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  1. just a thought you do have the two hoses for the lift going to the same coupler block ? I know of guys who had case tractors where you used the top two one on each side had a heck of a time remembering to do the IHs correctly and that created some unusual problems
  2. R190

    IH #70 plow

    Interesting in this part of the world a 309 plow would be worth way more than a 70 plow but I can see you have more use for a pull type a 3pt plow frame missing all its bottoms would bring a couple hundred dollars around here.
  3. d 282 glow plugs are wired in parallel the bd 154 in the picture is wired in series not much besides the red paint is the same on those two engines.
  4. They did have in the 3 series tractor 3444 ,3514 3616 no power shift but hydraulic shuttle or 2 pedal control hydro
  5. I have never see a Dayton style split rim the center is welded in so how could you get the rim rolled together for lack of a better description. All split rims I have ever seen are for cast spoke wheels
  6. Ask 2 different people get two different opinions about looks what good. To me I would worry more about how the tire height affects road speeds
  7. R190

    D282 to d310

    Probably not different length of engine radiator outlet on other side depending on the application the 310 came from different rear engine plate and flywheel.
  8. we use the caseih 403562r2 with slip on terminal the difference is the original switch from IH had leads soldered on the switch
  9. cat 3 hitches are totally different than the cat 2 hitches the above posters are telling about the cat 3 hitches use 2 orings of the same size one on each side with the 86 series they went to quad rings you could change the rings by sliding the shaft one way past the oring groove and then back the other way past the groove but you have to disassemble it just as far as if you took the shaft out so I personally would remove the shaft as far as bushing go in my experience the outer shaft is more likley to be broken than the bushings being worn
  10. I am aware of at least 4 different size nozzles on 466 engines with out knowing which nozzle its pretty hard to take even an educated guess at what will happen.
  11. I welded a keystock into a pipe then welded a 1" nut to the pipe and the keystock and use an impact to loosen the driver the pipe fits over the driver and keeps the key stock centered
  12. R190

    3208 combine motor

    I am not too sure what your trying to say or asking.
  13. R190

    1989 7120 magnum?

    Its 2020 if a tractor built in 1989 is still working good its all right thats 31 years its stood the test of time
  14. I think it was the fact that the 268 had replaceable seats in both the intake and exhaust the others just had the exhaust seats replaceable is the main thing. I think the d239 in a 5500 windrower used the same head along with the TD8e and 125 crawlers
  15. yes the fuel will circulate the hand pump will get stiffer but still pump when the main pump is full the the rest will return
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