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  1. No. 10 drill seed tubes

    My Dad has a No. 10 10' drill that didn't have seed tubes when he bought it. He put seed tubes on it but am not sure how you keep the bottom of the tube in the boot. I don't see anything to fasten them listed in the parts book. Can anyone tell me how the tubes are supposed to stay in place or does anyone have any pictures? Thanks in advance.
  2. Soybean ?

    We don't do it for rocks. But it levels the field and breaks up the root balls and makes them easier to combine. This is in no till beans.
  3. Soybean ?

    We have rolled beans the last few years but after they are planted and before they emerge.
  4. The Cows find their new homes June 22

    Sorry to hear about your loss. That was a wide reaching storm. It destroyed the barn where I grew up, where my brother lives now. Did some minor damage to my house and blew around the calf huts where I keep the kid's bottle calves. My Dad sold the milk cows when I was young and says it was the best thing he ever did...hopefully your parents feel the same way when it is said and done.
  5. IH Marked Dealer Toolboxes

    I have the IH Sales and IH Service decals that I had made. If you haves picture or the information you should be able to find a custom sign shop that will make the dealer decal.
  6. international 37 discc

    Binder Books has a decal set for the 37 I believe. Check out their website.
  7. Extreme Hay Wagon Loaded w Square Bales

    When I was a kid we always had 14' racks because you could do 16 bales/layer to match up with the 8 bale hay fork we used. Typical loads were 80 or 88 bales but did go 96 occasionally when trying to get done with the racks we had available.
  8. Red Power Round Up 2017 Information

    MUCH better than Cracker Barrel in my opinion.
  9. IH Plow Identification

    I have 1 with slat bottoms. I can't imagine it would be much fun to hook it up in the field when you hit a rock and the hitch disconnects.
  10. IH Plow Identification

    Mid 50's. I believe same time as 300-400 and 350-450.
  11. IH Plow Identification

    34-F30A I believe.
  12. IH McCormick Farmall Dual rake hitch

    It sounds like you are describing a No. 101 squadron hitch designed to pull 2 disks or 2 planters. I've never seen it done but assume you could use it to pull 2 rakes. I have a parts book for the squadron hitch and my Dad has a squadron hitch.
  13. Looking For A Good Route To Des Moines

    Agree with others that Hwy. 24 to I39 and I80 is good. I also used to take Hwy 47 in IL rather than I39.
  14. Who makes it?

    For sale in Ackley? It doesn't have fast hitch does it?
  15. Couple of random Farmall 340 questions.

    I have a 340 and a 211 plow. 2x16" is a good match. I also have a 312 3x14" but that would be a load. If you want a front mount cultivator 266 or 466 are the correct models. I have a 466. A fast hitch cultivator would probably be easier to find though. The Farmall 340 is a neat little tractor but hard to get off and on...the older I get the harder it seems.
  16. 682 driveline

    On my 682 I have problems with the roll pin shearing off in the driveline in front of the cooling fan. It will work fine for several hours and then will eventually shear the pin. When I bought the tractor I took the engine out to replace the starter. At the same time I replaced the rubber couplers in the drive shaft. Could I have something incorrect that would cause pressure on the roll pin? When the pin breaks the holes may be off by 1/16th of an inch and I need to use a punch to line things up. This shouldn't be enough to causing binding that would shear the pin should it? Thanks in advance.
  17. Red Power Round Up 2017 Information

    Probably a dumb question but is 163 University Avenue? Will we be using a gate on the west end of the fair grounds to enter and unload tractors/equipment?
  18. 682 driveline

    I've been using 1/4" by 1 3/8" heavy duty steel coiled spring pins that I bought from McMaster Carr. When I 1st put it back together I used regular roll pins but then switched to these. Are the bronze bushings supposed to hold the drive shaft completely firm? There isn't a little a lot of slop, maybe 1/16" to 1/8". The pins are shearing off. The last time it happened the pin was completely gone but usually it is sheared off. Thanks again.
  19. 66 series cabs

    My Dad had a 1066 with a diamond cab and one with a red deluxe cab. I spent many hours in each. The deluxe cab was loud but the AC was sure nice when I used to cultivate with the 8 row cultivator.
  20. Cud Cadet 1812

    Is a Cud Cadet 1812 the same as the red 782? I saw one for sale and thought it looked similar. Thanks in advance.
  21. IH# 9 Field Cultivator

    According to my information the 9 was available with clutch lift and steel wheel so it could be a no. 9. I have a 9 with hydraulic lift on rubber.
  22. Fixing old IH fender radio

    I have one I'd like to tear apart and try to fix. What size speaker do you use Jerry? I remember Dad having one on the Owatonna self propelled windrower, you could hear AM 540 clear as day 1/2 mile away.
  23. Cover Crops Anyone?

    There was been quite a lot of interest in my area helped by the government subsidizing it. Rye grass can be hard to kill in the spring when the weather is cold glyphosate doesn't work as well. I like the idea of using an annual like oats. This would control erosion but they say it doesn't prevent nutrients from leaching when you get spring rains since the roots aren't alive to tie them up.
  24. Advertising slogans

    From the land of sky blue waters...Hamms the beer refreshing...Hamms!

    The 18 hole bracket would have been nice when pulling a 16 row 955 behind my brother's 1586. It was very light when the planter was folded for transport. When was the 18 hole bracket an option? On the 86 series I only remember the auxiliary weights that went below the bracket.