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  1. Don't clean it as often as I should but when I do clean it, its like Christmas morning for a kid.
  2. I was there to, very good turn out. Was a little disappointed I didn't see any 2+2's or eight wheelers, but there was a lot of things I've never seen before.
  3. Went through DOT inspection training 8 years ago and the question about farmer crossing state lines came up, he told us once state line was crossed log book was required , CDL was required, Inter state rules apply. This officer also worked the weigh station near Stillwater on the MN-WI border. He told the story that he ticketed a guy with a 1 ton pickup for going on the WI side of the river and taking out his buddy's boat and bringing it back to the MN side, when he was ask him if his buddy payed him he said his buddy gave him $50 and that got him a ticket for no log book and some other things totally over $1000 in fines. I don't think most state patrol officers are like that but some are.
  4. MN also has the 150 mile rule but once you cross a state line all the rules change.
  5. There should be strict guide lines to follow if they are going to wear that stuff, (weight restrictions in accordance to height and no males)
  6. TW7110

    Vermont plate?

    By the bumper sticker I would say they would find no safety problems at all with the hitch.
  7. If I order from Hy-Cap, A&I, or Ag Parts they are a day faster than UPS around here. Speedi is the next morning UPS is not till late the following day.
  8. 30 years last April. Still the first one, training her took long enough I'm not doing it again.
  9. Take the cover off under the clutch ( two 3/8" bolts ). See if there is any pieces laying on it. And like Jeff said does power steering work.
  10. Have you checked with Henry Building Systems out of Pelican Rapids? Curious how they compare. Not to far away either.
  11. I was told by someone else to change the male couplers, they had seen the same thing and it took care of it. The first two years he had the planter it worked just fine in float. In a few weeks we are going to hook it back on the planter and try some things.
  12. They look a little tippy. A pothole would send it spinning.
  13. I have a Maxxum 110 it cools ok as best, cover the sun roof up the a/c looses a lot because sun beating in.
  14. Have a customer with a MX200 on a 1255 planter (12x30), when he runs the markers in float and drives part way down the field they will lift up off the ground. Both sides will do it. Anybody have any ideas. The way the marker that is not being used folds up I wouldn't think its internal leakage in the cylinder. Thanks.
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