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  1. TW7110

    Jd 2940 hydraulic pump

    The charge pump in the trans is more than likely at fault but if its ran long enough that way there may be damage to main pump. Its been my experience with these older John Deere utility tractors once you open up the trans for hydraulic or hi-low problems they turn into a money pit, once you take something apart you keep finding more.
  2. TW7110

    1066 - 5 millionth Tractor

    I believe they did but it wasn't until the early '80s during the 40 series.
  3. TW7110

    I have no sympathy

    One woman interviewed this morning said that now they will be able to keep there house and won't have to beg for food on the streets. They should be ashamed of them selves if they were doing that. Their pay isn't that bad that they can't have a little more reserves. They sounded like desperate welfare cases.
  4. TW7110

    Carburetor kits

    Normally get the kits from A&I or Stiener price is different levels of kits depending what you need. Picked a main gasket up from CaseIh awhile back plenty for the gasket, and had to punch holes in the right spot to make it work. (Zenith carb only one part number possible)
  5. TW7110


    Used to be good but now to much bread, the meat is about an 1 1/2" from each end of the bun and there prices are a little steep for what you get.
  6. TW7110

    stolen hay

    If you know who they are start the rumor going around that you put rumensin on top of the bales. Its toxic to horses. I'm not saying to do it just start a rumor.
  7. TW7110

    New joke

    That's not fair to Walter and Peanut.
  8. That was supposed to end up in New Joke.
  9. TW7110

    We`re #1 in PA!!!!! Yee Haw!

    We just got a new Governor, he wants to give you guy a run for your money.
  10. TW7110

    Pickup Glider Kit

    I would have no problem driving a new truck with an old pre-emissions motor.
  11. TW7110

    Believe it or not, you know who this is

    She is a ditch licker, ticked off at the world because she is a victim.
  12. Electronics is just to get started, later they are going to use safety as an excuse and you won't be able to do much of anything. They will get it in front of congress and they know whats best for us and we will be done. It was talked about on Agri Talk about 2 years ago.
  13. TW7110

    Heritage non gmo. Corn prices?

    This year 150 acres, CaseIH rotary, 1 season, last year 178 this year looks like over 200, no it is not organic. Floury corn is supposed to have 15% more digestible matter. If I have time this weekend I'll cut a couple kernels apart and post pics.