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  1. Have a pair of these off a Super H. Anybody have an idea what implement they are intended for? I have no use for them
  2. TD35 starter

    Yes if it's the Delco 710 gear reduction starter it will fit. The later 14's direct drive starters won't fit in the space between the block and chassis.
  3. TD35 starter

    Flange is exactly 1.5" thick. You can make a paper gasket off of the starter flange and use as a pattern if needed. Other than thickness it doesn't have to be high precision as the tractor uses the mounting bolts to align the drive. Regards, Andrew Hinkle
  4. I'm sure you already know crawlers put quite a side load on rollers when turning, especially under load, so I would put the biggest snap ring or whatever you can come up with to keep that bugger centered. I would love to learn more about the hardening process you plan to do. Very much appreciate you sharing your knowledge Andrew
  5. Beautiful work, and a very nice shop! I was curious how will you handle the side thrust load? Do those bushings come in a hat style to take thrust? Thanks for sharing. I like your ideas... Andrew
  6. Hi, I was reading your post in regards to your T40. I see you were curious as to what tracks from later models will interchange with the 40. I have spent a great deal of time on this issue with my restoration. I'm happy to fill you in on what I know but this msg area will not let me type all my information. Give me a call if you want.



  7. Hi there love your posts on TD40 resto I have to admire what you guys are doing I have rebuilt a few tractors in my time but when I got my td40 I decided I would strip it and put it together mechanicaly good has done approx 300>500 hours no hickups I could not justify the cost of rebilding tin & paint take care and look forward to you posts