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  1. R190

    t-6 piston swap

    When ever we overhauled those older tractors we used the high altitude kits from IH the portion of the piston top that fit into the combustion chamber was raised they fit right in .no problems in fact we never stocked the flat tops. I do not ever remember grinding a head to get pistons to fit and some of those had pretty high humps. Dad started as an IH dealer in 54 so we did a lot of them . where you had to be carefull is with fire craters or aftermarket sleeves and pistons . Used to be a lot of those kerosene and distillate tractors around they are thinning out now.
  2. That was a tough decision ,but be at peace with it I have been on are Fire Department 34+ years and thinking of retiring in spring ,a nd have had various officers positions for 29 of those years and feel you had the hardest job on the force as training officer. I think the longest we had one go is about 5 years, setting up trainings that are not fluff takes a lot of time and resources I commend you very much for 15 years of that . Remember some of what was trained in you tenure will be used by a guy that was a newbie 20 years from now Thank you for your efforts now you will have some spare time to fill ,find another hobby!
  3. a roll pin and a snapring inside take the cover off take the roll pin out and snapring off pull shafts to the outside.
  4. I I have used plenty of those Baum kits and never have had a problem in fact I stock them instead of a Case IH kit plenty of those loaders in my service area.Never had a comeback on those kits .
  5. CASE fleet trucks were gray and white Transtars with 903s in them
  6. Trucks came from INTERNATIONAL as a as Cab andChassis you will find 7.3s in all kinds of application but a 9 speed will be a rare duck in any application
  7. cedar farm It would be no different than a H ,M or any other farmall tractor560 and older in MN a very low percentage of the tractors ever had fenders and a very high percentage of those that did never had the fenders put back on after the cultivator or picker were taken off.
  8. Maybe the original customer intended to use a mounted picker on it or just didn't want to pay as much for the tractor so ordered a basic tractor we sold some that way or it was intended to put on an aftermarket cab on right away .
  9. iIf you go to Messicks sight and type in a known number for an oring or switch etc.used in both lines it sometimes shows it under caseIH and seperate listing for NH the prices are not necessarily the same you can choose which one to order
  10. frank.nl Thank you for explaining the workings. R190
  11. OAK GROVE DAIRY in MN had loadstar "s like that but with a unique single rear tire I do not know if they ran cold plates or just insulated boxes the filled every day.
  12. Also now you can do it remotely using social media.
  13. The flat tops came out closer to the end of 504 production almost all of the later ones were ordered with flat tops in this area.
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