.
  3. looks like possibly low hr lease returns.
  4. R190

    Oiling rod and main bolts before installing

    Most manual torque specs say oiled threads now that is not oiled to the point oil can be trapped between bolt and the bottom of a blind hole. There are a few rare instances will list a dry spec then do not lube it . In general I put a drop or two on the treads and a drop under the head.
  5. I would just put it in and not worry if the fingers are even after the 6 bolts are tight.
  6. Most clutches come ready to install did you ask the people you bought it from? Could you ask them for a compressed finger height. But it should be checked mistakes happen are the fingers even? Is the number you quote an IT manual? I use IH manuals but the only figures I would have is for using the IH clutch set up tool.
  7. R190

    Old IH drill

    Looks correct to me.
  8. R190

    Narrow front part number

    Yes its normal, the number for the actual assembly would be on a tag if it was sent as parts or on the pallet probably if it was used on the production line.
  9. The clearance for piston as listed in GSS1387 is for pistons made years ago everybody's pistons are made different today use the clearance the piston supplier wants, your going to blame them if it scores. This clearance problem on 6 cyl IH engines goes way back to when IH no longer had Zollner pistons , The IH kits then came with Jahns pistons and we had plenty of scoring problems so much they recalled the kits. About that time I started to use aftermarketkits so I did not follow up on what was changed when the kits were rereleased.
  10. R190

    Best restaurant in Minnesota

    Ron does Club Domino ring a bell? It was run by a James Haaf who at the time had an interesting reputation.
  11. R190

    Old IH drill

    Looks like a model M drill does it have a double run or a fluted feed metering in the seed box?
  12. R190

    Best restaurant in Minnesota

    T There was a biker bar on the N side of the road in the 60s and 70s I believe somebody got killed there , a while later it dsappeared I cannot remember the name only lived a mile from the place.
  13. R190

    Misaligned cam bearings

    I would just redrill it if you felt the hole was not big enough I would not remove it and try to relocate it. I
  14. R190

    6 Cylinder M. How's It Done?

    And people reading on the internet 60 years later there are plenty of early 560s out there that never received the update and never experienced a failure. One or two people run at the mouth or keyboard and a new bible is written
  15. R190

    560 Farmall with no brakes

    The bull pinion can be removed by pulling plate #16 off there are 2 or 3 jacking screw holes you can use to get it loose than just pull the pinion shaft out.DONOT try to remove # 10 or24 that will get you in trouble if the bull gear is not removed first the seal you want to replace is in #16. A very easy fix .Good luck!