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  1. Please put a steel flywheel in it.
  2. It's a pretty good outfit.
  3. Jet is a rescue we got about 7 years ago. Best dog I've ever been around. Absolutely will not sleep in his dog house unless it's close to and facing the back door of the house.
  4. All the 1206 specific parts are there. Better save it.
  5. Duramax is as good as any modern diesel in a pickup today. Have to pay the price for turning them up and abusing them. The aftermarket makes everything you need to support any power level you want and be dependable. Have an 07 LBZ here that's been the best truck I've ever owned.
  6. Looks like mine is Cat 3. @Matt Kirsch
  7. I'm getting ready to knock a 700 in the head. I can check and see what's on it. I think it's a cat 3.
  8. The 806 is correct. Original ads show it with the bend down.
  9. Have the tsc solvent in mine as well. Works great. No need to mix it with anything.
  10. I had a real nice C70 with I believe the 225 horse turbo 8.2 and a 6 speed Spicer trans. Pulled a big enclosed race car trailer with it for several years. Never any trouble and actually pulled decent for the time.
  11. 180 stat helps these 8100's with oil consumption and also seems to perk them up a little. Now living in the arctic it may want a 195, but here in Indiana I've done several with noticeable improvement.
  12. It has a radiator cap, it's just on the overflow tank instead of the radiator.
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