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  1. 560 LP Dash Color

    My Dad is repainting a 560 LP. He tells me it is a '59 but I am at work and have not yet confirmed that by checking the serial number. My recollection is that a '59 would have a gray dash, is that correct? Can someone tell me when the change to dash color was made and what years had a black dash and which had a gray dash? Thanks in advance.
  2. 560 LP Dash Color

    Thanks Ken.
  3. Who makes the Versatile tractors? Didn't someone buy the old Ford Genisis line and use the Versatile brand many years ago?
  4. Long Time Gone

    I'm planning to bring a few things to Des Moines. Will be the 1st time I've displayed anything at Red Power. However I won't be driving anything there.😉
  5. Please Help Identify IH Loader

    Based on the information you've given I'd say a 2000 but would need to see a picture to know for sure. My Grandpa had a 2001 and then a 2000 on his 504 when I was a kid.
  6. cruising

    The 1st vehicle I bought was a '78 CJ5 Gold Eagle with the 304 and 3spd manual. I never cruised with that as I only had a school permit. Sold that and bought an '84 Monte Carlo SS which I cruised many miles in. I wish I still had both of them.
  7. Dodge Hellcat Demon

    If I could afford 1 id throw away the black key! Why own a car like that and use anything but the red key???
  8. Looking for advice on building a shop

    Lots of good suggestions here but for me money was always the issue. I would have loved to make mine bigger and used a concrete foundation and stud walls rather than a pole building. But did I want to continue to save until I was 60 or build the best I could afford so I had something to use? My suggestion would be to prioritize what is most important and plan for the future so you can add things as you can afford them.
  9. Feed grade antibiotics and Trump?

    Double post.
  10. Feed grade antibiotics and Trump?

    I'm seeing VFD's written for a 6 month period for pigs that haven't even been placed yet. I don't think it will stop use as a preventative. Just another government regulation that doesn't do what was intended, just adds cost.
  11. Grill's

    This is almost as bad as an oil discussion.😀 I have a Weber Genisis gas grill. Had it for over 8 years and only replaced burners a year ago. I also have a Green Mountain pellet grill. Also very happy with it.
  12. Loan payments

    When I worked as a lender all of my Ag customers had semi annual or annual payments. Short term financing for inputs and term debt for machinery or land were all set up this way. Makes sense to time debt payments with cash flow and farmers don't necessarily get paid bi-weekly or monthly.
  13. Disk ID Help

    This disk came along in a package deal of a few things my Dad bought. I don't have any sales literature, parts books, or owners manuals that show this disk. Can you tell me what model it is? It is approximately 8' wide. Thanks in advance.
  14. Disk ID Help

    Yes. I have an F30-34A and my Dad has a F30-34 that are for the Farmalls with traction control hitch. This is a U-F30 for the utility tractors.
  15. Disk ID Help

    The plow is my Dad's. Came from the same place as the disk. It still has some original decals I've never seen before.
  16. Old Cable & Piston Lift loader

    On an H which has single acting hydraulics downforce isn't possible no matter loader you have is it? When I bought my '41 H from my Grandpa it had a loader very similar to what is shown in the picture on the H above. Can't say for sure but I think it was made by Arends manufacturing which was long ago in New Hartford, IA.
  17. For Those Who Like Fast Bikes

    I had an '86 V Max in college. I loved the way my stomach would go up in my throat when the Vboost kicked in at 6,000 rpm.
  18. 12 ft Rotary Mower Recomendations

    My Dad has a Bush Hog 2512. It is a 12' ridgid, not a bat wing. I think the gear box is rated at 120 hp. He has had good luck with it, I have moved of 2" trees with no problems. Do they not make anything like this anymore?
  19. Fast hitch adapters?

    Did Dakon happen to make the top link bracket that bolts to the fast hitch arms on the rock shaft of a 560? I have one of these and have often wondered who made them? I had forgotten about Dakon. In the 80's Dad had a Dakon gravity wagon on an IH gear. Had an auger on it to fill the fertilizer boxes on a 56 planter.
  20. Fast hitch adapters?

    I have a couple sets like that. They are white but don't know the manufacturer. They are for Cat. II equipment, need to have the fished out. I use them on my 656 with a 12' Bush Hog mower and they work fine.
  21. Langdon Farmers Union a bunch of crooks.

    If only the government would regulate every aspect to our lives we wouldn't have to worry about that silly free market...heck we wouldn't even have to think.
  22. No. 100 mower drive belt

    I wanted to replace the belt on my 100 fast hitch mower but dealer told me it's NLA. The parts book says it's .88" wide but doesn't list length. Does anyone know a belt that will work?
  23. 560 Top Link bracket for Fast Hitch

    My Dad's 560 has something similar that my Grandpa built. Although yours looks more professionally built. I have a bracket for third link that bolts to the arms on the rock shaft. I think it was built by some short line company. I will try to take a picture of it sometime.
  24. No. 100 mower drive belt

    Based on this I must have misread the parts book. I gave the parts guy 456 567 R3 which you are showing as the 10 7/8 pulley not the belt. I wish my parts guy had mentioned that it wasn't the belt since I specifically said I needed a belt.
  25. a load, Download that is

    Don't hear it much but like ETC and it reminds me of my younger years.