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  1. New cable helped my 1486 a ton. Shifts like a dream now after a t/a adjustment.
  2. Great series. Go to PBS.org and watch from there. The app seems to use a ton of data. I watch on my TV thru the phone.
  3. Backspacing and offset are different measurements. Offset is from the center of the rim.
  4. Key could still be sheared in the gear on the mcv. I've seen them where you couldn't tell till you pulled the gear. Put a load on the pump and the gear would slip.
  5. jobee1066

    Bus dt466

    There are tons of pulling tractors out there at 540+ using a 466 block(not the 530 block). Just because you don't believe it doesn't make it any less true. Granted it may not be with stock parts, but it's done every day.
  6. jobee1066

    Bus dt466

    Not a different block. Lots of tractor pullers at 570 with a DT466 block.
  7. I agree they look bad when 2 toned. Paint them red, white, or silver if that's what you want. The 2 tone doesn't go with these tractors in my opinion. Same goes for the 2 tone front weights.....I think it's awful. But the good thing is, you can paint your tractor however you want. Lol
  8. jobee1066

    '02 suburban

    The actual mount is taller than the 1/2 ton trucks. It doesn't have a spacer between the mount and the body like you are thinking. The frame is taller as well eliminating the need for spacers under the bed.
  9. jobee1066

    '02 suburban

    It's built in to the body mounts.
  10. What is the serial number? Can't be a 68.
  11. It would be a 65, 66, or 67. They didn't make them in 68. Should have white wheels and fenders. Somebody probaby painted it before your grandfather bought it.
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