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  1. I've modified the jerryrigged steering again since the photo. It had too much leverage on the spindle on my first build. Originally it was a hyd torque generator that was hooked to the steering shaft via a chain, terrible system. I also installed a mast from a toyota lift and made a fork positioner that works off the side shift circuit. The power steering operates off the tractor pump and the mast pump off the front of crank. The main reservoir is in front of the operator where the controls attach. It's a pleasure to operate but very thirsty.
  2. Made a puller from a 50 ton jaw puller for a similar green machine job a few years ago. No heat necessary Regards, Andrew
  3. Complete tear down rebuild. No painting other than what I did to some pieces 30 years ago.
  4. Hi, I was reading your post in regards to your T40. I see you were curious as to what tracks from later models will interchange with the 40. I have spent a great deal of time on this issue with my restoration. I'm happy to fill you in on what I know but this msg area will not let me type all my information. Give me a call if you want.



  5. Hi there love your posts on TD40 resto I have to admire what you guys are doing I have rebuilt a few tractors in my time but when I got my td40 I decided I would strip it and put it together mechanicaly good has done approx 300>500 hours no hickups I could not justify the cost of rebilding tin & paint take care and look forward to you posts

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