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  1. TW7110

    Pickup Glider Kit

    I would have no problem driving a new truck with an old pre-emissions motor.
  2. TW7110

    Believe it or not, you know who this is

    She is a ditch licker, ticked off at the world because she is a victim.
  3. Electronics is just to get started, later they are going to use safety as an excuse and you won't be able to do much of anything. They will get it in front of congress and they know whats best for us and we will be done. It was talked about on Agri Talk about 2 years ago.
  4. TW7110

    Heritage non gmo. Corn prices?

    This year 150 acres, CaseIH rotary, 1 season, last year 178 this year looks like over 200, no it is not organic. Floury corn is supposed to have 15% more digestible matter. If I have time this weekend I'll cut a couple kernels apart and post pics.
  5. TW7110

    Heritage non gmo. Corn prices?

    I raise non GMO floury corn, I get .40c more for non GMO and .35 for higher flour content. Trick is finding an outlet.
  6. TW7110

    MAXXUM 125 pto

    Going to be working on a Maxxum 125. PTO starts out slow and takes longer than it should to get up to speed, doesn't seem to slip. Once it there it works fine.
  7. TW7110

    dairy herd sales ?

    Was a good trip, but glad to be home. We went with two other couples and we planned our own trip. We all farm so we wanted to go Matanuska Valley and spent a day, one day in Anchorage, took a flight tour around Denali, the other 7 days around Seward, Homer areas.
  8. TW7110

    dairy herd sales ?

    Live west of St. Cloud 20 miles. Just got back from Alaska Friday night, we visited a dairy just north of Palmer he thought he might be the only dairy left in AK. Milks 80 cows, built there own processing plant on the farm because the other plant closed, all the other dairies in the area quit. He said the state still has the same amount of inspectors though.
  9. TW7110

    Black Jaguar

    There have been sighting around here of cougars also (not black ones). DNR (Dept of Natural Resources) kept saying that there were none and finally admitted they brought some in.
  10. TW7110

    Owens pullin tractor.

    Nice. Little things like that help keep them interested in what goes on in the shop.
  11. TW7110

    Should I get my wife a pair?

    They look expensive.
  12. TW7110


    There was one in this area that would come in once in a while when I work for the local CaseIH dealer in the late 80's. We revered to as the Agri-Vator. Some parts at that time took a while to get.