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  1. Double-o-six

    606 Diesel Hi-Clear

    The 606 Hi-Clear is a continuation of the 460 Hi-Utility. You see the 606 H-C only once in the 1962 IH Buyers Guide. Why they changed the name to Hi-Clear remains a mystery. I've followed the 606 from the late 60's and wasn't aware of the H-Clear until 20 year ago when I stumbled across my first. I hunted down the owner and bought it. There are more gassers then the other fuels. I have a D-HC, as does the Huber Bros. in Wis. Jeff Foreman mentioned a third at the last Half Century of Progress when I talked to him. Unless yours is the one he was talking about, you have the fourth. I also have three gassers and one LP. If I remember correctly, the 656 utility w/ the straight axles and extended spindles, says "Row Crop" on the badge. Another mystery. Welcome to our small little club!
  2. Double-o-six

    Installing pistons on DT361

    I just started reading two of your threads this morning. I didn't read all of them so I'm sure I've missed something. Did the machine shop put in the sleeves? Did they bore it first?
  3. Double-o-six


    This has always been a curiosity of mine. I have a mid-1966 806 gas that came with them, but I bought it in Dec. 1978, so I can't say how they got on there. I understand the concept of the wedgelock style as does any one that's had a mounted picker.
  4. Double-o-six

    farmall 504 gas row crop

    "Plowing third" we used to call it. Thanks, Eason!
  5. Double-o-six

    farmall 504 gas row crop

    2299 means it'a 1962 model. "S" means torque amplifier w/ provisions for independent pto. "Y" means, 12 g.p.m hydraulic pump. "CC" isn't listed in the 504 IT manual.
  6. Double-o-six

    Sawyer Auction, yesterday

    That 503 had my undivided attention! If it would have been a diesel it would been in Dixon by now. Thanks for feedback, Dan.
  7. Double-o-six

    Here is a rare tractor, an International 606

    Harney- Morgan?
  8. Double-o-six

    Sawyer Auction, yesterday

    Did anyone attend this auction, yesterday? I believe it was in Iowa. 3 806 gassers and a 503 combine. Any prices?
  9. Double-o-six

    966 Black Stripe

    Found it. #31263
  10. Double-o-six

    966 Black Stripe

    I was sure there was someone here collecting serial numbers for tractors, but I can't locate them. Has a specific serial number been identified for the first 966 Black Stripe? If not, has it been at least narrowed to an area that we can live with? TIA, 006.
  11. Double-o-six

    Give and take word game

    Coat room
  12. Double-o-six

    Give and take word game

    motor boat
  13. Double-o-six

    Give and take word game

    back yard
  14. Double-o-six

    Give and take word game

    Gun Belt
  15. Double-o-six

    Give and take word game

    work order