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  1. TW7110

    Black Jaguar

    There have been sighting around here of cougars also (not black ones). DNR (Dept of Natural Resources) kept saying that there were none and finally admitted they brought some in.
  2. TW7110

    Owens pullin tractor.

    Nice. Little things like that help keep them interested in what goes on in the shop.
  3. TW7110

    Should I get my wife a pair?

    They look expensive.
  4. TW7110


    There was one in this area that would come in once in a while when I work for the local CaseIH dealer in the late 80's. We revered to as the Agri-Vator. Some parts at that time took a while to get.
  5. TW7110

    Lost my sister this afternoon

    My condolences.
  6. TW7110

    prayers desperately needed

    Prayer from central MN. Will be heading down tomorrow morning, have a 5 month old niece in there.
  7. TW7110

    Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    "Stop crying or I'll give you a reason to cry".
  8. TW7110

    Road trip to Minneapolis.

    When you went past Albany on 94, I am 5 miles south. Recognized some of the places. Know the guy with the close up barn.
  9. TW7110

    And I thought I was just deplorable....

    Don't let the liberals know it a disease, they will get government money for that too.
  10. TW7110

    And I thought I was just deplorable....

    Liberalism = Lazy and or Jealous.
  11. TW7110

    How dry is it in your area?

    It was a late wet spring everything was still looking pretty good, but we only got a 1/2" rain in July and its going backwards fast. South of me near Richmond corn is knee high for the second time.
  12. TW7110

    Expanded the shop....

    One thing about having a dirty shop is it is like Christmas all over when you clean.
  13. TW7110

    Hydralic thumb releif

    X2, Nothing good is going to happen if the thumb relief is to high.
  14. TW7110

    Moly grease- - - - - how many still using it??

    Use it on all pins and bushings. Find it keeps a grease film a lot longer.