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  1. Hay rake

    Correct it is a No. 12 three point. I have a No. 11 fast hitch which is older. .Never used it so don't know if it's any good.
  2. Our Next POTUS??

    Knows how it works? Some might say it hasn't worked very well when she was gaining her "experience".
  3. Mechanically picking sweet corn

    Is the pull type machine a Pixall? Byron and Pixall are both owed by Oxbo now. They are used around here for seed corn.
  4. Husker Harvest Days, Grand Island Nebraska.

    I agree about these demos. I wasn't at Farm Progress only passing on what I heard others say. I only even brought it up because looking at the pictures it doesn't appear like a lot of room for threshing.
  5. 2pt on 3pt tractor

    Adapters were made by someone and are out there, but much less common than 2pt to 3pt. Implement. My Dad has 2 of them. I'm curious who made them. I assume some short line company and not IH.
  6. Brillion Iron Works closes

    Might as well raise WI corporate tax to 90% based on your logic that state tax rates are irrelevant.
  7. Husker Harvest Days, Grand Island Nebraska.

    I was not at the FPS but others who were told me it was running corn out the back. Granted it had a 16 row head so that may happen if you push it to hard.
  8. Husker Harvest Days, Grand Island Nebraska.

    I assume you are right. My point was that I don't think you can eliminate a man, tractor, and cart.
  9. How to destroy a corn crop

    Mowing or disking and accepting the extra cost for control of volunteer corn next year may be cheaper than hiring someone with a forage harvester.
  10. Brillion Iron Works closes

    I know what he's trying to say. My point is who does the "common working man" as you put it work for?
  11. Husker Harvest Days, Grand Island Nebraska.

    The tribine blows trash out that little opening on the left side. I have a hard time understanding the point. Is this supposed to eliminate a grain cart? Stopping the combine to dump doesn't seem very efficient for a large operator who would want a machine that size.
  12. Brillion Iron Works closes

    So your saying that manufacturers and large farmers don't work??
  13. Went to a Local Cruise Night

    I had an '84 Monte Carlo SS in high school.. Had a 4:10 rear end and did really well in the 1/4 mile. I raced a kid in a neighboring town one night who had a Grand National. I had a 2 car length lead off the line. Next thing I know I hear the whistle of the turbo as a black streak passed me. I love those GN's.
  14. QA42A snowblower

    Would a Q42A snowblower that had been on a 782 work on a 682? I know it will fit and drive the same I'm just unsure about the lift Since 782 has hydraulic lift can it be made to work on 682? I haven't looked at it in person was hoping to get an answer before driving to do that. Thanks.
  15. Shed find old ihc

    Farmers aren't exempt from that either. I know some that could use this.
  16. Mysterious Nebraska Crop circle formation

    When Iowa and Nebraska play at the end of the year I don't know who to cheer for...I want them both to lose. Go Cyclones! 😀
  17. Gas Grills What is Good

    I like to use apple juice and Worcestershire sauce in a squirt bottle.
  18. Gas Grills What is Good

    These are great for smoking cheese.
  19. Gas Grills What is Good

    I have a Green Mountain but same concept as a Traeger. I have been very happy with it. Slightly slower to get up to temperature than a gas grill but not much. For a gas grill I would recommend a Wener Genisis. Have had the same one for at least 10 years with few problems. Finally had to replace the burners last winter.
  20. QA42A snowblower

    Any ideas where the lift assist assembly could be found? Also would that work with the 54" blade I have? Thanks again.
  21. OT: Tax payer money!

    What are foreign farmers doing to ruin our country?
  22. Plow bottom colors

    I am the 2nd owner of a 211 with original paint bought new with a 1960 340. This is an early one as the decal on the main beam says "IH Farmall" rather than "IH International". It has blue frogs as well as the yokes for the coulters. i believe it was this way until they eliminated the blue color. My Dad has a 60 with original paint that must be a late one as frogs, moldboards, and coulters are black.
  23. New idea pickers on a farmalls

    My Dad and Grandpa picked and shelled many acres of 36" row corn with a New Idea picker on a 560.
  24. Downfall of our society

    I don't disagree with most that's been said. Agree most spend way to much time on their phones. But I find it ironic that you say this on an Internet site that many look at on their phones.