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  1. Combine Fuel Solenoid

    Last one I priced was either $600 or $800 it was for my 1460. I ended up taking the rod out between the solinoid and pump then screwed the solinoid back on. Then just shut it off with the throttle like a tractor. Hope this helps.
  2. Over-sized Load or Under-sized road?

    Guess I got lucky, but I did an escort vehicle.
  3. First 1486 for auction

    What did the 826 bring? Did anyone look it over closer looked like it had a black dash. Gold demo?
  4. Cat c15 OH

    Cattech, sent you a message
  5. Cat c15 OH

    Yes, I let out one morning about 2am made it about 50 mile. And the dash warning lights started going crazy. Pulled over it was leaking water under the truck dropped the trailer by the time I got the trailer unhooked and truck shut off it was over 240 on the gauge. Called my wife to come get me and get another truck. Left it there over the weekend. When I got it home and put water in it, it was leaking out of the water pump, and had a blown radiator hose. Put a new pump and hose on it now with 30 seconds of running pushes water out of the radiator. Looked online for a service manual the only ones I found are on a cd do they make a paper on for this engine. I still prefer a book rather than a computer.
  6. Cat c15 OH

    Cattech, have been following this thread. I have an 05 9900i International with a C15 Acert that I suspect has a blown head gasket or cracked head. Started tearing it down today I do have a good machine shop that does Cat stuff I'm going to have them check the head if it's good go through it. My question is when I put I back together do I need a Cat tech come out to set the injectors and timing. Forgive my ignorance this is the first Cat and first electronic engine I've been in. Have worked on several big cam Cummins but never anything this new or Cat. Thanks in advance.
  7. Home made muffler eliminator

    Thought I had some pics, but can't find them. Built one for my 1486 when I put a 3lm 466 turbo on it. I went to a 4" stack. I used 3 4" mandrel bent elbows from a truck shop could get some pics if you want. I also put to4 on my 3288 and modified one that fits an 86 series for it.
  8. 1460 fan repair

    Have changed a few blades from the side. If major work is needed pull the sieves and you can get to it from inside the machine. The only way to change the fan is take it apart and put it together in the combine.
  9. Eaton Fuller 13 Speed Mechanics ??

    Always called them a tone wheel.