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  1. The 606 Hi-Clear is a continuation of the 460 Hi-Utility. You see the 606 H-C only once in the 1962 IH Buyers Guide. Why they changed the name to Hi-Clear remains a mystery. I've followed the 606 from the late 60's and wasn't aware of the H-Clear until 20 year ago when I stumbled across my first. I hunted down the owner and bought it. There are more gassers then the other fuels. I have a D-HC, as does the Huber Bros. in Wis. Jeff Foreman mentioned a third at the last Half Century of Progress when I talked to him. Unless yours is the one he was talking about, you have the fourth. I also have three gassers and one LP. If I remember correctly, the 656 utility w/ the straight axles and extended spindles, says "Row Crop" on the badge. Another mystery. Welcome to our small little club!
  2. I just started reading two of your threads this morning. I didn't read all of them so I'm sure I've missed something. Did the machine shop put in the sleeves? Did they bore it first?
  3. This has always been a curiosity of mine. I have a mid-1966 806 gas that came with them, but I bought it in Dec. 1978, so I can't say how they got on there. I understand the concept of the wedgelock style as does any one that's had a mounted picker.
  4. "Plowing third" we used to call it. Thanks, Eason!
  5. 2299 means it'a 1962 model. "S" means torque amplifier w/ provisions for independent pto. "Y" means, 12 g.p.m hydraulic pump. "CC" isn't listed in the 504 IT manual.
  6. That 503 had my undivided attention! If it would have been a diesel it would been in Dixon by now. Thanks for feedback, Dan.
  7. Did anyone attend this auction, yesterday? I believe it was in Iowa. 3 806 gassers and a 503 combine. Any prices?
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