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  1. On 3/21/2020 at 5:15 AM, DroschaFamilyDairy said:

      Local CO-OP had one of these years ago,  Couldn't drive it in straight line,  Steering box was worn, The old machine was tuff shape when they acquired it!!!!

      I like how they modified the steering in the pictured 350 tractor, The CO-OP's lift tractors oil reserve was the large tank on the back of the machine, The Simple lift pump was on the PTO of the tractor, Tight against the lift cylinder,  when we lined up to get our seed corn in the spring, That oil tank was very warm from the Radiator & Hydraulic pump use!! 

    Thanks for the Great pictures Neighbors!!!

    Jim Droscha 

    I've modified the jerryrigged steering again since the photo. It had too much leverage on the spindle on my first build. Originally it was a hyd torque generator that was hooked to the steering shaft via a chain, terrible system. I also installed a mast from a toyota lift and made a fork positioner that works off the side shift circuit. The power steering operates off the tractor pump and the mast pump off the front of crank. The main reservoir is in front of the operator where the controls attach. It's a pleasure to operate but very thirsty.20200324_153508.thumb.jpg.883aaf79b027db9370fc5ddde89fac65.jpg20200324_153456.thumb.jpg.ef060f0c82fbc763e1646f81189ef5a4.jpg

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